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Sanctuary of Enlightened Life The Sanctuary provides education and experiences in esoteric practices of spiritual development through online courses, seminars, and experiential retreats. Our primary mission is the accomplishment of the Great Work, the regeneration of humanity, the endless expansion of the heart, and the inspiration of people everywhere to recognize that wherever we walk upon the sacred earth, this is holy ground.

The Time of the End - Announcing the Millennium This presents a Biblical iterpretation, from Genesis to Revelation, that appeals to reason and deunks traditional belief systems. Join this adventure of the Spirit...abd try NOT to believe what you read!

New Thought Unity of Berkeley
New Thought Unity of Berkeley is a pioneering ministry in the heart of the Bay Area. We promote soul expansion and connection in our classes, drumming circles, HeartRaves, Energy of Soul events and new ways of worship. We seek to collaborate and co-create our soul's mission with other ministries and individuals on the path of Truth.
Revolutionary character development. Inner medicine.

Spiritual Haven
This site is designed as a pick me up for people experiencing really hard times emotionally. I'm hoping that the stories published here will help many people understand the thoughts they are experiencing. At a time when so much of this world is dog eat dog. The spiritually minded people really need to know that many thousands of other people around the world care and want to help.

Worldly Wisdom
Resource for development and natural inspiration. Providers of motivational and inspirational goods and services to individuals who seek deep wisdom, inner peace and personal growth.

The Church Of Light
The Church of Light is a loving community of Light teaching The Science of Mind. Join us on Sunday at 10:30 or on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM for classes

The Living Nuhati For World Peace and Human Rights
Presents the Wisdom Teachings, devotional practices, prayers, meditation techniques, and millenniums-old Faith Teachings of the Native African, ancient Egyptian Faith Culture Nuhati-Am-Nutjeru. Also with a strong humanitarian, human rights focus, and interfaith peace mission.

Unity Way
Unity, or Unity School of Christianity, is a positive philosophy of life, based on teachings of Jesus Christ. Unity Way site is maintained by Andrei Yashurin, a Truth seeker from Russia. It contans original articles and great quotes in English, plus a number of Unity books, translated into Russian language.

Spiritual Living Centre, Edmonton, AB
We are a loving community of people who are committed to exploring and applying the same principles of ancient wisdom and conscious living that form the foundation for the world's great spiritual teachings. Where ever you are on your spiritual journey, we welcome you!

2nd Cight & Twice Aware - Spiritual Wisdom & Knowledge
We each have the ability to be aware on two distinct levels at the same time. Wisdom to develop your 2nd Cight and wake up your secondary and synergistic awareness. Just being exposed to this Knowledge-Wisdom, your higher abilities begin to awaken. Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth by understanding the truth of the reality we experience. The Paradox of Perception, Balance the self.

Abundant Life Spiritual Community, Silverton OR
Homepage, calendar, and community bulletin board for Abundant Life Spiritual Community. We are located in Silverton, OR. Visit us when you visit the Oregon Gardens or Silver Falls State Park. Service Sunday at 10:00 am. We meet in the Silverton Grange Hall, 201 Division St.

Poems From Beyond
A collection of poems given to me by my spirit friends. Covering many subjects to enlighten, uplift and move your heart.

Unity Church of Antelope Valley
We, Unity Church of Antelope Valley, are loving, joyful children of Spirit devoted to following Christ principles and providing a pathway for spiritual growth and harmony between ourselves and our Creator. Join us in our metaphysical approach to spirituality!

Heaven on Earth
Music that raises the spirit.

Shamanism North West
Shamanic healing and workshops in core shamanci practice. We are based in Manchester in the North West of England

The Psychic Teachings and Readings Community
A Web Circle dedicated to teaching metaphysics, spirituality, new thought, shamansim, and personal growth, as well as creating a free online chat community about the psychic. Sites that help to promote inner peace, personal growth, spirituality, or metaphysical topics are especially welcome. We are rated appropriate for all ages. Download "PsyTeach" and join us for spiritual chat!

Healing with the Rainbow Rays
That fantastic point where science and magic meet! Our intent is to inspire, uplift, illuminate, transform ourselves, and then hopefully others by our living example. Internationally known author, teacher and healer, Alijandra, updates the ancient art of color energy healing for a new millennium. Also bringing forth new information from Source in the modality "Transfigurational Matrix Healing".
First Church of Religious Science Atlanta
First Church of Religious Science is an ever-expanding Spiritual Community that encircles all of Life in Radiant Love, Light, and Peace. We are dedicated to the creative unfoldment of the Highest Vision , to the Teaching of the Beauty of Infinite Intelligence, and to the Healing of all Beings through the Guidance of Spirit.
A Spiritual Light Journey
Spiritual Journey: Index and links to spiritual services of counseling, groups/seminars,and information relating to spirituality - Creating new attitudes for a New Tommorrow
Unity of Birmingham
Our Purpose At Unity Of Birmingham is to teach and practice the Truth Principles as taught by Jesus Christ and to provide a safe haven of unconditional love for everyone.
Coming Home
This website is about a new way of thinking. In fact, you are invited to go 'beyond' your usual way of thinking. It is about being free from the concepts you have about yourself and the world. It is an invitation to put in perspective all the belief systems in your mind and finally to ‘come Home’ to your true Self.
Psychic Body
Complete information, on psychic abilities. Astral projection, ESP, meditaiton and more!
Transpersonal Psychology, Distance Learning, Research, Counseling
The PsychoSpiritual Research Institute (PSRI) is an online center for the exploration of reality, consciousness and psychospiritual transformation. Services include: distance learning, research, publishing, counseling, free member's center, and (coming soon)the Journal of Psychospiritual Transformation.
Spirit Soars
Inspirational writings, explanations of the world religions, memorial gardens, e-greetings and much more
Mirabye's Rapid Change/Healing and Psychic Sight
Healing Body Mind and Soul... literally! Theta Healing clears blocking beliefs in minutes. It is energetic, so it works just as well over the phone as it does in person! We connect with God, Source, Creator and pull old beliefs, replace them with new ones... including vows of poverty from past lives, in minutes!
The Shea Academy
Free metaphysical Bible study courses; Online library of New Thought books and reference links; All services offered at this site are free.
Golden Key Ministry - Unity - Rev. John W. Adams
Rev. John W. Adams - Golden Key Ministry - Unity. This ministry is a worldwide healing prayer ministry, dedicated to supporting you in your upward quest to live a happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous life.
Spiritual Connections
Spiritual-Metaphysical personals. Friendship, romance, penpals. Chat room, message board and more. Place your picture personal today, you just may make the "Spiritual Connection" you have been looking for. Free listing.
Centre for Spiritual Awareness - Edmonton Church of Religious Science
The Centre for Spiritual Awareness is a community of like-minded individuals who know that our thoughts create our experiences and that our intentions show up in the outer world as form. We are a spiritual home for those who are seeking to live a more prosperous, creative and meaningful life in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Religious Science San Diego Church Family
Our Vision: Creating Peace in the World by Circulating Harmony, Balance and Joy! We are sharing with everyone practical resources and services to help people experience love, joy and peace and learning to love God and one another.
Living from Spirit
Diana Kennedy's "Living from Spirit" inspires seekers to create the life they desire and to connect with their spiritual nature. It features uplifting information on spirituality, holistic health, personal growth and the environment. Go to and use the service directory, subscribe to the E-zine and much more!
Center of Spiritual Enrichment
Center of Spiritual Enrichment site is a site for a United Divine Science Church in San Antonio, Texas. Our site has information about our church as well as Daily Affirmations and a Bi-Monthly Article.
Free Personals service for Spiritual People
Meet your soul-mate online! Few things in life are as important as our relationships with others. This "Not for Profit" site helps bring spiritual people together for Love or friendship.
United Christ Church,
San Diego, California - United Christ Church Ministries emphasize the fundamental belief that God is good and God is Love. It is God's Will that you have everything that is good-happiness, health, abundance, and whatever else contributes to your growth and development as a spiritual being. Above all, United Christ Church emphasizes the belief that God lives within you and that you have unlimited divine potential.
Unity Church Of The Light
Unity Church Of The Light is part of the worldwide Unity movement. Our main belief is that all of humankind is One With God - and that God is pure love. We believe that there are many paths to the recognition of our oneness with God, and no one path is right for everyone – not even our own. Our Sunday service is celebrated at 10:00 AM at the Cape Cod Conservatory on Route 132 in West Barnstable.
We created Ourselves from Outside Cosmos
Why do we exist at all? Were we created by a kind and lonely God? Did our minds pop up from magic matter? Or were we created by a high-tech civilization from deep space which remains hidden as the gods? Could there be Another explanation to it all?
Tools To Change Your Life
Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your life. Enlightenment is just a step away. Learn profoundly simple means of entering into the silence, living from your most transcendent self, and being of service on the planet.
Divine Science Community Center
Classes and support groups for the application of New Thought principles.
Center Eaton Church of New Thought
This is the site for Center Eaton Church of New Thought, where we honor the Power Within and practice the very positive Science of Mind. Rev. Carole is available for online and on-site pastoral counseling, spiritual energy healing, marriages, funerals and baptisms, hospital visits and seminars on New Thought topics. Welcome!
The Natural Health Perspective
Achieve & maintain Good Health through proactive approaches. Promote Optimum Health & Longevity through Moderation & Balance in 5 Key Areas: Diet, Nutritional Supplements, Exercise, Attitude, & Resilience. Helps you cure your Health Conditions.
Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life Church of Religious Science is a loving, spiritual community which supports and nurtures individuals in the awakening and expression of their divine potential.
The Institute for Self Transcendence, Inc
Our educational philosophy is dedicated to the concept that divine intelligence operates in, through, and as generic humankind. Further that each of us embodies a Divine Principle within as Spirit. Thus, we are cause to experiences through the result of our thinking and attitude – "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he." We teach transpersonal psychology, spiritual philosophy and metaphysics as the process of self-responsibility as well as, self transcendence. Further, that all of life reflects our level of consciousness. Consequently, when we are mentally, emotionally and spiritually moving toward balance, we gain physical harmony. The purpose of transpersonal psychology, spiritual philosophy and metaphysics is to lead the mind from the consideration of forms and bodies toward an understanding of the principles that animate these forms and bodies. Thus, visible nature is only a small part of existence. Although we are limited to visible nature in our present state, we can never live intelligently or think accurately until we have some understanding of that larger world which extends beyond the physical shell of our environment. The metaphysician and the transpersonal/spiritual psychologist sees metaphysics as a science in which beliefs are manifested in concrete terms, a philosophy aiding us in understanding life, and a religion teaching us our relationship to God, The One Pervading Reality.
The Science of Getting Rich
The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles teaches the mental and spiritual principles of joyfully creating wealth. Gain financial success by using your ability to think in a way that attracts wealth. This site offers an interactive environment for sharing and developing your success within the MasterMind Community. Get inspired and support others with the powerful principles of Getting Rich taught by Wattles. Buy the book and receive a free meditation booklet (while supplies last).
Embracing The Bible
Embracing the Bible is an Alternative Ministry of the "Association of Unity Churches." It is non-profit, but does not have a church or a congregation; yet there are many participants in its work. ETB is the original concept of Rev. EJ Niles. In 1998 she asked in meditation and prayer what more she was called to do. The answer came that she was to build on recent Bible scholarship and restructure the Bible to make it "embraceable." EJ sees, and many people agree with her, that it is clear that the Bible writer's perceptions of God evolved from the early "God of Armies" to the later "God of Love", through stages of growing consciousness. She believes that by making this evolution clear the wisdom and beauty of the Bible will be embraced once again by modern readers. She also believes that people, seeing the evolution of consciousness in the Bible, will more eagerly embrace the need for the continuing evolution of consciousness in the modern world. Her Unity ministry is thoroughly New Thought in character and her personal credo is positive and powerful. She says that ETB or ETBible stands for "Evolutionary Thinker's Bible"; or perhaps "Embraceable Thinker's Bible".
Universal Freewill Ministry
Greetings and Welcome to a diversified Spiritual and aesthetic forum where everyone is honored and appreciated for their gifts, talents, abilities, and viewpoints *S* ~Spirit Haven~ is an encouraging group, strengthened by fellowship and the freewill exchange of ideas. Some regular features include the ~Question of the Week~, ~Words of Wisdom~, ~Quote of the Day~, ~Link o'the day~, ~Affirmation of the Day~, and ~Good, Clean Fun~. Guests are encouraged to view and post messages and links, and newcomers will be delighted with our extensive files, where they will find a growing collection of material such as poetry, art, stories, essays, recipes, photos, a Library, and more!
A Course In Miracles Online
Release the past, people, and things; take control of your emotions, career, and relationships using the principles of A Course In Miracles. On-line classes offered. Anonymity honored. Teacher is a member of Agape International Center of Truth in Los Angeles, CA.

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