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My Course in Miracles
A course in restoring inner peace. A course in Miracles is a channel word from the Christ; a correct to earlier works. main idea : Nothing unreal can exist, Nothing real can be treatened. ther in lies the peace of God. Enjoy message board, links, daily lesson, etc.
Centre for Self Awareness
We are the Centre for Self-Awareness(CSA)in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We offer spiritual, new thought information and guidance to assist people from all walks of life to know themselves better.
Secrets of Prosperity offers free daily prayer and affirmations in full flash. Has free MP3 healing mediations, E-book that has sold thousands on revealing secrets to prosperity. Find out whay thousands come to daily....
Luminarch Resource Directory
Luminarch contains references and resources for new thought, spiritual growth, personal exploration, balance and the evolution of your body's energy systems.
Tian of Siam
New Thought with Quam
It's All About Love
A summary of the major findings of the New Age combined to present a unified model that shows how everything in life works together based on the energy of LOVE. The book is a great introduction to 21st Century Global Spirituality, healing pain & suffering, Oneness, metaphysics, vibrational medicine, chakras, spirituality, raising consciousness, channeling, the path to enlightenment. It has it all.
Unified Reality Theory
Unified Reality Theory describes how all reality evolves from an absolute existence which must have consciousness as an attribute thatís intrinsic to its being. Thus, Unified Reality Theory shows that consciousness is itself the source of what we experience as physical reality, and that physical reality is itself but one aspect of an evolving universal consciousness.
New Vision Center of Religious Science Austin
A Spiritual Growth Center in Austin, Texas that is here to Serve Spirit in Community
The Yoga of Alignment
At this site you can: Take a meditation survey. See the "Dancing Yogi" animation. Make an appointment for a Yoga of Alignment telephone consultation.
Church of The Spirit
This site is for anyone interested in learning more about the Church and its beliefs. It is a great place to send friends and relatives who are looking for answers to their questions. Visitors can learn more about the Church, the nature of God, and the purpose of life.
New Dimension Ministries
Church of Practical Christianity. Now a member of World Federation of Unity Churches, Inc.(W.F.U.C.), as well as The International New Thought Alliance(I.N.T.A.). We will be having lessons, thoughts,and online "stuff," live movies, and music (Canned at first).
Unity Church of Today, Mount Vernon, WA
Join us in Spiritual Community! We are committed to you! We are here to teach, inspire and encourage you to be all you can be. This is where love is alive, hearts are healed and peace is our goal.
Totally on-line community offering on-line classes and interactive activities for members.
The New Thought Network
The New Thought Network website is a gateway to all New Thought activity and resources on the Internet.
Inspired Living
Inspired Living empowers people to bring life and spirituality together through an extensive library of educational, motivational and inspirational articles, stories, resources, humor, chat list, newsletter, products and more.

Abundant Spirituality + Codependence Recovery + Love = Joy2MeU
12 Step Spirituality, codependence recovery, New Age Metaphysics, inner child/emotional healing, Quantum Physics, Goddess Energy, Christ Consciousness coalesce in Joyously inspirational site from therapist/author of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

The Zenith Experiece
The Zenith Experience is dedicated to spiritual awareness,individual healing, and transending the mind and it's conditioning.

Unity Center of Port Townsend
A community oriented site, offering members and visitors an up-to-date source of information on our center and links to Unity related information.

Home page of Rev., Dr. Christos Kioni Fuller, Metaphysical Consultant.

The Next Step in Evolution - a personal guide
A channeled message from those who love and guide us. With unique insights into origins of humanity and how it applies to personal development, The Next Step leads the reader on a challenging journey of self-discovery.
Ask Dr. Chakras
Practical advice on personal growth and living spiritually in a material world. All-original material written from a uniquely enlightened perspective with a minimum of esoteric gobbledygook and an occasional touch of wry humor. Describes the unifying principles behind all spiritual belief systems. Free Q&A advice forum.
Used New Thought Books
A comprehensive selection of used New Thought books that may be purchased by mail-order. Includes many out-of-print titles and rare first editions.
Spiritual Life Fellowship
Spiritual Life Fellowship/Science of Mind. Meeting Sundays 11:00 a.m. at the San Dimas Masonic Temple, 220 N. Monte Vista at 3rd St., San Dimas, California. (One block West of San Dimas Ave., Three blocks North of Bonita Ave.)
Seattle Unity Church
Bringing Love, Miracles and Spiritual Awakening into Everyday Life. A wide range of spiritual growth activities for everybody.
Heather's Place
An eclectic blend of my interests including Angels, Unity Church, poetry, human interest, women's interests, New Thought, etc.
Spiritual Council
An online ministry founded on three truths: People are people reguardless of beleifes God is God reguardless of name or terminology Each holds there own personal aurthority based on self honesty and personal experience (Truth & Wisdom)

Beyond Prayer and Meditation
Find inspiration, personal experiences of spiritual growth, hear Joel S Goldsmith audio, spiritual enlightenment beyond Christian orthodoxy

Emerson Online Studies
New Thought Based in Ancient Wisdom ... Study the Timeless Teachings of Religious Science Anywhere in the World. Accredited classes leading to degrees, ministerial certification, etc.

Ronald Glenn Cosseboom's Personal Home Page
This is my "personal" homepage at work, but it affords me the opportunity to post my thoughts, ideas, concerns, and point of view with regard to New Thought, Science of Mind, Eschatology and two of my favorite writers/people; Mr. William W. Walter and Dr. Ernest S. Holmes.

Heart to Heart Spiritual Counseling
A God centered counseling method for all people without regard to religious background or orientation. Spiriual Counseling by Unity Minister, Rev. Aldon K. Samaha.

Metro Divine Science of Greater St. Louis, MO
Information about Divine Science (DS) in general and history of DS in St. Louis particularly.
Medicinal Herbs Online
The Medicinal Herbs Online site was created to help educate visitors about the often forgotten wisdom in the old ways of treating illnesses.
Rev. Jamie Sanders
New Thought Speaker/Minister ordained through the Barbara King School of Ministry in Atlanta, GA. Active speaker and performer for New Thought Organizations and Unity churches.
Hyde Park Church of Religious Science
The purpose of the Hyde Park Church of Religious Science is to provide the space and place where each individual can discover, experience and express her, or his own spritual maginificence through the teaching of the principles of Religious Science as taught by Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind texbook.
Formal Logic of Philosophy
After my near death experience in 1945, at age seven, my skills in some areas of science were enhanced; formal logic and truth trees are my favorite way to clarify my thoughts; fortunately for me there are some wonderful web links to offer to my visitors.
Paths to Natural Living
This site is devoted to exploring new paths and rediscovering old ways to live mindfully and in accordance to what feels most natural. I hope to illustrate some lifestyle changes I have made to live healthy, happy and with compassion. Interconnected and in harmony with all God's creations. Perhaps these pages will help open doors to some possible lifestyle changes of your own. Breathe and Smile :-)
Law Offices D. A. Casselle
Legal Services for consumers. Currently being expanded to include links for Self-help, spirituality, holistic approaches to living. etc. I'm recently an ordained minister and will be using links to New Thought ancient wisdom sites to expand my site visitors perspectives.
Spiritual School of Ascension
Organization devoted to providing information on self mastery through ascension and the new emerging unity paradigm for humanity. We also host bi-yearly events to support global evolution and ascension.
Unity Church of Memphis
Spiritual Empowerment For Daily Living
One Breath
A collection of quotes pointing to the oneness of the experience of God in all traditions.

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