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The New Thought Webring is for websites dealing with any New Thought related topics, and can include New Thought churches, organisations, and sites with a focus on the advancing Mind.

Sites affiliated to the International New Thought Alliance (INTA), as well as Unity, Science of Mind, and Divine Science organizations are especially encouraged to join this Ring.

All sites dedicated to the advancement and exploration of New Thought ideals and teachings and centered on enhancing individual awareness of the indwelling Spirit are welcome!

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David Owen Ritz
David is the Minister Emeritus of the Center for Positive Living in Sarasota, FL. He created an original three-unit curriculum in New Thought spirituality and a very popular abundance course now taught in churches around the country titled The Keys to The Kingdom.
New Thought Ministries
New Thought Ministries was founded in 1997 by Rev. George E. Thomas M.D. as an organization based on furthering the principles and teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Dr. Emily Cady and Dr. Ernest Holmes.
New Thought Message/Discussion Board
You may use this message board to post a message to others on any New Thought related topics you may wish to discuss. Feel free to share with others your own experiences of how the discovery and application of New Thought teachings and principles has affected your life. Also, if you have a New Thought related website yourself, you are welcome to post a description of it together with the URL and a logo (optional).
Religious Science Churches of Greater Chicago
The RSCGC is a website dedicated to all Religious Science Churches and other New Thought groups and churches throughout the entire Midwest Region.
Page's Pearls
A spiritually uplifting site offering: Activities Calendar, Book Reviews, Prayer Help, Chat/Discussion Forums, links to metaphysical and motivational websites - including newsletters and magazines.
First Unity Church of Memphis
Website for our church which includes all events for the current week and schedules of what's coming up. Spiritual Leader is Collen Engel. Prayer Request, Youth, Music departments and bookstore online.
Hillside Chapel
This is the website of the Hillside Chapel & Truth Center, Inc. - an international ministry founded and based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. by Rev. Dr. Barbara Lewis King. Hillside is an independent New Thought church and a member of the International New Thought Alliance.
End Of The Search: Dialogues with a Master
Dialogues between a seeker and Master concerning the seekers disillusionment with the spiritual search.
Dr. Stuart Grayson was the Pastor of the First Church of Religious Science in New York City for 35 years. Since his retirement in 1999, he has begun to share his teachings globally via his website. He also offers a new spiritual mind treatment each month.
New Thought Center For Spiritual Awakening
New Thought Center for Spiritual Awakening and New Thought Religious Science Center teaching Love and Empowerment. A Beacon of Light - Center of Wholeness and Healing.
Emerson Center for Spiritual Awakening
New Thought based in ancient wisdom...the timeless teachings of Religious Science. We honor each individual's path, providing a loving environment that teaches from a variety of spiritual sources. Redwood City, CA - Dr. Susanne Freeborn, Senior Minister.
Prosperity Network
The Prosperity Network is a on-line book store and gift shop that offers books, tapes and gift items to boost the prosperity consciousness.
Shaman Institute
Your doorway to SpiritHeart and the shamanic arts.
Christ Church Unity of El Cajon
Unity is known as "positive Christianity." Our teaching is like that of Jesus Christ. We are here to tell man not that he is a sinner, but to remind him that he is a child of God. We do not tell people what is wrong with them; we lift them by telling what is right about them. This is why Unity is one of the world's fastest growing religions. We are positive, friendly and loving.
Carmel Temple, The Place of Enlightenment
Carmel Temple, The Place of Enlightenment, offers holistic and spiritual healing plus classes in Reiki, meditation, and metaphysics. Ongoing activities include A Course in Miracles©, Conversations with God©, Reiki, and Prayer.
Capital District Church of Religious Science, Albany, NY
We celebrate Life every Sunday at 11AM with practical spiritual messages for life enhancement, based on the scientific spiritual philosophy of the Science of Mind. Our Celebrations include live classical piano music,a refreshment/social time, and a Sunday School for children from pre- school to 11. We also have classes, discussion and healing groups, and special events.
Emma Curtis Hopkins Home Page
A spotlight on the New Thought "Teacher of Teachers," Emma Curtis. Includes some of her writings to read online and a listing of available books by this great teacher.
Unitics United Conscious and Creative Living Center
Uniting Unitics and other new thought folks Around the World! with a metaphysical writing club, a Conversations With God group, a delphi forum and chat center, a new thought single's group, new thought poetry and more.

Church of Today
Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United Divine Science Church of Today is a fun loving Christian Church that seeks to understand and live Universal Truths."

United Divine Science Church of Today
The United Divine Science Church of Today is a Christian denomination affiliated with the century old Divine Science organization. The Church of Today is inter-denominational and welcomes in dignity and love, people of all races, colors, religious, social background and economic levels.

Open Your Mind To Your Magnificence
Please join Henry Lee Bates on the Road to the Ministry. Weekly message published in three languages plus free by email or post, affirmative, dynamic Scientific Prayer.

SharePrayer's purpose to give the reader a moment of peace in the day to check in with the source of life within and to inform, inspire and support the reader to find and express their special gift in the world.

Foundation for the Awakening Mind
Peace, Happiness, Joy, Love, & Freedom are One's Inheritance as a Child of God. Forgiveness, laying aside all judgment, is the key to Clarity and Harmony of Mind. We offer many free resources and an online community on Yahoo. Welcome!

Malinda Cramer - Founder of Divine Science
A biography of Malinda Cramer, the founder of Divine Science.

Ernest Holmes Biography
A biography of Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, includes his book "Science of Mind" (Original Edition) available to read online, plus a listing of his other books.

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God
Examine irrefutable and detailed evidence of an unprecedented revolutionary and evolutuionary method of self-realization, spiritual enlightenment and hope for humanity.

The Yoga of Alignment
At this site you can: Take a meditation survey. See the "Dancing Yogi" animation. Make an appointment for a Yoga of Alignment telephone consultation.

Charles Fillmore - Co-Founder of Unity
Biography of Charles Fillmore, co-founder of The Unity Movement. Includes online texts of all his books.

Phineas Quimby - Intellectual Father of New Thought
Biography of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, regarded by many as the father of New Thought and the metaphysical movement in America.

Cornerstone Books
A site featuring many free online New Thought books as well as biographies of the authors. You can order New Thought books through this site via our association with

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