Excerpts from
  Your Subconscious Power:
How to Make it Work for You
by Charles M. Simmons

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Book Description

A step-by-step, day by day plan for grearing your everyday living to the powerful, life-shaping force within you for lasting satisfaction & achievement.

The existence of the subconscious mind has been known for some time, but it is just beginning to be accorded the tremendous power it wields. Using its unlimited capacity to achieve anything the mind of man can imagine, there is literally nothing you cannot accomplish if you learn to utilize your subconscious.



This book should be marked, HANDLE WITH CARE! It is loaded with power that can give you complete control of your destiny if you make up your mind to let it! Within 24 hours after you begin read­ing, you will be tuning in on a new source of energy inside of you, a “million dollar partner” that will begin influencing your life and your daily activity . . . begin helping you acquire more self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-expression in dealing with your problems! You will begin to live every hour of the day to the utmost, with no blank spots!

You ordinarily use only a small fraction of this vast store of subconscious power . . . most of the energy of this veritable dynamo inside you is wasted! This book, the product of 25 years of testing on thousands like yourself, reveals what science knows about your subconscious, gives effective, specific step-by-step methods for getting your subconscious power into ACTION, for making it an important part of your daily life.

Just imagine bringing these unused energies to bear on every one of your goals! Imagine what you could do with the problems that face you at this minute, with what relative ease you could overcome them!

Right in the first chapter you take a careful, objec­tive self-inven­tory, to learn more about yourself and what specific actions to take to make the most of your life. You find yourself being guided into the selection of realistic life goals, with practical dead­lines for meeting them. You discover the 6 motives underlying all human behavior—a priceless key to understanding and anticipating the actions of others important to you.

As you read chapter after chapter, you progress stage by stage through a long succession of “accom­plishment days” to your ultimate goal: POSITIVE SELF-INFLUENCE . . . making a habit of success in big things and small.

To support you in your program, the author also explains the “why” of your day-to-day plan, includ­ing the scientific background of the subconscious . . . with a workbook of Practice Progress charts that offers you a unique, effective way to really live with these power principles, to really make them yours!

NOW is the time to begin! There are no plodding schemes to follow . . . no gimmicks, no flashy short­cuts. Prove to yourself that success and positive achievement is not for the privileged few, but for YOU. Discover in this sound, authoritative volume how you and your subconscious work together as partners in action . . . as partners in faith . . . as partners in health . . . in love . . . in solving prob­lems . . . in creativeness and self-expression.

<>Your life is what you make it! And the book you now have in your hand can positively shape every minute of your life from this time forward!



 How to Make This Book Work for You

<> <> 
<>Money and financial security can be yours!

Zestful living and happiness can be yours!

Glowing health and lots of energy can be yours!


Tell me how!

We have been training men and women in all walks of life for twenty-six years. I have seen miracles happen to wonderful men and women. Miracles will happen to you too—when you start using your Subconscious Power!


All results are mental in origin!

All of us accept the fundamental principles that progress is mental in origin. It first must have the approval of the mind. Then the Subconscious Power takes over.


The construction of your home was mental in origin. Either in your own mind, or the builder's, or both. Your car and all its modern improvements were mental in origin. The conveniences in your kitchen were mental in origin.


You control your future

We don't want to wait until something happens—we must make it happen! That is the whole purpose of this book—to make our future to order.

Experiences of thousands of people lead me to believe that most of us want:

1. Money and financial security

2. Happiness and peace of mind

3. Health and zestful energy

I am a firm believer that we can make these goals come true in our personal lives. When we start thinking right—things hap­pen! They have to happen! Powerful fundamental laws are in operation!


Right thinking and you

When we start thinking right it is easy to put our Subcon­scious Power to work for us on a 24-hour basis. These laws work with mathematical accuracy. They will work for you, for me, for anyone who will stop long enough to investigate and to go into planned action.

Before the laws will work for us, we must become aware! You will become aware as you read the first few chapters of this book. You can't miss! They aren't my laws—they are yours—they belong to those who will stop long enough to think, analyze, and act!


Why do some people fail?

It is a modern tragedy to see fine people fail to make their plans come true. I see thousands of them every year. From outward appearance they seem to have “everything”—and yet they fail.

People fail because “things” aren't working right on the “in­side.” When our thinking and feeling are wrong—then we make it absolutely impossible for “things” to work correctly on the “outside.” Just a little thinking and investigation will prove this point beyond all doubt.

Three reasons!

There are three reasons why people aren't fully productive, happy and secure. Think with me now—as I give you these reasons:

1. Negative past experiences. Experiences that hurt—set us back—disappointed us, put questions in our minds about our ability—our future. Many of our lives are filled with negative experiences. Experiences that have been forgot­ten to the conscious mind—but are still exacting their toll in indecisions, in lack of confidence, and in uncer­tainty.

These negative pictures—this stream of negative thinking and therefore action—can be changed. You can change it! This book will guide you in that change!

2. Lack of direction. Many wonderful people have lots of energy, ambition and drive but poor direction! Our lives become confused. Sometimes they look and feel like a mental junk shop.

As you read and study Your Subconscious Power—design, definite purpose and an all-consuming plan will come into your life. When we turn the searchlight of thinking and analysis “inside” with an outside objectivity—you just can't miss.

3. Poor human relations. Failure to understand people and get them to like us and boost us—this invariably robs suc­cess and happiness from our lives. We let people mix us up—discourage us—talk us out of action and results which might have been infinitely rewarding.

In this book, readers, we will carefully lay the ground work for complete understanding in Human Relations, as we make Your Subconscious Power work for you!


• The “facts of life” are mysteries to most people

For most people, things are always happening which they don't want to happen—causing fear, tension, anxiety. For these same people, the good things they want to happen seldom do—such as enough money, real love, achievement and recognition. For them, life is like a series of nightmares, and many take desperate means to escape them. Unfortunately, these people are running the wrong way—into the darkness where the “facts of life” are mysteries. To make sure you are facing in the right direction, this book begins with the revelation of facts about life you must know, if you are to use your subconscious power effectively.


• People you know

Among the people you know, a few stand out prominently because they have made a success of getting what they want out of life. They are outstanding in business, in the professions, in their home life, and in leading stimulating, adventuresome lives. They are fine people—but are they any better than you? Are they more deserving—or endowed with something special? NO, on both counts! They are getting what they want because they consider themselves important enough to have only the best in life. Chapter 2 shows you how to establish yourself as one of these outstanding people.


• Every move you make is the result of powerful influence

It has always been this way, and always will be this way. You do nothing accidentally. You are directed to make every move—both night and day. Even when you are asleep, you are under the spell. Your emotions—your physical actions—your mental efforts—even the value of spiritual effects, are all domi­nated by the power of influence. Sometimes it pulls against you—sometimes with you. You can't escape influence. What you can do about it, following the lead of outstanding people, is explained in Chapter 3.

• Who is pulling the strings in your life?

This Nation of ours is full of live puppets. They are the peo­ple who are completely influenced by others—by negative en­vironment—and by what they call “force of circumstances.” They seldom make a move of their own choice. You can see them all around you, at any time, plodding through life on a leash. They even have themselves believing that somebody should always pull the strings in life. Here's where the book gets down to cases about you. If there are strings on your life, in somebody else's hands, now is the time to shake them off. Chapters 4 and 5 show you how to do this, and how to pull your own strings. This reveals an insight into your subcon­scious power!


• The “opium” of normal living

People living puppet-like lives are in the majority. The usual standard of living is “to get along as best I can” (with some­body or something more dominating pulling the strings)—and “to hope for the best” (meaning: hoping somebody will pull the right string, sometime). Since this is the way it is with the majority, it is the “normal” way of life. As a consequence, this business of being “normal” is highly over-rated. Normal living is like smoking opium—the wonderful things are all dreams! You can't get what you want—do what you want—be what you want—living “normally.” You must live abnormally—and through the power of your subconscious, you will live away above normal!


• You can't live normally and live happily

Normal living puts restrictions on high emotional experiences—and even on high spiritual experiences. It has established all kinds of taboos on love, affection, making friends—and on do­ing anything unusual. Normal living puts a premium on hap­piness—makes people expect real happiness to come rarely. This is the wrong way to live! The Creator intends us to use our emotional capacities—to love and be adventurous—not subdue them. Through subconscious power you will find the freedom to live happily—above normal!


• You can't live normally and be successful

The code of “normal” living is one of “have not”—or “have little.” That is just the opposite of success, isn't it? And among the normal livers there is that widespread disease of daydream­ing and wishing for a better life. Certainly this isn't the way to have success. Not a single successful person you know, or who you have heard about or read about, believes in normal living. The fact is that normal living and success just don't go together! To help you step up to above normal living is the reason Chap­ters 6 and 7 were written.


• No one possesses greater power than is within you

There is no denying that above-normal living calls for more positive output than does normal living. It does not take more energy—more work—or more time. It takes time and energy just to walk a treadmill through life. Above-normal living calls for directed energy—directed effort—directed use of time. The only one who can successfully direct your life is yourself! The power to direct yourself wherever you want to go in life is within you. It is in your subconscious mind. And no one—absolutely no one—possesses this power to a greater degree than you do!


• Power you can't turn off

The power of your subconscious is subject to control—but there is one thing you can't do about it. You can't turn it off! It is working and influencing you every minute of every day, and every minute of every night. You can stop physical activity—say to yourself, “I am going to do nothing”—or even go to sleep. Do “nothing” or do “anything,” and your subconscious mind keeps on being active. It is a tireless, never-ceasing power—and it is within you! The important factor is that it is a power—a power that acts on you constantly. You can control that power, instead of letting it go to waste. Get to know what this power really is, and what it can do for you, as described in Chapter 8.


• Control this power and you control life itself

Control the power of your subconscious mind and you have positive control over your own life! It is the control center of influence—and you should not let it be controlled by outside, distracting influences. Read Chapter 9 and learn the secrets of this intimate, inner power of yours. Learn here what it does and how it can help you accomplish what has seemed like the “im­possible” in the past.


• Build your own “Garden of Eden”

There isn't a person who hasn't dreamed of some kind of an ideal existence—of life in a “Garden of Eden,” or in a Shangrila. These are like the dreams you have had of a life where every­thing was perfect. This you should know: if you will make such dreams definite enough, and bring the power of your subcon­scious mind to bear on them, you can create your own “Garden of Eden,” where you can live for the rest of your life! Chapter 10 points the way!


• Daydreams waste this power

If you just daydream about that ideal life, and then let your­self be dragged back into the reality of “normal” living, you are creating a purgatory for yourself. When you daydream because it is pleasant escape from reality, you are wasting the power of your subconscious. Your subconscious wants to see those dreams come true. It has the power to make them come true. When you do not exercise that power, either because you don't know how or because you imagine dreams can't really come true, you are letting that vital energy go to waste. The power is there! It's up to you!


• You can't afford to waste a minute of your precious life

How many minutes do you have left to live? You can't be sure of the number, but it runs up into the millions. But if you did know how many more minutes were allotted to you, each one would become most precious. You wouldn't waste a single one! The minutes are no less precious because you have so many to look forward to. Every one is loaded with opportunity, and you can't afford to waste opportunity. And you don't have to. Your subconscious works every minute of every day, and if you use its power correctly, every minute will count for good in your life. Chapter 11 tells you the positive truths about dreams and precious minutes, and how they relate to your subconscious.


• A science everybody can master

Is the use and control of subconscious power a science? It is! It is founded on knowledge and research that has been accu­mulating for generations. It has its roots in the sciences of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and human relations. Its ap­plication, however, is personal and ultimate with each indi­vidual. All it takes to apply this science to your own life, under your own guidance, is understanding of the basic principles. These are easy to understand because they make sense, and because you can see the results for yourself. All the details are in Chapter 12.


• Put yourself on the pedestal of success

There is no better way to describe the effects of the proper use of the power of your subconscious than to say that it makes a success out of life. This is true because this power can be kept on the positive side always. When this power is guiding everything you do, you are always up there on the pedestal of suc­cess. Read Chapter 13 on how to use this power this way. Learn how it works even while you sleep. Learn how to create that wonderful state of positively influenced conditioned sleep as soon as possible.


• The influence that shaped your past

If you were to write your autobiography, you would have difficulty describing why a lot of things happened in your life. All you could say is that “this” or “that” happened—but you don't know why. It's too late to change any of your past, of course. But if things don't change in your life today, the story of your future could sound just like the story of your past. Why things happened as they did was because more negative than positive influences were working on you. The subconscious was responsible for both. Certainly this points to the absolute need for controlling your subconscious. The person who knows why things happen as they do is a strong individual. Learn the “why” about your own life through Chapters 14 and 15 and how, by exercising this control, your life will start improving now.


• Your subconscious power can shape a brilliant future

Under your own control, both while you are awake and asleep, your subconscious power will take you forward into a stimulating, rewarding future. You can even predict your fu­ture and know it will be as you want it to be! See your future this way, in Chapter 16.


• Second best is impossible for you when this power is used

Once you turn on the power of your subconscious mind, under your own control, you will stop living “normally.” Sec­ond-best, come-what-may mediocrity all will be forgotten effects in your life. The reason is that your subconscious power will put you into action—doing all the things that add up to your idea of an ideal life. Your subconscious power will keep you doing only those things. It will become your willing part­ner—both day and night—as you will find described in Chap­ter 17.


• No limit to what subconscious power can do for you

You cannot overwork this power. In fact the more you use it positively, the better it will serve. There is no special time to use it this way. It is there to be used every day. It should be as much a part of your everyday life as is waking, sleeping, eat­ing. It is a perfectly natural force—adapting itself to every need and desire you have. Chapter 18 explains its limitless possibilities in your everyday life.


• The source of peace of mind

Those who have that understanding of the spiritual forces that bring comforting faith into their lives are depending on subconscious power. Faith must be within a person. It lives in the subconscious. Those who have knowledge that serves them positively, are also depending on the subconscious power within them—and they act accordingly. Peace of mind comes from faith, understanding and knowledge that are centered in the subconscious. The key to this inner strength, which can be yours through subconscious power, is revealed in Chapter 19 and Chapter 20.


• The source of unlimited energy

The subconscious is the master motivator. Under control, and directed by you, it will eliminate fatigue, drabness, and desire to put things off until “tomorrow.” It will put all goals within your reach—and take you to them unswervingly. The keys to this unlimited energy are handed you in Chapters 21 and 22.


• The power that keeps you right with the world

The state of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is of constant concern to you, of course. If any one of these is off center, it makes the world look wrong. To most folks, it seems almost impossible to keep all four in balance all the time. Consequently life is a bit rough most of the time. It doesn't have to be this way. Read Chapters 23, 24 and 25, on how to use your subconscious power to keep you always right with the world—and yourself!


• Convert problems to achievements

No matter what you may have been told, you can't eliminate problems from your life. You are going to have them always—even in that ideal existence. But you can convert problems to action that results in achievement—through your subconscious power. “How” is in Chapter 26.


• The way to fulfilled love

Half-way love is no love at all, simply because if love is sub­dued or diluted by restraint, it is not satisfying. Love is an urge that should not be subdued. Love fully expressed and demonstrated stimulates the whole life of a person. The expres­sion of love is a strong factor with subconscious power. It will take you all the way to fulfillment—as described in the “how to do it” Chapter 27.


• Money is made in your mind through this power

The money that you need in your life is not the paycheck or minimum income that just lets you “get by.” The money you really need are those amounts you can exchange for the things you want, above and beyond just getting by. You need money for those “extras” you deserve—for real security—for growth. Your subconscious has the power to make all those things so important to you, that getting the money for them becomes a certain, positive action. With your subconscious, the bigger the picture you set up there first, the bigger the end results will certainly be. The sure way to real and satisfying security is told in Chapter 28.


• The power that brings infinite rewards in life

There are many things you have an unusual talent for. You have a variety of abilities. You are productive of many good ideas. In other words, you have the potential ability to be creative in many ways—and yet you are using few of them. Through subconscious power, you can unleash all of your talents and abilities—and reap the rewards of a full life. See Chapter 29 for the recipe.


• Turn on the power and really live

Turn on your subconscious power! It is the answer to the only kind of life really worth living. The results if you turn on your subconscious power? See for yourself, in Chapters 30 and 31. There's a new model of you displayed there that is ready for immediate delivery!

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