Excerpts from
  The Subconscious Mind:
A Source of Unlimited Power
(Based on the teachings of Dr. Joseph Murphy)
by Erhard F. Freitag

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Book Description
Millions of people the world over have improved their lives by reading this remarkable, best-selling book. Greatly inspired by the writings of Dr. Joseph Murphy, Erhard F. Freitag has put Dr. Murphy's teachings and therapy of "positive thinking" at the hub of his work. Erhard F. Freitag is recognized today in Germany as a mentor for a holistic way of life. Today he is one of the most read authors of esoteric and psychological literature with many millions of copies sold. This book alone has sold more than 4,500,000 copies in 12 languages.


Erhard Freitag is an outstanding spiritual psycholo­gist who gives a forceful and inspiring message on the Laws of Life, and has shown thousands of people how to live life triumphantly and gloriously. He has studied all of my books and lectures frequently on "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind", "Psychic Perception", and many of my other books.

Erhard Freitag is an outstanding teacher. He shows you how to lead a finer, happier, and richer life. I recom­mend this new book from him, which will bless you in countless ways.


We live in a period of radical spiritual changes and shifts in values that has started to transform all areas of society. The path to a higher level of consciousness for all of us has taken an ever-growing dimension in these unique times. Our medicine especially awaits an extensive renewal. Treatment methods, up to now strange to our Western way of thinking, are finding their way into the rather orthodox world of medicine. Eastern philosophy has shown us that if we observe something from a different angle, new and neces­sary things essential for change will appear.

Even though orthodox psychology has only now started to rediscover the higher value of methods of spiri­tual therapy, I have been able to help my patients in many, many situations using both the oldest and newest healing methods in order to return them to a healthy life. My teacher, Dr. Joseph Murphy, has been working with hypnosis for decades, reporting on it in his numerous books. The posi­tive thinking that I have learned from him has given me a clear spiritual view, and based on this, I have been able to find very plausible explanations for why psychoanalysts up till now have not been able to make any great breakthrough toward success. Indeed, crowded mental hospitals and prisons are proof of the state of medicine in our society today. Anyone who reads this book carefully will find an explanation; especially in those excerpts where I have exam­ined the way our intellect works.

With this book I want to smooth the way toward spir­itual strength that each of us possesses and to try to help you help yourself. Every person has been granted the right in this world to independently connect with the highest power in life. More and more, conscious people are aware of this right. Now, on the threshold of the new millennium, a "new consciousness" has started reforming the lives of us all, filling them with more hope. More and more, people know that anyone who needs help, anyone who is trapped in life's predicaments and is trying to be free can find, within, a way to resolve all problems and overcome illness, and thus literally be their own savior.

I am happy and very thankful for having met Dr. Murphy, who showed me the way to my higher Self. I have built my whole therapeutic work on his teachings of the eternal philosophy. Only thanks to this have I been able to achieve success far above the average for my profession, and have cured myself of an acute form of cancer.

This book has already sold more than 4,500,000 copies in 12 languages. More than 40 editions in only a few years have highlighted this book's extraordinary success, and consequently, I would like to express my thanks to you and to all my supporters. General interest in the applied philos­ophy of life has increased over the last couple of years and I have attempted to accommodate this growing interest. My further seven books are there for you if you have any worries and troubles.

I hope you derive a lot of pleasure in reading the following text. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me. I will be there for you.


1. the subconcious mind: A source of unlimited power

Manipulation of our Understanding

The Uncontrollable Power of Thoughts

Our Mind: A Source of Creative Force

You Are What You Think

We Are an Expression of Our Own Ideas

A Break for Creative Consideration

The Art of Positive Living


Power from the Depths of Our Unconscious

Living Here and Now

My Path to Spiritual Freedom

False Thinking in Disguise

The Four Great Longings

Your Intellect—the Biggest Obstacle in the Way to Your Self

Harmony and Love

Happiness as Choice

<>2. positive thoughts : A bastion against the world of problems

Mind above Will

A Newly Acquired Self-confidence

New Love in an Old Marriage

Learning to Love Yourself First

Overcoming Aggression

Rising above Dependence

A Woman with a Washing Compulsion

The Girl Who Could No Longer Write

Overcoming a Lack of Drive


3. the power of suggestion

Seeing through the Influences of Our Surroundings

Our Arbitrary Setting of Desires

Reflexes and Imagination

Deep Autogenic Training

Training for Using Suggestions

How to Learn to Use Suggestions Properly

A Task for the Higher Self

A Catalog of Suggestions for Personal Usage

Group Suggestions

A Spiritual Journey through Body

Determining Your Everyday Life

Spiritual Strength Transcends Matter

Suggestions of Society

The Secret of Success

Fresh Programming for Your Subconscious Mind

Daily Exercise

4. hypnosis as an enhancer of suggestions


A Relaxed Person Is a Healthy Person

What Is Hypnosis?

What Can Be Achieved through Hypnosis?

Who Can Be Hypnotized and Expect Help from Hypnotherapy?

What Happens under Hypnosis?

The Three Phases of Hypnosis


The Experience of Hypnosis

High Demands on the Therapist

Hypnotherapy for Offenders

The Frontiers of Hypnosis

The Effect of Hypnotherapy

The Experience of Your Own Personal Success under Hypnosis

Knowledge and Learning under Hypnosis

A Trick for Sleep

5. the buried treasure of mental images

What Is a Suppressed Complex?

Catathymic Image Perception

The Different Effects of the Two Brain Hemispheres

Mental Strength Eliminates Problems

The Ability to Move Mountains

The Mirror of Married Life

Fears Disappear in Light and Love

Journey of Discovery into the Past


6. the art of being perfect

The Search for Happiness

Freedom from Fanaticism and Egotism

Wrong Thinking Shapes and Controls Whole Professions

The Art of Positive Imagination

Everyday Happiness

Everyone Is as Rich as They Imagine Themselves to Be

Freedom from Guilt

Destiny as Task: Harmony in Real Life

Positive Change in Three Steps

Systematic Contact with Your Subconscious Mind

Desires Become Reality

Protection from Strange Influences


7. the world's No. 1 enemy: fear

The Thousand Faces of Fear


Extraordinary Ways to a Higher Consciousness

I Sense God with My Center

Removing Fear from Every Cell in the Body

The Behavior of Trying to Impress in Politics

An Exercise for Calmness of Thoughts

Re-charging the Batteries of Life

An End to an Inferiority Complex

Become a Determined Practitioner of Old Wisdom

Positive Help in Avoiding Forced Situations

Extracting Power from Natural Deep Breathing


<>8. Is happiness a matter of thinking?  thought as the cause of mental disorders

Test. Your Play on Thoughts

Misleading Negative Thoughts

What Is Crazy, What Is Normal?

Love and Harmony as a Substitute for Neurosis

The Natural Function of Sexuality

Sleep as a Source of Strength: A Rendezvous with the Unconscious

Tasks Given to a Higher Self


<>9. overcoming illness: thought as a cause of mental disorders

Creating a Basis for Health

The Path to Freedom

Psychosomatic Disorders

Recognizing Insanity in Normality

The Pathway to Psychosomatic Health

Protection and Security under Spiritual Law

Cancer—Our Most Difficult Task

There Is No Such Thing as a Hopeless Cause

The Final Positive Stroke

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