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Showing the Discovery of Spiritual Healing
and the Origin of Christian Science

Edited by

Horatio W. Dresser

Author of "The Power of Silence,"
"A History of the New Thought Movement," etc.

First Edition published in 1921 by Thomas Y. Crowell Co., New York.

Electronic Edition published in 2000 by Cornerstone Books.


, Preface
Chapter 1 Biographical Sketch
Chapter 2 History of the Manuscripts
Chapter 3 Quimby's Restoration to Health
Chapter 4 The Mesmeric Period
Chapter 5 The Principles Discovered
Chapter 6 The Intermediate Period
Chapter 7 Early Writings
Chapter 8 Contemporary Testimony
Chapter 9 Letters from Patients
Chapter 10 Letters to Patients
Chapter 11 Letters to Patients and Enquirers
Chapter 12 Mrs. Eddy's Letters
Chapter 13 Questions and Answers
Chapter 14 Christ or Science
Chapter 15 The World of the Senses
Chapter 16 Disease and Healing
Chapter 17 God and Man
Chapter 18 Religious Questions
Chapter 19 Science, Life, Death
, Appendix

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