Excerpts from

  The Magnificent Life
by Anthony Norvell

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Book Description
Although this very hard to find gem of a book was first published in 1946, its teachings and vision is just as relevant today as ever. Prolific lecturer and writer on matters concerning the mind, Anthony Norvell (better known as just Norvell), enlightens the reader of the power of invisible forces in which we all have the ability to tap into, but most of us fail to do due to ignorance of the laws of nature and lack of understanding of mental science.

This book attempts in an humble manner to attest to the inherent Magnificence in man; not to gild the lily, but to refresh the memory, when the stigma of man's intoler­ance, hatred and barbarism rear their ugly, blood-stained heads. It attempts to chart the course which man has set to find his ultimate destiny, and to choose the bright stars by which he may guide his frail bark on the cosmic sea on his journey into the unknown. Those ever-present stars of Beauty, Peace, Hope and Joy, set in the diadem of a re­splendent civilization, dimmed occasionally, yes, by man's unfortunate temporary folly; but only dimmed momentarily, for the full effulgence which blossoms in man's Soul reflects the eternal radiance of the living God whose ultimate pur­pose man fulfills when he discovers the Magnificent Life.


There is a constant and impelling urge within man to find the Magnificent Life. This inner urge colors his emo­tions and his every experience. It causes him to search far and wide for the Good, the Beautiful, the Opulent, the Cre­ative and inspiring forces of life.

The Philosophy of the Magnificent Life is one admir­ably adapted to the crying needs of this age of Materiality. On all sides war, confusion, chaos and destruction greet man. The future of civilization hangs precariously in the balance; nations are tottering on the brink of disaster; atom bombs threaten to obliterate all that man has achieved.

It is in such bleak times that the soul of man cries loudest in the Stygian darkness; then that the inner promptings cause man to look to the spiritual dawning for the light that an­nounces the New Age. It is then that the Magnificence Inherent in man rises to meet the challenge of obliteration; then that he is prompted by the divinity within to find new hope and courage; to tackle anew the problems which engulf him, and to leave for posterity another brilliant page of achievement in his historic rise from the dismal, miasmic swamps of life.

This book traces the spectacular ascent of man's strug­gling soul to find the light. It is particularly fitting that man's final epitaph should be termed 'Magnificent' for in his rise upward from the primordial forces that have always threatened him with extinction, there is something of great­ness in his deeds, and something exalted in his aspirations. His climb has been marked by splendid achievements, and he has lavished upon the elements of which his life consists the prodigal talents which he has wrested from the womb of time itself.

There is a breathtaking splendor about man's remarkable feats; his audacious disregard of danger; his sublime comprehension of the Divinity within; his brilliant flights into fantasy; his munificence of creation; his stateliness of being; and the Majestic beauty with which he has chosen to clothe civilization.

These temples to man's magnificence, which are repre­sented by his palaces, bridges, inventions, and industry, rival the exalted glories of ancient Rome. His systems of phil­osophical thought; his creation of iridescent beauty; his splendid endowments to human knowledge in the arts and sciences, give man a right to claim the heritage which God has entrusted to him.


Chapter 1 

Your Life a Drama — The Master Stage Director — What is the Title of your Personal Drama — The Life Magni­ficent or the Dismal Life? — Soul-Promptings in Man — The Divine Spark Within — The Triplicity, Mind—Body—Soul — Meaning of Success — Destiny Created Through Mind — The Sensual Feelings in Man — The Physical Appetites and Passions — Transmutation of Ani­malism to Love —  The Intellectual Feelings in Man — Beginning of Reason — The Mental Dimension — Increase of Knowledge — The Intellectual Evolvement — Birth of Conscious — Subconscious — Super-conscious Minds — The Sentimental Feelings in Man — Sentiment a Mental Atti­tude — The Emotionally Dead — How to Arouse Tender Sentiments — See Beauty in All Things —The Esthetic Feelings in Man — The Quality of Environment —The In­ner Vision—Altering the Environment — The Human Re­lationships of Life — Inspiring High Ideals — The Ethical Feelings in Man — The Beginning of Morality — The Un­ethical Destroys — The Golden Rule Principle  — The Spiri­tual Feelings in Man — The Purpose of Life — The 'I Am' Awareness — Recognition of God Important — Flowering of Spiritual Love — Different Types of Love — The Divine Mystery — The Cathedral of the Soul.

Chapter 2

Magnificent Life Revealed in Inner Spiritual Self — Power, Beauty and Peace — Divine in Man — Father's Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom — Keys Required to Open Doors to Mystical Inner Realm — Harmony — Order and Har­mony in Universe — God's Still Small Voice — Inner Voice Guides You — New Worlds Revealed — Retire from Life and People — Do Not Live for the World Entirely — Re­tire into the Self Radiate Harmony to All You Meet — Kindness A Great Spiritual Force — Kindness Heals Mind and Body — Fear causes Cruelty —Kindness unlocks the Power within — Joyous Acquiesence — Conflict shatters Inner Kingdom — Restrictions in Life Inevitable — Accept In­evitable without Agony of Mind — Father, Thy Will Be Done — Peace of Mind — Mind an Unruly Force when Uncontrolled — Mind made to Heel like Obedient Dog — Method for Attaining Tranquil State of Mind — Control Others —Do not Let Them Put Their Clouds in Your Sky — Creative Power — Born to Create —Each Possesses a Gift — Find this Creative Gift — Creating on Physical Plane Limited — Mental Plane More Expansive — Spiritual Plane causes Gifts to Flourish — Lose Sight of Personal Element Visualization — New Horizons to Explore — Inventions Pro­duced through Visualization — Seek the Answer to Life's Baffling Problems — Unobstructed Channel for all Ideas — Edison spoke of Universal Mind — Wisdom — Citizens of the Universe—Study Self — Study Others —Study Laws of Nature — Faith — Sustaining Power in Man — Faith in Self Future — Destiny — Density of Matter — Spiritual Eye Un­limited in Power —Divine Mysteries beyond This Earth — Eternal Miracle of the Living God — Divine Law — Cour­age — Courage Conquers Earth — Courage can be Created — Follow Ideals and Dreams — Love — The Dominant Law of the Inner Kingdom — The Divine Principle in Action — Love of God gives Additional Power — Art in Relation to Divine Afflatus — Love on High Plane — Eleventh Key; Prayer — Power of Prayer to Move Mountains — How to use Prayer — Faith and Prayer — Faith as Preventive —  Clearing Our Consciousness of Negativity.

Chapter 3 

Elements of Mind Power — Mind Power is Energy and Substance — Electrical Nature of Brain — The Law of At­traction — Mind Power Shapes Universe — Negative Mind Power — Positive Mind Power — Man Superior Being — Mind Likened to Magnet — Creating Pictures with Mind Power — Like Attracts Like — Forming Mental Picture of What you Wish to Attract — Your Personal Thought At­mosphere — Mystical Doors to a New Frontier — Age of Miracles — Attainment of Success — Positive Mind Power in Relation to Health — Positive Mind Power Suggestions for Health — For Protection — For Supply — Positive Mind Power Applied to Happiness — Happiness Through Imaginative Power — How to Use Imagination — Positive Mind Power for Attracting Friends — Positive Mind Power for Overcoming Obstacles — Great Men Who Have Used Posi­tive Mind Power.

Chapter 4

Astounding Opulence in Nature — Man's Multiplicity of Gifts — Man Imbued with Fertility — Operating under Universal Laws — Law of Causation — Violation of Uni­versal Laws — Ignorance of Laws of Nature — What are the Laws of Nature? — Lack of Imagination — Power of Visualization — More Possessions and Abundance Through the Imagination — Ingratitude for Nature's Free Gifts — How to Possess Illimitable Wealth — Accepting Nature's Gifts — Appreciation of Beauty — Wise Usage of Posses­sions — Law of Reciprocity — Blessings of the Universe — Your Needs are Met.

Chapter 5

Definition of Metaphysics — Words the Beginning of Meta­physics — Metaphysics Concerned with the Nature of Be­ing — Genesis of Man — Existence of God — The Science of the Supersensible — Division of Metaphysics — Ontol­ogy — Cosmology — Psychology — Natural or Rational The­ology — Metaphysics Deals with Causes Not Effects — In­visible Phenomena — States of Consciousness — Ideals — Ideas and Abstract Principles — Life Force a Spiritual Propul­sion — Power of Invisible Atoms — The Supersensible Realm —Worlds within Worlds — The Invisible Manifes­tations of Power — The Fourth Dimension — Materialists Concept of Man — A Physical Being Subject to Decay and Deterioration — Man A Spiritualized Idea — Materialists Conception of Death — Metaphysical Concept of Soul Sur­vival — Materialists make Reality of Sickness — Metaphys­ical Attitude one of Unreality — Physical Force — Power of Mind — Love on Physical Plane — Love as Divine Attri­bute — Power of Words in Metaphysics —Life Self-Pro­pelled — Metaphysics Teaches Universal Intelligence — Law back of Matter — Homogeneous Substance of Life — The Metaphysical Qualities — New and Invisible Domain of Mind — Stupendous Forces within Man — Unlocking Invis­ible Doors to The Inner World — Value of Meditation — Music, Art, Literature, and Beauty.

Chapter 6


Destiny Shaped by Man's Mind — The Existence of Uni­versal Intelligence Proved — Power of Gravity — The Real and Unreal Worlds — The Instinctive Mind in Nature — Motivating Intelligence in Man's Mind — Cases where Mind Affects Body — Suggestive Influences of Mind on Body Proved — Mind Shapes Man's External World — Finding Your Right Work — Suggestions for Subconscious Mind for Right Work — Perfect Health —Suggestions for Attaining Perfect Health — Financial Security — How to Find It — Suggestions for Increasing Your Income — Find­ing Love Happiness — Suggestions for Attracting Happi­ness in Love and Marriage — The Dynamic Personality — Suggestions for Attaining It — Power of Habits for Good and bad.


Chapter 7

The Meaning of Personal Power — Mental Power — Imbu­ing Consciousness with Power — Brain Cells and Their Development — The Five Senses for Acquiring Power — The Potent Mind — Reading Habits for Acquiring Power — Labeling Thoughts that Enter the Mind — Avoiding External Negative Stimuli — Physical Power — Body Sub­servient to Mind — Importance of Diet for Physical Power — Positive Thoughts Valuable for Health and Vi­tality — Fresh Air and Exercise Vital — Three Primal Ne­cessities for Physical Power — Spiritual Power — Greatest Factor in Developing Personal Power — Power Beyond the Self — Self-Preservation and Race Preservation — Spiri­tual Qualities in Man — The Gifts of Creation — The Uni­versal Soul Rhythm — Soul Power Awakened — What Limits Man's Personal Power? — Essentials for Creating Personal Power — Knowing What You Want — Overcom­ing Vacillation — Creating Inspiration to Carry You to Goal —Developing Your Will Power — Overcoming Dis­couragement of Others — The Will to Live and The Will to Die — Planting Mental Seeds — Using the Power You Possess — Power of Love to All Life's Acts.

Chapter 8

Definition of Prosperity — Elements Contributing to Pros­perity — First Key; Knowledge — Second Key; Self-Evalu­ation — Third Key; Service — Fourth Key; Honesty — Fifth Key; Vision — Sixth Key; Desire — Seventh Key; Dream or Ideal of Life — Eighth Key; Diligence — Ninth Key; Self-Control.

Chapter 9

Ego The Balance Wheel of the Brain — Suggestive Power of Conscious Mind — First Creative Assertion — I Can Do Anything Man Has Done — Second Creative Assertion — I Respect Myself and Know that I am Worthy of High At­tainment — Third Creative Assertion — I Can Do Any­thing that I Wish to Do — Fourth Creative Assertion — I have Faith in Myself and My Destiny — Fifth Creative Assertion — I Trust the Guidance of My Inner Voice — Sixth Creative Assertion — I Alone Know What is Best for Me — Seventh Creative Assertion — I Do Not Accept Failure or Discouragement.


Chapter 10

Action the First Law of the Universe — Your Dream in Life — Active Day Dreams — Passive Day Dreams — Value of Day Dreams — High and Noble Dreams — Elevating the Consciousness of the World — Giving Your Dream Real­ity — Day Dreaming without Action Futile — Hiding Be­hind Your Day Dream — Value of Secrecy in Your Dream — Dare to Do Something about the Dreams — Dare to Claim Your Inheritance from Life — Dare to Approach Others with Your Ideas  — Dare Believe there are Unex­plored Fields for Your Talents — Dare to Take Action Toward Your Objective.

Chapter 11

What is Constructive thinking? — Affirmative or Positive Thinking — Negative Thoughts Tend to Destroy — Sick Thoughts Create Illness in Body — Positive Thinking Con­structs — Two Agencies Stimulate Thinking — External Events or Outer Stimuli — Internal Conscious and Subcon­scious Thoughts — Select Only Constructive and Positive Thoughts — Consciously Choose People and Events — What are Internal Conscious States? — Thoughts Emanate from Imagination, Emotional States, Intuition — Thoughts Mould Destiny — Thinking Leads to Action — Constructive Think­ing Must Be Positive in Nature — Thinking Becomes Habit for Good or Bad — Constructive Thinking for Diminish­ing Fatigue — Psychological Test to Determine Energy or Lack of It — Three Main Ingredients for Building Con­structive Thoughts — Sympathy, Wisdom, Poise — Con­structive Thinking Possible Only with Highly Evolved Intellect — Cultivate the Intellect — Positive Words Build Constructive Mind Power — List of Negative Words — List of Life-Giving Positive Words — Make up Vocabu­lary of Positive Words — Change Power of Mind to Con­structive or Positive One.

Chapter 12

The Intelligent Etheric Substance of Life — The Invisible Realm — Power of Invisible Forces — Gravity — Tides — Electro-Magnetic Fields — Cosmic Rays — The Divine In­telligence in Man — The Meaning of Universal Intelli­gence — Definition of Mind — The Subjective Mind — The Universal Mind — The Three-Dimensional Objective Per­spective — True Function of Objective Mind — Subjective Mind Mental State or Ego — Subjective Awareness Essen­tial — Putting Self in Tune with Subjective Mind — Ex­ternal Experiences in Relation to the Self — Inner Self in Relation to the External — Absorbing Knowledge for Power — The Inner Voice — Power of Intuition — Sponta­neous Knowledge — Automatic Function of the Subcon­scious — Meditation and its Value — Universal Mind Power — Subjective Soul of the Universe — Cosmic Conscious­ness — Submerging Self with the Cosmic Mind — Cosmic Intelligence in Nature — The Omniscient, Omni-present and Omnipotent Universal Intelligence — The Trinity of Life —The Cosmic God-Self.

Chapter 13

Dynamic Personality — Magnetic Personality — Malad­justed Personality — Several Factors Determine Person­ality — Six Essentials Reviewed — How to Rate Your Per­sonality — Types of Personality Maladjustment — Maladjustments Corrected — Cases of Great Men Who Over­came Physical Maladjustments — The Intellectually Mor­bid — The Socially Maladjusted — Emotional Conflict in Personality — Morally Maladjusted Personality — Cosmically Maladjusted — Personality Attitudes — Social Atti­tudes.

Chapter 14

Value of Affirmations — Feeling and Deep Conviction

Es­sential Purpose of Affirmations and Meditation — 1. Affirmation for Clearing Mind of Negative Thoughts — 2. Affirmation for Overcoming Fatigue — 3. Affirmation for Maintaining Good Health — 4. For Overcoming Sick­ness 5. For Overcoming Insomnia — 6. For Increased Supply — 7. For Overcoming Fear — 8. For Dynamic Per­sonality — 9. For Loss of Loved Ones — 10. For Overcom­ing Worry — 11. For Love Happiness — 12. For Helping Others Overcome Negative Conditions — 13. For Finding Your Right Work — 14. For Overcoming Age and At­taining Youthful Radiance — 15. For Overcoming Bad Habits Worry — Fear — Poverty — Sickness — Mental and Physical Illness — Procrastination — Dishonesty — Gossip­ing Smoking — Alcoholism — Slovenliness — Discourteous Action Sarcasm and Nagging — Fault Finding — Nervous­ness-- Irritability and Bad Temper — Moodiness and De­pression Envy, Hate, Jealousy — Weak Will Power — Suspicion of Others — Living in the Past — Dis-couraging  Others — Lack of Tolerance — Suppression.

Chapter 15

Concentrations   Defined — Cosmic   Power   in Uni-verse — Waste Energy Creating Superabundance of Power — Conscious Control of Faculties — Two Dominant Forces — Law of Inertia — Law of Action — Negative Concentra­tion — Positive Concentration — Prof. William James on Concentration — Law of Periodicity — Method of Concen­trating — Subconscious Mind — Oliver Wendell Holmes on Ideas — Ribot, French Scientist — Metempirical Knowledge — Force and Aggression not Desirable — Limiting Concentration to Certain Things — Desire as Aid to Concentra­tion — Subconscious Forms Indelible Pictures — Holding One Idea at a time — Oriental Exercise for Training Mind to Concentrate — Mental Training — Historical Event Proves Power of Concentration — Power of Destructive Negative Thoughts — Method of Effective Positive Con­centration — One Thing at a Time — Points to Bear in Mind about Concentration.

Chapter 16

Sickness Effect — Faith and Miracle Cures — Disease Cured by Mind — Intelligence within Heals — Attaining the mira­cle of Healing — Proofs that Mind Controls Body — Acci­dents Due to Mind — Subconscious Mind in Relation to Health — Cells Reflect Intelligence — Thoughts that Pro­duce Disease; Worry — Fear — Hate — Selfishness — Jealousy — Suspicion — Greed — Miserliness — The Curative Pro­gram — 12 Essentials for Attaining Mind Healing.

Chapter 17

The Law of Universal Increase — In Man's Mind — Uni­verse an Expanding One — Bible Proofs of This Law —  Man Must Look within Self for Inspirational Power —  Law of Increase Works Through; 1. Unselfish Action —  2. Removing Limitation from Mind and Body — 3. Using the Law of Reciprocity — 4. By Absorbing Beauty — 5. Us­ing Your Present Gifts — Evolutionary Progress in All Things — Ideas Stepping Stones — The Creative Spirit Within — Hearing the Voice of the Creative Spirit — Nine Principles for Hearing the Inner Voice — Stilling Inner Turmoil — Overcoming Negative Emotions —Alert to Beauty in Nature — Conscious of Creative Mind — En­tering the Silence — Subduing Conscious Mind —  Elevating the Intellect — Ignoring Pressure of Material World — Forming Habits of Drawing on Creative Power — The Finding of the Magnificent Life.




Life is a magnificent adventure! In this transitory earthly existence, which is man's life drama, there have been given to him all the elements with which he may make of his life a resplendent and glorious pageant.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts."

So too, your life is a play, and it should have in it all the elements that go to make up a well-rounded drama. There should be characters, purpose and plot, suspense and uncer­tainty, romance and beauty, some tears, but also much hap­piness.

All lives reflect these elements of a great drama, but your individual life is much more extensive than that of­fered on the limited confines of a stage. Beyond the proscenium arch of your earthly stage is the Master Stage Director, the Creator, giving you the cues, arranging the scenes and directing the cast of characters which make up your per­sonal drama.

And what is the title of this play in which you are the star? Is it "THE LIFE MAGNIFICENT?" or "THE DISMAL LIFE?" Are the characters peopling your life-play, ideal-istic, beautiful, charming and loving? or have you filled this play with cheap melodrama, tawdry situa­tions, common and vulgar characters?

You and you alone may determine what shall take place in this drama of your life. You are also the playwright, devising the plot, writing the dialogue, and choosing the set­ting. Man is not a victim of circumstances, as many think. He can choose the events that make up his destiny. You have it within your power to fill your consciousness with any emotion, thought, or experience that you consciously choose. You can elevate your mind to the lofty mountain peaks of life, or you have the power to allow it to stagnate in the lowly shadow-filled swamps.

The choice remains with you as to which type of life you are to choose.

If you are one of that myriad throng who feel the trans­cendental urge of some inner power inspiring you to rise triumphantly over life's limitations; if you feel the soul-urge of love trying to express itself in your thoughts, words and acts; if you experience a flaming Universality within your heart for all humanity, you are being prompted by the Di­vine force within you to a finding of the Magnificent Life. 

These subtle soul-promptings are trying to lead you on­ward towards the spiritual light. Since prehistoric times man has felt this Divine Intelligence which caused him to leave the dark caves of his lowly animalism. It was this Divine spark which first caused man to see in the trees and stones of earth the material with which to build homes and experience the more abundant life. When man began to obey these subtle impulses to harness the forces of the universe, he subdued the earth and had dominion over the land, sea and air. It was then that man experienced the full flower­ing of Divinity. He then discovered the Magnificent Life; a life compounded of tenderness and love, beauty and sacri­fice, loyalty and courage, joy and tranquility, purpose fullness and endeavor.

In this upward struggle from the primordial ooze of life man has often become confused and discouraged. Many times he has strayed from the Divine promptings within; he has become entangled with the tools from which he forged his own salvation; his industry has become perverted into an enslaving, mechanistic force, which destroys him; his purposefulness often becomes a monstrous materialistic intent which swallows the beauty and tenderness it was trying to create; his creation of palaces and bridges, airplanes and television, guns and bombs, at times dimmed the splendor of  his Divine origin and temporarily threw it into oblivion. This decline into limbo has always been temporary how­ever, for always this resplendent force, the magnificence inherent in man, asserts itself and reveals its permanence in human experience.

Man is still trying to find the Great Experience, the Per­fect Adventure, the Purpose of Living. This search is bound up in all his thoughts, emotions and acts. He is still trying to pierce the mystic veil of the future, to fathom the secrets of the universe, and this inspiration, this ever-recur­ring, dynamic force, leads him to more and more idealistic concepts of life.

There is a magnificence and opulence about life. It often lies undetected and awaits your joyous discovery in the very environment in which you exist. If your perspective is unlimited, if your mind is attuned to the fine inner promptings of the soul, you suddenly see with vision other than the phys­ical eye, the broader vistas of life, and create the type of life you seek with whatever situations you find at hand.

What then is this Magnificent Life for which man eter­nally searches? How may you find it? Is it a mystical ex­perience alone, revealing its wonders only to the eyes of the few Initiates?

No true comprehension of life and its ultimate meaning can exist until we investigate all phases of human experience. Man is not a unicellular organism made up only of body; nor is he merely mind without body or soul. Man is, rather, a triplicity of Mind, Body and Soul. These three entities, separate yet still united, furnish man with external experi­ences, emotional responses, and inner promptings of Divin­ity which must all be encompassed and fully comprehended if man is to live a balanced and harmonious life.

This trinity of experience reveals itself in the natural course of existence, if we are but aware of it. It comes upon us in various forms, in isolated fragments, from strange exper-iences and sequestered incidents.

Most of us expect the Magnificent Life to exist in one outstanding experience. Does it? It cannot, it must not. That one single experience in which we expect to find com­pletion may be distorted, and may not fit into the ultimate pattern of your existence. It may be wrong, it may be lim­ited, and lack elements which make it complete. Do not expect then to find this transcendent and sublime experience in one single situation or you may be doomed to bitter dis­appointment.

In searching for this Magnificent Life, know that there is no one single outstanding experience furnished by your marriage, family, friends, business associates, fame or for­tune, which is the one outstanding experience for which you search. They are only contributing causes to the final ef­fect which you are trying to create in your life. Your life experience must go further than the solitary, isolated inci­dent, if you are to enjoy the fruits of your labor and find the destiny for which you were created.

Pope aptly expresses it when he says:

"All are but parts of one stupendous whole,

Whose body nature is, and God the Soul"

So too, you are a part of the stupendous life experience, and each incident is another facet in the Universal Diamond. You may be doomed to bitter disappointment if you think you are unhappy because of the lack of some one thing in your life. You may feel that you are miserable because you do not possess beauty of face or body, financial security, love happiness, or social prominence. These may become the causes which threaten to unseat your reason, and bring dis­quietude to your soul.

You may become temporarily unhappy because of those universal cataclysms of depression, chaos and war which often threaten the very existence of civilization itself. But when you learn that no one situation, person or experience has the key to your ultimate destiny, you will turn to the Infinite Intelligence within, and find there the comfort, secu­rity, peace and happiness which you seek.

Then there is the group of misfits in life who expect to find the ultimate in the building of fame or fortune. Many would barter their souls for a crown, forgetting that too often a crown bears heavily on the brow and brings no peace of mind. Those who have built earthly fame and glory find that it too is a fleeting experience and cannot survive the eroding effects of time. The sacrifice in health, privacy and peace is often too great a price to pay for such illusory and perishable glory.

It is a good sign to have a normal interest in achieving success. Success cannot always be measured in terms of money and fame. The man or woman who lives in comparative obscurity may be just as much of a success and just as happy, or happier, than the big business success. Many times the so-called failures of life are but following the natural bent of their inner natures, and seeking that expression of their talents which fulfills their ambitions per­fectly. The measure of success then, that can be the Mag­nificent Life, is that degree of happiness a man finds in his work and his usefulness to the world.

The Magnificent Life is something that you must create with the materials you now have at hand. What these materials are and how you may use them to fashion from the invisible stuff of life the beauty, love, peace, joy and happiness you desire, we will now explore.

Man creates his destiny through the power of his mind. His mind interprets external experiences through his feel­ings or emotions. External forces exert a very powerful in­fluence over man, but internal emotional experiences are undoubt-edly greater in shaping the Magnificent Life. As man is a creature of feelings and as feelings are translated into words and acts, his external life must inevitably reflect these inner states of consciousness. Man's entire reflex action is inevitably motivated by these inner urges, promptings, and even conflicts.

If these inner compulsions are base and lowly, then they must externalize themselves in conduct which is base and lowly. If they are high and noble, then they too must re­flect in man's actions and shape his environment.

These emotional states or feelings that motivate and condition man are vital. We shall now study these inner drives and see their effect on man's Destiny.


Because man is a physical being, science places him in the same classification as an animal. It is true that man pos­sesses animal functions, physical appetites and even tenden­cies to lustful living. Is man compounded of these physical appetites and passions alone? They are the sensual feelings in man and they are transmitted through his five senses. These sensual feelings determine his physical reactions and his relationship to the world in general.

Base sensuality exists only when man corrupts the finer instincts and perverts his natural physical functions. Man must eat and drink, propagate and raise his young, but these animal acts or functions need not degenerate into animalistic acts of gluttony and lustful sensation alone. They may be made rich experiences which contribute much to happy, bal­anced living.

Through the sensual feelings man may know love and tenderness for his mate. This elevates the sensual animal passions to the highest and most sacred province of human experience in which love is kindled in the human heart. This creative force of love, when elevated to the social spheres, becomes universal in scope, and welds all humanity into one great brotherhood of love.

As love develops in the human consciousness, man begins to become aware of the Divinity within. It is then that Intelligence truly awakens and gives rise to:


When reason begins, animalism ceases to exist. Man then branches off from the limited physical functions of the animal and adds a mental dimension to living. His experi­ences in the external world are then interpreted by his mind. His relationship with the world is investigated and under­stood. He advances in the arts and literature; invention and industry become more complex; ambition is awakened and leads first to the creation of necessities, then broadens into the development of comforts and luxuries.

With these advances in intellection comes a new and keener appreciation of life. Knowledge increases and man uses for the first time the various forces which he formerly only tentatively explored. Finally, man's cultural growth is assured; his moral and ethical self awakens, and he assumes the responsibilities of the new world which his intellect has created. Then too, come the philosophical concepts of life, the speculative theories, conquest of languages, interchange of conversation, and all those intellectual pursuits which give added richness and deeper significance to human experience.

From this Intellectual experience man evolves higher and higher in the universal scheme. There is a greater refine­ment of manners and methods; a spiritualization of sensa­tions and emotions; an elimination of bestiality; and a greater desire for peace and contentment.

It is then that man attains the highest apex of creative thinking. The workings of the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious minds are correlated, and the intellectual products of great minds are released to the world. Then are born the powers of such giant intellects as Galileo, Socrates, Shakespeare, Michael Angelo, , Milton, Newton, Ein­stein, Beethoven, Lincoln, Freud, Madame Curie, and others who have left humanity richer because of their intellectual outpourings.

Through such intellectual processes civilization is given added impetus a spiritually progressive evolutionary force is set into motion, which is capable of changing the en­tire face of the universe.

The purpose of our mortal existence is intimately bound up with this dynamic intellectual force which we release to the world. Happiness is always in direct proportion to the intellectual value of each to the universe. This does not im­ply that those who are not intellectual cannot be happy, but if they expand to their fullest capacity and contribute the products of their intellects, no matter how seemingly limited, they attain benefits which are commensurate with their use­fulness to the world.

As man's mental evolution logically continues upward in the intellectual realm, we find that pure, cold intellect, scientific logic, processes of reason and rationalization alone do not give to life that sublime magnificence which is the pur­pose of living.

Intellect is but the inner force which fans the spark of life into a roaring flame and which combusts in the human heart and consciousness as our next upward step—the growth of:


Sentiment is purely a mental attitude, thought or judg­ment permeated or prompted by feeling. It is an emotional experience of tender susceptibilities. When our feelings or emotions are refined, they can be said to enter the realm of sentiment. Sentiment melts the heart, and creates between human beings that fine feeling which makes of even ordinary experiences, magnificent adventures. It colors existence with beauty; gives purpose and meaning to life's various events.

Persons who do not respond to affection, or who have no sentiment are emotionally dead. They are unappreciative of the finer emotions, and see in life none of the delicate shades of meaning which are revealed to those in whom sen­timent flowers. The average harsh and realistic concept of life leads to a killing of the natural sentiment which tries to express itself in the human heart. When sentimental feel­ings are lacking, there is a brusqueness in human conduct which often shatters the sensitive, sentimental soul. Refine­ment of manners and responsiveness to others is indicative of the evolving of sentiment in the human soul.

Do not be ashamed to show your feelings when they are sentimental and beautiful. Let tender sentiments be aroused often, and let them carry you on to exalted and beautiful realms. Let music inspire in your soul a new awareness and a sense of joy. The beauty within you is cry­ing aloud for recognition and wishes to be released to the world. Sentimental expression will cause you to color your words and acts with iridescence and splendor which cannot help but beautify all you touch, and which will alle­viate the suffering and sordidness of the world. It will help to inspire beautiful dreams in those who are hopelessly lost in the quagmire of life.

As man progresses in this evolutionary upward path, he begins to be more and more aware of his environment, his body and his intellect. He develops an upward soul-surging which is capable of sweeping him on to the Elysian heights. Under this compelling drive of emotions, man begins to see beauty in all things. It is then that man's struggling soul breaks through its restraining physical bonds and bursts forth in all the flaming incandescence of Divinity. Then it is that this blossoming sentiment of the human soul gives rise to:


The esthetic feelings add richness and joy to an other­wise drab and ugly existence. The esthetic feelings may be developed by man, and with them he may mould or create from the materials at hand, the beauty and joy which he seeks.


The esthetic feelings express themselves in the quality of your environment. Is it ugly and barren? If so, it will offend and stifle this newly awakened consciousness within your soul. The environment must be changed to conform to your inner vision and to appeal to your evolved senses. You will not be able to tolerate ugliness in your environ­ment when these feelings of beauty and tenderness are fully aroused in your soul.

The means for deliverance from squalor and barrenness exist within your own mind. You need not live in any atmosphere that is ugly and which reflects dismal poverty. You may beautify your environment with the labor of your own hands.

Many have woven rugs of bright colored rags to cover barren floors; clipped pictures from magazines to adorn hum­ble walls, and fashioned gay drapes from the flimsiest of ma­terials to bedeck the windows that might look out on the ugly evidences of man's unfortunate poverty.

There is no premium on cleanliness and orderliness, other than a willingness to spend a little time in such pur­suits. The soul need for outer radiance, expresses itself in the desire to adorn the temple of the living God in beauty also. The clothing, then, selected with care and concern for color, regardless of the inability to purchase expensive clothing, is of vital concern in developing the Esthetic Feelings. Inexpensive clothing can be imbued with an aristoc­racy of soul, a dignity of bearing and a radiant acquiescence which weaves into their fabric a gentility and beauty that gives them new value.

The Esthetic Feelings of man truly soar to unlimited spheres when man applies them to the human relationships of life. They express themselves in courtesy, kindness, con­sideration, and the positive encouraging words of beauty, which kindle inspiration in the souls of others. Man at­tains new dignity, approaching that of Divinity itself, when he can rise to lofty heights the feelings and emotions of others; when he can inspire others with high ideals, human­itarian principles and brotherly love. No more noble pur­pose can be discovered in living than to bring the Esthetic Feelings into such universal or cosmic relationship.

As we deal with the Esthetic Feelings in man, we become more and more concerned with man's conduct toward one another. We begin to search for purpose and intent; to guard against those human and sub-human tendencies of the un-evolved soul. It is then that we find the awakening of:


The study of Ethics is principally concerned with mor­ality. It is the science of the ideal human character. It consists in, not only seeking to explore right methods of con­duct towards others, but in creating for others a state of happiness and completion.

Everything that tends toward that goal is Ethical. On the other hand, that which tends to degrade, abuse, pervert or destroy the ideals, dreams, or morals of others, becomes unethical.

That which injures others destroys you also. The Ethi­cal conduct then is on a very high plane. It gives unselfishly of its fruits to rich or poor; inevitably, good moral conduct brings its own rewards, whereas conversely bad moral conduct produces sterility of the soul and engenders human misery.

To lie, cheat, and betray others is unethical. This type of conduct is a cause that must produce a like effect. It is a fundamental truth that we attract that which we give out. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" is not only a maxim, which is true, but becomes a universal law, which cannot be violated without serious con-sequences.

When man becomes conscious of these spiritual laws, and judges his conduct by these universal rules, he awakens within himself a new consciousness which leads to:


Since time immemorial man has asked, "Why do I exist? Where am I going? From whence do I issue?"

These are intangibles, which cannot be answered simply through a casual physical or material explanation. Such problems correctly repose in the invisible or spiritual realms of life.

Man exists only because he is aware. He says, "I think, therefore I am." New consciousness awakens as his think­ing is elevated. He thinks further, "I am what?" and some deep inner voice answers, "I am Divine." This deep-seated conviction then becomes a state of awareness, a new con­sciousness. It is true because man is aware of it. For him it is a simple, indisputable fact, which requires no scientific ex­planation or proof. His belief is based on blind faith. His thinking is thus broadened to include a Creator, a God from whom he came, and in whose image man is created.

As Voltaire once said, "Even if there were no God, it would have been necessary for man to have invented Him." The human need for recognizing a Supreme Power, a Crea­tive Intelligence is so great that unerringly even primitive minds create their own idea of a God which they may wor­ship.

This deep instinctive awareness of some great creative force is so unmistakably a part of human experience that it cannot be ignored by intelligent men and women.

Spiritual feelings more definitely crystallize through man's tender emotions. Love generates a new awareness in man. Love is the ultimate spiritual expression of the human race. It is the creative function of life, and is sym­bolical of the generous love poured out by the Creator when he formed the universe for His children. Thus, it is that all through life, woven in the warp and woof of destiny, is the golden thread of love.

There are many different types of love; love of man for woman; love of family; love of friends; love of commu­nity; love of country, and finally, as the human ego evolves higher and higher, Cosmic or Universal love.

Love of self is only the animal expression of love. When self-love is submerged in that final self-abnegation of love for others, the selfish individual ultimately merges with the great Cosmic stream of radiant love which envelopes the uni­verse and which issues from the Divine Creative Fount. It is then that the true Spiritual Feelings awaken in man.

To fully awaken these Spiritual feelings then, concen­trate occasionally on the great mystery of your life. Get away from the maddening throng; stop feeling that your life revolves entirely around people and their physical and material problems. Enter the inner citadel of the soul and there discover the infinite riches of spiritual wisdom.

An amazing revelation awaits you in this inner chamber of the mind; intuition will proclaim newer and greater mys­teries of life; astounding vistas open, which too often lie undiscovered on the threshold of your conscious mind, un­observed and undetected by your five senses.

There too, in that Cathedral of the Soul, the deep re­spon-sive, sympathetic spiritual cord which ties you to your Creator, pulsates with new emotion and brings you a re-vitalizing, refreshing stream of life energy which gives you new purpose and makes of life a truly magnificent adventure!

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