"The Laws of Health and Prosperity
and How To Apply Them
Clara Chamberlain McLean

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SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is that of the Spirit, or Life of the Universe, demonstrating  according  to  dependable Laws into various and multiple forms and expressions. It has to do with the kingdom of GOD, which we are told by Jesus "seek first," and that by so doing, "all other things shall be added unto us."

After twelve years of study of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Christian Science, so-called "Divine" Science, "Mental" Science, New Thought, The Emmanuel Movement, Theosophy, Vedanta Philosophy, Spiritualism, etc., etc., under a number of the best teachers of these branches, and with supplementary reading along these lines, including Bibles and books on mysticism, by Hindus and other peoples; as well as an experience of about ten years of teaching, hearing many Life Problems, complicated in the extreme; and having been privileged by seeing many wonderful results from the knowledge and faithful USE of these laws, I feel that perhaps I have an individual word to add, for those who belong to "my chord" in the Symphony of Life; a different "angle" of TRUTH, from the many others who have helped me so wonderfully.

I cannot close this introduction to my simple Lessons without a word of appreciation of one who I realize was a great Soul, and to whom the world owes a deep debt of gratitude, from the fact that she brought about, through hours of meditation and study, the Rebirth, into this World, of the REAL CHRIST RELIGION, of HEALTH,  HAPPINESS, AND SUCCESS, taught and lived by JESUS OF NAZARETH, but for many years lost, to a great extent, by HIS "so-called" followers. I refer to Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy, the founder of The Christian Science Church. The laws taught by her, and those who call themselves "Christian Scientists," are UNIVERSAL LAWS OF GOD, the System which she evolved is HERS, and the number of Churches, with the crowds of healthy, joyous people who are all over the World attending them, in addition to the great number of individuals who have testified as to wonderful cures, Physically, Mentally, and Morally, are proof that she had a wonderful consciousness of TRUTH.

A number of those who were patients of Dr. P. P. Quimby about the same time that Mrs. Eddy was treated by him (one of whom was Julius A. Dresser, father of Horatio W. Dresser, who is a well-known writer and teacher along these lines)* and a few who began with her, but being Individualists, felt that they could not conform to so rigid a system, withdrew from the established Church, and evolved each an individual System, calling them by the various names before mentioned. No one has, however, attempted to establish an institutional Church, as all seem to feel that these laws can and should be added to the Churches now existing, of which there are a great enough variety to satisfy the different temperaments. ALL Systems are GOOD, in so far as they help their founders and others, to demonstrate more of Health, and Harmony, and the teaching of JESUS, in everyday Life, and only when any person or organization says, "We have ALL OF THE TRUTH and ALL OTHERS ARE WRONG," do they deny their own PREMISE and prove their own limitation.

*"The True History of Mental Science," by Julius A. Dresser. Revised with notes and additions by his son, Horatio W. Dresser. Pub. by Geo. H. Ellis. Also "The Philosophy of P.P. Quimby," by A. G. Dresser. Pub. by Geo. H. Ellis, 1895.

Just as Electricity has always been in the Universe, but it was necessary for Man to discover it, learn its laws, and, by working ACCORDING TO THEM, produce Light, Heat, Energy, etc., and as several different men have invented systems differing more or less from each other, and each individual in the world is free to choose which System he or she wishes to use — so these Spiritual laws may be used through different systems, and individuals may select the technique that appeals to him or her. The study and use of these laws is not limited to any one Theological denomination or Medical Organization, nor are they antagonistic to either. An Episcopal clergyman of wide experience and high ideals once said to me— "In the last analysis, each SOUL must find ITS OWN idea of GOD and JESUS, and no one can ever explain to any other, EXACTLY what that conception or realization is; spiritual experiences cannot be fully expressed so that another soul REALLY UNDERSTANDS; only GOD, THE WHOLE, can so UNDERSTAND." Believing this to be true, I know that all argument along these lines is a waste of time and energy! I give out, in these Lessons, My Highest TRUTH today, reserving the right which every SOUL must have, to keep always an open mind and a listening ear for the next new angle of TRUTH, for without this attitude there can be no growth.

Having tried out these laws of THE SPIRIT, "Pragmatically" (as Wm. James advises), and proved "By their FRUITS" their dependability, I send out my humble message, with its Technique, knowing that through the beautiful law of Attraction, all those who are "Tuned to MY KEY," and are READY for my word, will find it; and if they in turn read with an OPEN MIND, and TRY OUT my methods, herein given, I believe they will receive great Practical HELP in their LIFE PROBLEMS, along all lines, and by their acceptance of a few of my individual NEW THOUGHTS, strengthen the chain of Love and UNDERSTANDING of which I am ONE LINK.

With  a  message of  Health, Harmony, and Peace to all.




WHEN we begin the study of any subject we must first find the principles upon which the theory is based; then, using these as our foundation, study the laws of these principles, and, trying them out individually, prove them to ourselves.

Only in this way can we really know "Truth" and practically apply it in our daily lives.

Mrs. Emma Curtis Hopkins says, "A principle is a comprehensive law or doctrine from which others are derived. That is, obedience is vested in the Supreme I AM, or there could be no obedience in the dog or horse. Authority is resident in the King of Kings, or the General-in-Chief of an army could not command with success."

The first principle of "Spiritual Science" (The Science of Spirit or Divine Mind) is that we are each in, and a part of, a "Universe," the life or Essence of which is perfect; which is constantly expressing, in various and countless forms. In this life Essence is everything that ever has been or will be; it is the "All Good or God." The Scientists of today call this "Essence," which is back of everything, and may be called the "No Thing," —the "Ether of Space." (I will go more fully into this in my lesson on " Spirit and Matter.)

Taking this as our conclusion, and starting with it as our premise, we realize the "Unity" of the Universe — that it is a "Living, pulsing, throbbing Cosmos," working according to exact laws, and therefore dependable. We then begin to realize how interesting must be the study of the laws of the numberless forms of expression of this Wonderful and Limitless Life-Force.

Now going back in our thought to the "Fire Mist," the "Nebulae," we come down through the ages to the formation of Planets, Solar Systems, demonstrating these perfect laws in perfect rhythm, not varying a part of a second, and we are awed by the enormity of it! Surely, thinking, meditating along these lines, must give us "Faith" in the "Power," or "Force," back of all this, and enable us to say, Yes: it is — "All Good or God."

We next look out upon this particular Planet on which we live, called the Earth, and as this is our home at present, it seems sensible, in fact necessary, for us to study it along all lines and to become familiar with its laws as far as possible. We find through the study of the sciences that the One Life is expressing itself through mineral, vegetable, animal, up to man, which is the highest manifestation on this Planet; that these forms are composed of atoms, which are constantly changing, and, through the study of Evolution, that the law of change is from a lower to a higher; we then realize that the poet is right who says:—

To change and change is Life,
To move, and never rest—
Not what we are but what we hope, is best.

And we conclude that man, being the highest manifestation of life on this Planet, should have dominion over all other life, but can do so only through the patient study of each manifestation, thereby learning its laws and applying them to his life. In this way is man a "Co-worker and Creator with God."

We now come to the study of Spiritual Science and the use of its laws by man, in order that he may demonstrate more and more of the Perfect God Essence which he really is, thereby becoming more harmonious with his environment along all lines.

One, if not the, most important, implement required in teaching anything new is the most simple and understandable verbiage.

Away back in the history of man from the beginning of his first simple consciousness it became necessary for him to communicate with his "kind," and first with signs, then with sounds, those simple animal men arranged methods of communication, and finally languages were established. Then by certain signs words were written down,  in order that knowledge and ideas might be preserved and transferred to others. As a matter of course, as races grow and exchange old ideas for new, the meaning of words must change, and practically a new vocabulary is formed. Professor Richard Moulton says that the most difficult thing to teach is to put new meaning into old words; that for this reason in teaching new ideas it is really better to coin new words. We find this true when we endeavor to give a name to any new idea or institution.

I practically experienced this in trying to select a name for my class and we tried "Practical Christianity," "Modern Mental Science," "New Thought," with the following result. — The first name did not seem broad enough, as we really studied all Science and religion. The second was misunderstood by many (particularly by Christian Scientists), because to them the word "Mind" means the Physical Brain, and they therefore thought the Science entirely Physical and Material. "New Thought" would arouse the statement, "That is not NEW, it is the teaching we find all through the Bible." (And right here let me say that it is "New Thought" about "Old Truths" and the name is perfectly correct.) But after all this experience I was meditating one night on the subject, and decided that "Spiritual Science" was the best name I could give the Study, as I understood it. ''Spirit," being the whole of Life, this name would be absolutely inclusive and nothing else was big enough for me. I have, therefore, adopted that name for my work, and a little later a "Spiritual Science Federation" was organized by the most prominent teachers and writers of these laws in New York City.

Following along this same line, I wish to explain my personal use of certain words, and names, which will necessarily be often used in these lessons, that there may be no confusion as to my meaning. I use "Spirit" as the name for the Perfect God Life of the "Cosmos" or Universe. That which is in and through all, therefore, is all in Essence. "Soul," as the name for the individual part of that "Life" which is the real Self or "I" of each human being; the one part of the "Whole Cosmos," which is to That, as one drop of water to the Ocean, having within it all the constituent elements, only differing in quantity. A part of that "One Thing" that which "Is," has had no beginning and can have no end, a perfect circle. It can never be lost, but must exist eternally.

The small "I" or "Ego" as the unfinished, imperfect demonstration of each individual here and now. "Mind," as the intelligence within the Soul, that which is common to all life, in different degrees of manifestation, and therefore through which we touch and know God. "Brain" — the physical organ through which man and to some extent the higher animals come in contact with their environment, through the use of the five Senses. "Love" — the first and highest expression of the God Life. In fact "God is Love" and Love is God's first expression. (Think quietly and meditate on the meaning of these names.)

If we wish to become proficient in anything from Golf or Football to bringing forth harmony on a musical instrument, we are obliged to study and master the Technique of that particular Game or Instrument. There is a "Technique" which must be acquired in order that we may learn to use the wonderful laws of Spiritual Science and thereby demonstrate harmony on all planes. In other words, that we may be Happy, Healthy, Successful beings and help others to the same conditions.

In studying this lesson the Student should carefully read it over several times. Then go alone — out of doors if possible and to some quiet place. The country is the ideal place, of course. If not convenient to do this, go to a window, look out at the sky, the trees — everything, and first quietly think how wonderful it is — this One Life is all, each one of us attached to it all;  as you get quiet you will feel this Unity. Think of the air as the breath of Life. Take long breaths, slowly, at your window if you cannot always go outside, realizing that you are breathing in the God Life. At night look up to the stars and try to realize the distance those planets are from us, and the "Life" that they are — and that all are a part of us, we of them, nothing but this one Perfect Life — Force — God — "in which we live and move and have our being."   

As we ponder quietly on this great "Truth," we gradually realize the "Consciousness of the whole" or the "Cosmic Consciousness," of which the Scientists speak and which the religionists call the "Christ Consciousness," because of all the Great Souls who have come into manifestation on the Earth, Jesus the Christ we feel, taught and lived this consciousness of the God within Himself and all men the most completely. Students are advised to read carefully the Sermon on the Mount and all of the passages in the New Testament which are believed to have been the words of Jesus. Read also Walt Whitman, who had this consciousness to such a wonderful extent, —also Emerson, who understood, taught, and lived it.

This first lesson is the keynote, the most important one in the series because, in order to understand and use the laws that will follow, we must get at least a gleam of this Christ or Cosmic Consciousness and from that time on it is a steady growth limited only by the individual. Take the following statement as your watchword for this lesson. See it before you the first thing in the morning, through the day, and the last thing at night.

"There is but one Life in the Universe. That Life in Perfect. I am a part of that Life and realize my Unity with every manifestation of it. "All is GOOD or God and God is Love." At the end of a week, look back and think how much more this means to you than it did the first time you read it. In this way you will realize your growth in the Christ Consciousness.

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