The Celestine Prophecy
by James Redfield

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Book Description
Find out for yourself why virtually everyone you know has this book, described as an "adventure in pursuit of a spiritual mystery", on their coffee table. In the tradition of Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan.

Redfield's debut is a fast-paced adventure in New Age territory that plays like a cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Moses's trek up Mt. Sinai. Originally self-published, the book sold phenomenally, sparked by word of mouth, and may be this year's The Bridges of Madison County --with which it shares some regrettable stylistic similarities. The saga begins when the unnamed middle-aged male narrator whimsically quits his nondescript life to track down an ancient Peruvian manuscript (pretentiously called the Manuscript) containing nine Insights that supposedly prophesy the modern emergence of New Age spirituality. South of the border, he encounters resistance from the Peruvian government and church authorities, who believe the document will undermine traditional family values. While dodging evil soldiers, paranoid priests and pseudoscientific researchers, our hero sequentially discovers all nine Insights during a series of chance encounters. Redfield has a real talent for page-turning action, and his lightweight quest employs auras, energy transfers and other psychic phenomena. But several of the Insights are incredibly vacuous and politically correct, and long stretches of dialogue are banal and cliched.

"Celestine Prophecy" is a pop-culture spiritual term derived from the book by the same name. Written by James Redfield, the novel has become a "spiritual guidebook" of sorts for the New Age movement. Its basic thesis -- the world is evolving into a new and profound plane of spiritual awareness. "For half a century now, a new consciousness has been entering the human world, a new awareness that can only be called transcendent, spiritual. If you find yourself reading this book, then perhaps you already sense what is happening, already feel it inside."

Celestine Prophecy - Energies & Auras
The Celestine Prophecy finds its fictional foundation in an ancient Aramaic manuscript discovered in Latin America. The text contains a prophecy of a widespread spiritual awakening in the late 20th century. Certain people will start discovering and harnessing vibrations and energies. They will follow their deep insights and intuitions, find purpose in coincidence, and discover true feeling and consciousness. This will ultimately lead to spiritual evolution and transformation, allowing some to comprehend the mysteries of the universe and human existence. Redfield's "prophecy" says "the number of people who are conscious of such coincidences would begin to grow dramatically in the sixth decade of the twentieth century." "This growth would continue until sometime near the beginning of the following century, when we would reach a specific level of such individuals--a level I think of as a critical mass."

These people will develop their own meaning of life from deep within. They will discover that true life purpose isn't found in religion, philosophy or materialism. Rather, true meaning and purpose comes from energies, vibrations and auras. This is the hidden key to unlocking a transforming level of spirituality. If you're relating with these concepts, then you're ready for the New Age.