"The 8 Proven Secrets of SMART Success"
by Peggy McColl

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About the Author
International Author and Professional Speaker, Peggy McColl, is an expert in goal achievement. Peggy McColl gives power seeking people the framework to define and conquer their goals, then recognize and reach their maximum potential.

Book Description
Peggy McColl's life experience has taught her to be attentive to attitude and she uses many personal experiences to demonstrate the ways in which attitude is a key predictor of success. The book's format provides an easy read for the busy, goal-oriented professional, providing the necessary building blocks for an excellent attitude: awareness, purposefulness, actions, confidence, faith, courage, studiousness and mastery. Peggy ensures that the reader is engaged by including meaningful examples, necessary exercises and memorable quotations. This is a book that the changing individual will use as a frequent reference tool to set a path, a wise guideline to encourage the mind and a reassuring checklist to judge progress.

"This is a must read book for learning how to set goals or for brushing up on building your goals! I read her book in less than 2 hours and feel so pumped and ready to start succeeding with Peggy's blueprint. Peggy is right up their amongst the greatest success achiever author's in the world."

Glenn Shepard, author of How to Manage Problem Employees