The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn

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Editorial Reviews Book Description:

Here in one volume are the four collected works of one of America's most beloved and best-selling inspirational authors.

In her classic best-seller The Game of Life, Florence Scovel Shinn reveals the timeless message that has helped thousands to solve their problems. You can create anything you want simply by aligning your thoughts and words with the perfect good that resides divinely within you. Combined with the powerful affirmation found in Your Word Is Your Wand and the stirring examples of real-life successes in the other two volumes, The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn provides a complete guide for learning how to turn defeat into victory, lack into prosperity, fear into faith, and resentment into love.


Four of Florence Scovel Shinn's most beloved works are collected here in one volume. Contains The Game of Life, The Power of the Spoken Word, The Secret Door to Success, and Your Word Is Your Wand.

Reader's Reviews and Comments:

Inspirational and magical!, September 18, 2000 Reviewer: D. Moss from Memphis, TN United States

Inspirational and magical. Nothing else needs be said. This book works for me time and time again. The affirmations in her book are like magic, words are indeed your "wand" and you can create a wonderful and prosperous life under grace and in a perfect way.

Wisdom of florence Scovel Shinn, September 3, 2000 Reviewer: Madeleine M Gough from Laguna Hills, Ca USA

Excellent self help material. I am a hypnotherapist and give a copy of this book to my clients. They have found it a valuable tool towards achieving a more positive outlook in their lives. It seems to be magical.

Every Woman Must Read This!, June 29, 2000 Reviewer: Barbara Minniear from Heidelberg, Germany

A friend of mine showed me this book years ago at a time in my life when I was really trying to reconnect to my own intuitiveness and spirituality. I loved all the messages, tools and creativity this lovely author shared in her writings. I now give this book to many friends and my Tarot clients when they're in need of reconnecting their own spiritual lives. I still re-read it when I become blocked in any area of my life. It really is a must read!

The wisdom of florence scovel shinn:4 complete books, June 21, 2000 Reviewer: i hamadeh from new york, new york

These books have guided me through everyday and night of my life since 1988, i had lost touch with the game of life for a short while, now i'm happy to say that i have joined the game once again to be completely fulfilled in my life!

This book changed my life......., April 9, 2000 Reviewer: missolemiss from Oxford, Mississippi

My mother gave me this book (actually the original 4 books) when I was 15 years old and didn't have a clue where my life was going. F.S.S. taught me how to take the reins of life and control my destiny through the power of my own voice and concious thought. To achieve what you want you first have to believe that it is already yours!

Since I recieved this book as a gift I too have given this book to others and I feel it is a must for anyone who seems to be walking aimlessly through their lives not knowing which way to go. Everyone will find something in these books that applies to them and their daily lives. Some say that to get through this life you have to be meanful of your time here and live in the here and now, not off in the future, F.S.S. can teach you exactly how to do that with gentle words and examples.

The Wisdom of Florence Shovel Shinn, December 21, 1999 Reviewer: Rasheedah from New Jersey, United States

This is an excellent book. I've sent a copy to all of my friends. Florence has taught me how to open up and allow postive engery to flow into my life.

A Fantastic Voyage, November 18, 1999 Reviewer: from Charlotte, NC

I stumbled upon this book by what I thought was an accident, but I now know that it was divine timing. I saw this book in a local bookstore and gave it to one of my friends for Christmas in 1994. Another friend saw it and bought it the very next day and I had to go back and purchase it for myself. Since that time, I've bought and given this book away no less than fifteen times and it seems that its just at the right time for the individual.

This book has been a great beginning for many of us in search of a special relationship with God. I continue to feel blessed each time I can share it with someone who is in search. I plan on buying it this Christmas for a couple of friends who are at the crossroad trying to jump to the other side. I'm ready to read again and jump too! Florence wasn't before her time, she was right on time!

A MUST FOR A STUDENTS OF METAPHYSICS, October 3, 1999 Reviewer: A reader from USA

Florence Shinn was an enlightened soul before it was fashionable. Her books reconfirmed that, what I am enduring during this transition into spiritual maturity is right on track. Each of us has inherent knowledge of what our "divine design" is, Florence Shinn's books are simply tools inspired by God to remind us of our "goodness." A definite illumination during the darkest of days!!!

I have used this book for 10 years as a reminder of life!, August 17, 1999 Reviewer: Sandy C. from Texas

I have shared this book with many friends and others who are searching for spiritual writings. I have referenced this book during teaching sessions with teenage girls and during discussions with mature males and females. I used it as a reference, along with the Bible, at a 3 day "ladies"retreat. I re-read this book regularly. It is amazing that Florence Scovel Shinn wrote these books so long ago. It is a source of true spiritualism.

A very enlightening and inspirational work of literature., August 16, 1999 Reviewer: from Brooklyn, NY

I constantly re-read this book and definitely find the time to pick it up in times of temporary despair. She explains how to re-form our thought patterns and words we speak in order to attract everlasting supply, love, wealth and perfect self-expression. I have bought it for friends and will continue to do so. With this book, I have seen immediate changes take place in my life on every level. With her affirmations for things such as guidance, love, letting go of resentment, success and her teachings to impress the sub-concious to attract the abundant supply that is obtainable for all, this book is more than words can say. I am more in touch with my intutition which always leads me on a path of gold. This book is truly worth having!

A Magical Work with a Magical Way, January 4, 1999 Reviewer: A reader from Los Angeles, USA

This book opens a door where there was previously a wall. In reading this book, one begins to understand a univeral truth does exist, and is applicable to everyone in every situation. Ms. Shinn affirms that by casting the burden of lack, one becomes forced to to see only that which is positive and good. Isn't that what we all should see? She affirms that within each of us a divine light. It is anchored within us, and goes before us, showing us the way. When you are ready to make your life happen, you will read this book. It will change your outlook on life forever -- and you will be better having read it!

I've read it 3 times & it has changed my life., December 17, 1998 Reviewer: from Michigan

After reading it 3 times and underlining & making notes in the margins, I am purchasing a copy for the friend who lent it to me in the first place. It has dramatically changed my life in positive ways. It has re-affirmed my beliefs in prayer and a higher power.

Absolute Truths!, December 6, 1998 Reviewer: A reader from Washington

Florence is absolutely delightful! I have given this book to over 30 people and they have ALL talked about the resonance of truth that they feel through it's pages. It makes such simplistic sense. Try it! See what you think....

MAY WE ALL BE SO ENLIGHTENED!, October 1, 1998 Reviewer: A reader from NEW ORLEANS, LA.


A powerful book of love, not, fear of God., September 15, 1998 Reviewer: A reader from Canada

Being a minister in training, I found this book, invaluable.It allows the reader to have a wonderful relationship with God and Jesus Christ, without all the hangups, and if you did have hang ups, they are gone by the time you have read the first few pages. Florence, way back then had insights to our spirituality, long before any of the writers of today.Thank you Florence for paving our way to enlightenment and love.I wished I could have sat down and talked with you, however I have your book close to my heart, so therefore have you and your wisdom.

Like the Bible in practical, laymen terms!, September 10, 1998 Reviewer: Terri ( from Tucson, Arizona

A classic and must read for every newly evolving persons as well as those that have been on the spiritual path for years. For those dealing with heavy control issues and unwilling to surrender - to your Divine Best - this is a wonderful tool to break down the blockages and let it go. It is wonderfully written with practical applications that apply to today which makes it easy for those who cannot grasp the underlying "how to" in so many books. Every problem, every challenge, every heart's desire - this book can teach you the tool to accomplish what's right for you. My recommendation to friends about this book is "if you buy this book, read it and apply it (yes, you have to make an effort on your part), I guarantee your life will be different in 30 days - sometimes sooner and sometimes longer.

The Wisdom of Florence Scouvel Shinn..."Is one to grow on", June 23, 1998 Reviewer: A reader from USA

I discovered Florence in 1994 and her wisdon has changed my life forever. There has not been a day since 1994 that I did not rely on Florence's teachings to guide me through my daily living. Her spiritual insight provides such clarity. The Wisdon of Florence Scovel Shinn has become my every occasion gift; Birthdays, Christmas, Graduations etc. If I had a wish it be that she had written more books and that I would have had an opportunity to meet her. "I have been touched by a Angel"

A excellent book, that clarifies mental processes., June 13, 1998 Reviewer: from USA

This book is very much about the ceaseless activity of the mind. It explains how our thoughts are like magnets, drawing the effect of our thoughts to us. It provides a clear understanding as to what is being mentally materialized each and every day of life. A wonderful book and I highly recommend it.

This exceptional book has changed my thinking AND speaking!, May 23, 1998 Reviewer: from Seattle, WA

This author advises us to be careful of what we ask for as we will surely receive it. Her positive affirmations help you change your negative self talk into requests for what is your Divine Right to receive. When you are thinking, speaking and acting positively and proactively you are in the present moment.

My favourite author, November 13, 1997 Reviewer: from Cape Town, South Africa

I discovered this author many years ago. I was going though a difficurlt time. Her books helped me in more ways than I can describe. She has such a positive non-fearful aproach to God and life without being a religious fanatic. To this day if I feel down I can pick up one of her books and it changes my day. Unfortunatly it looks like I have them all. I wish she wrote more. I would love to know more about her. She must have been a wonderful person for her books to exude such happiness. I can highly recommend her books. I think that Louise Hay may have based some of her teachings on these books.

A book to live your life by..., August 11, 1995 Reviewer: A reader

This book will hit home...not only does it provide crystal clear analogies for life's problems, but it has several pages of affirmations that will work wonders for you. Hard to believe that it was written in the early part of the century.

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