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  Power Up Your Mind:
Learn Faster, Work Smarter

by Bill Lucas

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Book Description
From one of the leading international experts on life-long learning, POWER UP YOUR MIND will revolutionize our understanding of how our brains are pre-wired to learn and the practical steps we can take to prepare ourselves (emotionally and physically) to participate fully in the process. Diagnostic tools, activities, and stories demonstrate the power of esteem, confidence, and motivation on effective learning, describe the role creativity, aging, and emotional readiness play in the learning process, and help readers create a personal action plan for life-long learning.

Are you leading an active working life in which information and the solving of problems play a central part? Do you often find yourself incapable of living up to your potential, that is not being able to concentrate, remember things or find creative solutions? Then you might want to consider this book.

It gives you basic information about how your brain works and how this relates to the problems you experience, giving suggestions of how to overcome them. Starting with getting ready to learn, passing reflecting on and using what you have learned it ends with how to make conscious learning a daily part of your life, including tips how to balance between work, personal life and your aspirations in general. Also, it deals with all types of learning as opposed to only memorising facts.

The most inspiring and indeed useful bit of this book iss the part about ensuring a creative, productive and enjoyable environment at work, how to make sure that everybody gets the most out of the information offered and how to overcome problem-solving barriers. Other positive things where the questions and fill-in forms designed to make you think about and apply the new information, as well as summaries at the end of each chapter to check whether the most important stuff has come across. You will also find out ways to make a company more successful in regard to making the most out of its human resources (and making them happy along the way), what learning-type you are and interesting stuff about multiple intelligence, much of it illustrated with nice example-stories and quotations.

In an age where creativity and time are key commodities, learning how to learn is fast becoming critical skill. However, much work-based training is a waste of time and money because the majority of people are neither emotionally ready to learn nor practically inclined to apply their learning to the way they behave.

Drawing on research from a variety of subject areas, from neuroscience and psychology, motivation theory to accelerated learning, memory to diet, Lucas shows how everyone has the capacity to succeed and how most people use only a very small portion of their talents.

<>If you want to understand yourself better as a learner and learn some ways to make working more enjoyable and effective, this book provides information about nearly every step to do so and gives you a basis to build upon when and if you should come across some hands-on mind and memory training.

About the Author : Bill Lucas is the Chief Executive of the UK based Campaign for Learning. He is in demand as a speaker and workshop leader on learning matters. He advises many organisations on how to be more successful through learning.

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