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Showing a Simple and Scientific
Way to Prosperity, Harmony, and
True Happiness.
"Whatever Mind conceives and projects with Conviction it inevitably Produces."
                                                                                                   —John Seaman Garns

Dear Prosperity Seeker,

The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs is one of many fables attributed to Aesop. In the English language, "Killing the golden goose" has become a metaphor for any short-sighted action that may bring an immediate reward, but will ultimately prove disastrous.

In Aesop's fable a man and his wife had the good fortune to possess a goose which laid a golden egg every day. Lucky though they were, they soon began to think they were not getting rich fast enough, and, imagining the bird must be made of gold inside, they decided to kill it in order to secure the whole store of precious metal at once. But when they cut it open they found it was just like any other goose. Thus, they neither got rich all at once, as they had hoped, nor enjoyed any longer the daily addition to their wealth.

Much wants more yet oft loses all, and greed destroys the source of good. The moral of this story therefore is: Think before you act. The eBook
PROSPERITY Plus  teaches the reader how to train the mind to think in a constructive way that will produce enduring prosperity and lasting success.

The "Plus" factor is the establishing of a "Prosperity Consciousness" utilizing Proven Scientific Principles that Guarantee Success when followed over a period of time. These principles will in due course help you grow into the consciousness of the dynamic Superman, attracting to yourself the very best that life has to offer.

You will in time become a creative channel for values enrich­ing everybody. As you saturate your mind with this sense of abundance you will have the power within you to make everyone who touches you richer and happier for the contact.

If someone could show you that there is a definite "science of money-making" which lies not outside you but right down inside your own mind, you would be greatly interested, would you not?

Well, that's what the author of this book has set out to do. In it he shows that there is a psychology of creativeness which, when applied to business, inevitably succeeds.

And we are not talking mere theory here. The author of this book, John Seaman Garns, taught these principles over many years and received testimony of scores of men and women, that the technique of mind explained in this book have helped them from poverty to afflu­ence. These principles work, I know that. And I feel sure that you will agree with me when you have tried them.

Briefly, what is given you in the pages of this eBook is a technique of crea­tive thinking,—a way of handling your mind, which, if practised, inevitably brings results.

Keep in mind that…

There is a LAW of PROSPERITY and a easy to learn Technique by which you may make it work for you.

One night's careful study of these "Talks," and a vigorous application of their theory in a week or two of practice will start you up hill and out of this "jam" you may be in today; but to make "abundance" a certainty in your life, I recommend that you print this eBook out and keep it beside you for a year. Once you write its technique upon your heart and in the habitual reactions of your mind, never will Old Man Poverty dare to show himself to you again.

Someone has said, "Every business or income is but the lengthening shadow of some mans mind producing." That's it! We are either good producers or poor ones, and every man's ability to produce is a law-governed process. Hence, it is subject to improvement.

Becoming prosperous is not a matter of trial and error - It is a scientific process with clearly defined rules!

You will find nothing revolutionary or earth-shatteringly new here. That is, every man or woman who has ever succeeded from the beginning of time has done so by the application of the principles stated in this eBook. You have used them many times yourself, and have been rewarded. The trouble has been that you did the thing unconsciously, and you can't repeat.

The function of these "Talks" is to make this Law or Technique by which you always have succeeded, when you did succeed, so plain that you hence­forth USE IT CONSCIOUSLY, and may thus always succeed by a consciously used scientific process, and not by a method of trial and error.

Here are the main topics discussed in this very well written, easy to read and informative eBook:

Introducing You to Prosperity (Talk 1) . . . . .
You Already Have the Power (Talk 2) . . . . .
Our Feelings Intrude (Talk 3) . . . . .
Business Conditions Are Not Causes (Talk 4) . . . . .
A Case From Life (Talk 5) . . . . .
How It Works (Talk 6) . . . . .
Five Steps to Mastery (Talk 7) . . . . .
Establishing Prosperity Consciousness . . . . .
Training the Mind to Higher Efficiency . . . . .
Prosperity Sidelights . . . . .
The Game Fish Swims Upstream (Sidelight 1) . . . . .
You Can Do Anything (Sidelight 2) . . . . .
The Awakening of Man's Mastership (Sidelight 3) . . . . .

Although there is nothing complicated here, don't reject the simple teaching outlined in this eBook till you have put it into opera­tion for at least three months. Then you'll know that there truly is a LAW of PROSPERITY and a Technique by which you may make it work for you.

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It is not enough merely to understand how to operate the mind and expect at once to create for one's self and for others, anymore than it would be enough to read books on the science and art of swimming, and then assume that one were able at once to swim.

There is a knack of using the mind so that it consistently and inevitably pro­duces. In the first place, most people have lived for years in a sense of limita­tion which might be called a "poverty consciousness," and they must develop a deep conviction of "abundance" as the normal condition under which the in­dividual should work. Not only so, but the technique of creative thinking must be not merely a formula objective to one's self but must be a skill handed over to the deeper mind so that in nerve centers, in emotional reactions, in judg­ments, and in attitudes of mind, both to­ward the self and toward the universe, the individual is keyed to produce.

This eBook has as its chief purpose the giving of brief lessons in training of the mind for this kind of creative activity.

Some people pretend to scorn such mental commerce as outlined within the pages of this eBook. They say that "business is dirty," and they call dollars "filthy lucre." But you will notice that they spend from eight to sixteen hours a day busily chas­ing after a livelihood.

Most people, however, come to realize that "making money" is, or should be, a truly creative process, and they would be more than happy to know more about it scientifically. They see that even though we are all in­terested in "higher things," that we shall only be able to attend to them with free minds when we can easily supply all our immediate needs, not at a bare subsist­ence level, but in the realm of abundance and even of moderate luxury.

"But," you remonstrate, "do you mean to tell me that any book (to say nothing of this one) can tell a man or woman how to make money?"

And to this the author of this book replies: "That's exactly what I do mean to say. And I have proved the worth of these ideas by asking several hundred people to test their value be­fore writing them down in these pages. I know scores of folk who have doubled and trebled their producing power by means of the principles which I have set down. So please don't pre­judge these ideas. Try them. Experi­ment before you close the doors. I know what the result will be."

A School of Expression teacher and one time President of the International New Thought Alliance, Dr. John Seaman Garns was an expert in the field of business leadership and management training, and said that “Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.”

Many books have been written on the subject of prosperity and the acquirement of material wealth, but few there are that explain the principles and techniques so clearly and in such simple terms as this one. This book is not a long drawn out, complex exposition on the power of thought, requiring a certain amount of mental gymnastics just to read and understand! This is 76 pages of practical help and sound advice on building a "Prosperity Consciousness" and thereby attracting abundance in a most natural way.

Leaders are readers, and by reading, absorbing, and practising the principles and techniques explained in this eBook you will be able to train your mind for high efficiency and the attainment of prosperity, harmony, and true happiness.

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      Tina Wilson

Life Coach -

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