Excerpts from

How to Obtain Part 2

Frances Larimer Warner

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Book Description
In this extremely hard to find sequel to her popular Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain, Frances Larimer Warner expands on many of the principles previously explained and delves into some of the deepest issues of life. In the author's own words....

"THE first volume of this little book, made up of some letters to students of the Prin­ciple lying back of all demonstrations, was so kindly received and has brought me so many letters of sincere appreciation that I am led, after two more years of deeper research and earnest study into the Cause of all expression, to offer the result of these efforts in like form, for the benefit of those seekers after Truth who may be led to find herein some crumbs of com­fort, and a WAY to draw from the unseen realm the All of good that belongs to us as sons and heirs of the Spirit of Creation.

As the first volume gives clearly and con­cisely the exact first principles of demonstration that are not repeated here, it will be advisable to read or study that book first so that anything in this that may seem abstruse may be made clear.

I will introduce here a comment on the first volume from a leading magazine (Eternal Progress), so that the readers may have their opinion of the book before purchasing.

"We cannot conceive how anyone could remain in poverty and misfortune after reading this book and faithfully applying its principles. It certainly tells you HOW, and its methods are so simple that anyone can apply them. The book is well written and is as interesting as the best of fiction."

The above is only one of many such com­ments; others write me that "the book is the most helpful of all New Thought books published." I trust that this volume may be even more help­ful in lifting the burden of a race belief of lack from the shoulders of every reader of its con­tents.

I will add that the contents of both volumes are substantial copies of actual letters written to students whose hearts hunger for freedom—that freedom which can only come through  knowledge of the Truth—has perhaps given vitality to these letters, since the student's desires touched a sympathetic chord in the writer, causing them to become her own as well.

In this book I have, however, permitted the letters be to so far revised as to admit of their appearing as chapters instead of letters, by the omission or change of the few words which were purely personal—to the end that the message. might become even more personal to each the other recipients to whom it goes.

--Frances Larimer Warner.

Book Contents:

Chapter 1 

The practice of the presence constitutes man's "Dominion." of God


Chapter 2

Some light upon the eighth chapter of Romans.


Chapter 3

A practical definition of Faith and its "modus operandi." Faith has nothing to do with visible circumstances—Cady.


Chapter 4  

Just how to go about demonstrating some par­ticular good we desire to manifest in our outer environment.


Chapter 5   

The importance of directing the sub-mind before going to sleep to some attainment and so avoid­ing foolish dreams.


Chapter 6

The great importance of acquainting ourselves with the true nature of God (Spirit).


Chapter 7

Desire analyzed and found to be synonymous with faith.


Chapter 8

A reply to a letter from an orthodox Christian, in which he finds comfort in a vicarious atone-ment.


Chapter 9

Desire shown to be a compelling force and why it should be encouraged, not crushed.


Chapter 10

The right road to real, actual bliss; the way to re­generation, and the realization of universal oneness, the true marriage and the only love that is lasting and free from bondage.


Chapter 11

A scientific and logical definition of love as applied to the Deity, and an illustration of the working of the Law.


Chapter 12

Some examples proving the law of physical cor­respondence.


Chapter 13

How we may skip the tedious routine of experience.

Chapter 14

Proof of our God-given dominion over the elements.


Chapter 15

Giving an instance where "Dominion" was em­ployed and the "weak and beggarly" elements obeyed.


Chapter 16

Concerning a possible cause of cyclones and undesirable disturbances of the elements.


Chapter 17

The importance and necessity of optimism regard­ing one's financial condition, and an example of the law of attraction.


Chapter 18

My discovery that suggestion may be made to Universal Mind direct, the source of hidden manna.


Chapter 19

Suffering is but the travail of re-birth into a new and happier existence.


Chapter 20

Giving a deep philosophical reason for holding to the thought that "all is Good," and a good ex­ample of the law of attraction.


Chapter 21

Demonstration seen to be an orderly process of spiritual law.


Chapter 22

"If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven"; meaning an agreement of both parts of the one mind of each individual.

Chapter 23

Giving a new method of self-treatment by William Walker Atkinson that has been tested to my entire satisfaction.

Chapter 24

Thinking in and for Universal Mind substance will enable us to accomplish any conceivable result.

Chapter 25

       The slogan "I know!"


The Practice of the Presence of God (Good)
Constitutes Man's "Dominion."

FOR what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them, as the Lord (Law) our God is in all things that we call upon him for? —Deut. 4:7

I AM going to make a special effort this morning to help you to realize the Truth or Reality of your being, so try to get the full meaning of what 1 am going to say. Under­standing of anything makes us master, and so Solomon urged upon us the great necessity of acquiring "wisdom," knowing that it meant freedom from the awful bondage to which ig­norance has held us captive.

In the first place, we must boldly break away from the old traditional idea of a Supreme Being that is separate from man and to whom we must make supplication for that which the New Testament tells us belongs to us, as the very dwelling place of the Most High.

Now lend me your close attention. If you or your body were resolved into original sub­stance it would take you back, back to what? An undivided Oneness with your source and the source of everything else; and that means your oneness with all the wealth of all the mines of gold, silver, diamonds and every other form of wealth of which we know. Well, if this is true of even the body, it has always been true of that which expresses the body, and of that SELF that has never known any separation from all that is, for IT is the Substance of all that is, was, or ever can be.

Truth so long "crushed to earth" is rising again at last to lift us from the belief that we, owners of all that is, can in reality be "in debt" or in want of any good thing. We must go beyond the surface of things to get at the truth of our being. You would not say of your coat that it was in debt. Well, the body and the evolving-mind is nothing more than the clothing of Spirit. He clothes the grass of the field.* You never saw grass, only the cloth­ing of the grass, and you never saw yourself, only as you caught in a glass the gleam of intelli­gence that shines through  the eye; and just as there is the perfect tenant within each and every body, just so surely is there the perfect environment of that perfect you, which will show forth through  the material form and environment. It is per­fect because true to the Law of its being.

*See Luke 7:28

And what is that Law? OBEDIENCE, OBEDIENCE. I will be with you as ye have spoken.* This is infallible.

*See Amos 5:14

How are we to show forth perfection in body and environ-ment? Here is one good way: He "inhabitest the praises of Israel."* Praise will coax this same life (because One Life) in the child or animal to do anything for us. Well, it is just the same One Life that we are direct­ing when we praise It for being our great wealth, beautiful harmonious surround-ings, and all Good that we can possibly desire. Remem­ber the nature of desire—that it is the first touch, as Cady says, of the thing itself.

*Psalms 22:3

To further prove the Law of obedience, the steam that wrecks the train is the same good old steam that carries the train in safety, only the ignorance of someone using it is at fault. Steam itself is obedient to the manipulator of it and can only act as directed. Take exactly the same attitude toward the Power within and direct It where you desire It to manifest, only, unlike steam, the Power within is great enough to hold worlds in space, and you wield this Power every time you think.

Do not direct It to hold you in debt any longer, but think, rather, I am free, and rest assured It will act as your freedom. You thus become not only free your­self, but you will also aid in freeing everyone else from a belief of debt; for the great reser­voir of sub-mind of which you are a part, or rather with which you are one, carries in ever-widening circles the truth you voice to all who are receptive to truth.

This explains "none of us liveth to himself," because Mind is one. It also explains this saying, "Whosoever sins [mistakes] ye remit, they are remitted unto them, and whosoever sins [mistakes] ye retain, they are retained."* So speaking the Truth out into this sea of mentality liberates not only you, but all who are seeking Truth. Think how ridiculous it is to suppose that the Presence that is wealth could be "in debt," and you are this Presence, for this Presence "Fills all space," we are told. So you are just a focal point of ITS conscious Self, and when you can cease to separate yourself from all that is and come into the powerful vibrations of the WHOLE then you will get the benefit of WHOLENESS or hol-i-ness.

*John 20:23

We have made the symbol of wealth our God, and cringed and trembled before it, when in REALITY we are able to command untold wealth. Say "I AM God, beside me there is none other." This is just what Jesus told us to do. "I and my Father (Mind) are ONE." "He that hath seen ME hath seen the Father," and many other of His sayings teach that God is LIFE or MIND, else how could He say "I am in the Father and the Father in me," "The Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works"? This is as clear a statement as we need to indicate that He meant MIND. "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he," also shows this to be true. So you see it is no sacrilege to claim as true what Jesus Himself taught and reiterated to help us to get away from the idea that He or we are anything separate from the WHOLE.

If we submerge a barrel in the ocean the water contained in the barrel is still ocean water, is it not? So just because LIFE is confined in a body it is no less LIFE.

By looking upon ourselves as separate we have "cut the wire" leading to the Dynamo, so our life flutters for a very brief time, then goes out; but the connection with LIFE is just a process in mind, no clumsy wires to adjust to connect us with the dynamo of LIFE but just to KNOW, I AM LIFE ITSELF and so I will ex­press whatever I desire by my thinking, for as I think, that will I be and have, because my that is the escape for ALL that Is. So you see, my friend, that You, the SELF, cannot possibly lack for any good thing, but it is your right to demand and command your very own.

I have tried to impress by repetition the one central truth in this letter. Even Jesus found it necessary to reiterate, as the false teaching had, and still has, such a deep hold upon con­sciousness. This letter, if carefully followed and its teach-ing applied, will lead you into the realm of freedom from all inharmony, as it is the "practice of the presence of God" that con­stitutes man's "Dominion."

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