Excerpts from

How to Obtain

Frances Larimer Warner

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Book Description
This book is mainly a series of personal letters to the author's students detailing methods of demonstrating health, wealth and every form of attainment. It is the result of fifteen years of research into the realm of unseen causes that may be brought to bear upon every day experience.


As an introduction to this book, and explanatory of its purpose, I print immediately following this preface, three very appreciative letters from students. These, selected from many more, first suggested to me the idea of compiling a few of my letters to students in book form, since they seem to have proven helpful, and humanity's problems are about alike the world over. In this way their field of usefulness will be enlarged, and no one has the right to withhold a helping hand or word when possible to give.

In the arrangement of the book, I have followed my letters by three short articles which emphasize my individual teaching in the matter of calling into action the Law of Supply, and which when printed in the columns of one of our magazines brought to me so many letters of inquiry and appeal, as to show that many were seeking for the truth which I had demonstrated. To help others who have like problems, these articles are reprinted here,—the third ("An Elucidation") to prevent any misconception or mis- application of my methods of demonstrating the Law of Supply.

    Frances Larimer Warner
Williamsburg, Va.

A lesson in proving the Law of Supply

Dear Friend:
YOU say the law of supply is one of the laws you desire to learn. What you really mean is that you desire to prove the one great Law as your supply. Well, I gave you an opportunity to prove it in my last letter and you refused to see. Why is it so hard to comprehend, when it is so simple? You cannot expect a flow of oil or increase of meal until you begin to use; you cannot pour water from a pitcher until you take the pitcher in hand and begin to pour. Herein is one of the mighty occult truths I promised to give when you had complied with my terms. I do not need your money, but I do need your faith in me in order to be of assistance to you, and as you are a strong personality I felt the current of doubt and distrust that was sent out with your letter, and got, through telepathy, the very thought sent out with it. That which comes to me from this work I use in spreading Truth. You have first to learn the very first principles of faith before you can possibly demonstrate great or "many things." Jesus would or could not help his own people because of their unbelief and never helped anyone without abundant proof of their faith in him. We all draw to us, through the law of attraction, all the good and all the error that we experience. When I learned this to be infallible, I gloried in spending my last dime for a luxury. Why? Because I would not allow myself to believe that I needed it for a necessity, since I am heir to all wealth. The first time I did this, I went home and found a letter with money enclosed as payment for something purchased of me some time before. "Before you call, I will answer" and every time I proved this Law I received full measure pressed down and running over.

Money is not wealth, but the symbol only of inexhaustible wealth that will never begin to flow for us until we begin to prove, and when we have proven, stand fast in the faith. For "let not him that wavereth, expect anything of the Law" says Paul. As long as we limit and fear to use the symbol of wealth, how can the real substance flow? For just as surely as we pinch and hold the symbol, just so surely do we hold the flow of the unseen (though not invisible) supply, which explains the saying that "without faith it is impossible to please God," because Good cannot flow as supply when we ourselves are holding it back with a taut rein. Let us cease insulting our Good by hugging our rags and tatters of doubt and fear so closely about us, and begin to act and live as becomes our royal estate. We have no respect for the miser who clothes himself in rags and lives on a crust. How do many of us differ from him?

This letter is not just what you expected, but was needful to your present stage of progress or the Spirit would not have given it, since I am only a channel for truth. "The Father within me doeth the works." What you really desire is the abundant supply not limited to "one thousand dollars," and to become a channel for good to the world through articles, perhaps in the form of short stories. Oh, dear heart! all you need to insure the greatest success is to consecrate yourself an empty vessel to the one intelligence and source of supply that knows no limitation at all. I like to image myself as empty of self and the Good flowing through me to those who come to me for Truth, and as surely as you practice this attitude towards Spirit will you become more and more a fitting instrument for all good to others. Make yourself receptive, in other words, to the highest, and the ideals you have formed will soon give place to those most exalted. Henry Wood says that ideals have an attractive force and I know he is right and that we have to give no thought to the ways and means, as this attractive force is also an intelligence, and it brings us in touch with ways and means.

When I hear from you again, will continue this topic for my next letter. Sincerely hoping that you will gain some idea from this as to how to set the Law in motion as your supply and all other good, I am,

    Very cordially yours,

"Do not require a description of the countries towards which you sail. The description does not describe them to you, and tomorrow you arrive there and know them by inhabiting them."

"Every ultimate fact is only the first of a new series. Every general law only a particular fact of some more general law presently to disclose itself. There is no outside, no inclosing wall, no circumference to us. The man finishes his story—how good! how final! how it puts a new face on all things! He fills the sky. Lo! on the other side rises also a man and draws a circle around the circle we had just pronounced the outline of the sphere."


An illustration of the "nuggets of gold" we may
find, if we go deep enough into Being

Dear Friend:
I AM glad I returned here in time to receive and answer your letter today. I thank you for the enclosed offering and more for your words of appreciation and the proof of earnestness in the questions you ask. You are a student "after my own heart" as you are going to sift the matter of understanding to the foundation, and I joy in such a correspondent. We will take the question you say perplexes you— "imaging supply." You say the body is a tangible presence so you can easily see how health can manifest therein; well, money is a tangible body through which wealth may manifest. You ask, can we by simply sitting down and imaging a million dollars, get it? I will refer you to Isaiah 30-7, also 55-9. Then Jeremiah 32-17 and 27; Hebrews 4-10—the whole chapter is helpful.

You may have had similar experiences to this: A lady once while working about her house idly hummed all day, "In the bosom of the lily, Christ was borne across the sea." At night she was presented with a beautiful white lily, greatly to her surprise and from a very un-thought of source. You see she concentrated upon lily and so presented the mental picture, or image, to the conscious intelligent Law; and because she was not trying to, so did not intrude a single doubt, the Law had no opposition, so worked perfectly as it would if she had seen herself receiving "a million."

But let me assure you that to be idle personally does not mean idleness on all planes of Being, by any means. You know that Being is three fold. The inner, the most intense vibratory substance, Spirit, all knowing, all powerful: the outer, the material, plane; and the middle space, the plane of the "mediator" or conscious thought and will. So the inner does not act directly upon the outer, but because it is always intense activity presses upon the conscious plane as Desire, pushing and urging the conscious plane on to expression. So now, my dear, do you not see how and why we may be idle, or, rather, still on the outer plane? (I mean we who are awakened). For we are now supposed to be conscious of our oneness with the real or central self, and living and acting from that plane. It is the "region in man that is never ill" as Emerson says, and it is the region, too, where we "have received" that which we desire. This makes clear, does it not? that "desire is the thing itself," as Cady says.

It is the middle or conscious plane that has "had its back turned to the reality," so doubts and says "impossible" and that we must labor to grasp what we desire. The middle plane says, "I am poor," like the old man who eked out a bare living plowing up a stony bit of ground for vegetables. One day his horse passed on and while digging a deep hole in which to bury him he turned up nuggets of gold. So if we go deep enough into Being, we find that which we did not know existed.

To illustrate again: The central real Self, One with all, is the dynamo; the middle or conscious plane is the directing power, and the outer plane may be compared to the wires and bulbs. Do I think it selfish to desire material things? Yes, I think it is Self-ish or allowing the Self to manifest itself as all good to us, as it is ever trying to do, and what others say or think about it makes no difference to me. I am honoring Good to trust its providence in any and every way, "In all thy ways acknowledge me and I will direct thy paths." I believe in high ideals of attainment, the higher the better, but every victory over lesser affairs strengthens our faith and courage in undertaking greater ones, and I believe it is our duty to try to demonstrate harmonious environment, as that, as much as anything, conduces to peace of mind and admits of more time and freedom for spiritual growth and the working out of finally the highest ideals.

To experience lack is a "denial of God," as it is equivalent to saying, "here is a condition where Good is not," and very inconsistent with our affirmations of the "Omnipresence of God (Good)."

Another thought, and I am done for this time The ability to demonstrate, proves that we have "first sought" and are entitled to things added.

It was ever so dear of you to typewrite those copies for me. If you think this has cleared away the fog that your questions indicated, and is worth your time, I would consider myself amply repaid if you will do the same with this letter. This would be an exchange of love for love, and indeed every transaction should be with love for a motive. We have, oh, so many opportunities to express a selfless love, and I believe when we come to consider all desire for the beautiful as only the craving of the soul for its own rightful estate, we will take a different viewpoint concerning the demonstrating of a more refined environ- ment and see that one cannot be too selfish regarding its rights. I have put this deepest of occult truths as clearly as possible and it is the result of my own meditations and experience. The good old Bible is my authority and support for my theory, and is all one needs to study to perfect one's self spiritually. If you do not yet see clearly, I will gladly try to make clear anything that I have said that may seem abstract and impracticable.

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