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  Norvell's Dynamic Mental Laws
for Successful Living
by Anthony Norvell

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Here is the mystical formula, handed down from the ancients, 20 steps that turn your daydreams into solid reality, your ambitions into real achievements, your deepest longings into thrilling fulfillment!

How This Book Will Give You Secrets for Achieving

Everything You Want in Life

Throughout the ages there have been illumined souls who possessed extraordinary powers of the mind and spirit. These great teachers possessed universal wisdom which they carefully guarded, revealing it only to the few neophytes who were ready for these great mystical and spiritual revelations.

These great souls had discovered the secrets of the universe through contemplation and meditation on the deeper mysteries of life. They advised kings and princes; they safeguarded the arts, music, literature and scientific knowledge all through the dark ages. They gave inspiration and guidance to the few who were ready for their revel-ations.

Civilization advances and man rises to greatness under the impetus of the wisdom and knowledge that he gathers throughout the centuries. Formerly this wisdom was denied to the masses, because they lacked the institutions of learning. Now, in our modern twentieth century, this accumulated wisdom can be re­vealed in all its radiant splendor

In this study we shall walk together, teacher and student, down the golden path of history, gleaning the priceless secrets of the ages and applying them to your own daily life for achieving the health, wealth, and happiness which is every person's secret dream.

Norvell’s Dynamic Mental Laws
will reveal the secrets of ancient lands and cultures, India, China and Tibet, all explained in modern language which can be easily understood and applied to your own life. We shall explore the glories of the Golden Age of Greece and learn of the wonders revealed by such great minds as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Epicurus. Many of the profound truths uttered by these mystics and sages apply to modern living, and your life will be greatly enhanced and enriched by gleaning these pearls of wisdom from these great minds.

Carved in stone, penned on parchment and papyrus, blocks of wood and marble, these great teachers of the past left their for­bidden secrets of the ages to guide the initiates in the Temple of Wisdom. Now we shall study these universal and mental Laws of the past and present and learn how you may apply them to your own everyday life to achieve the fulfillment of all your dreams.

In my twenty-five years of lecturing and teaching in world-famous Carnegie Hall in New York City, literally thousands of students have studied these great spiritual and mental truths with me, and now, for the first time, they are being given to the world so that you may study them in the privacy of your own home. You need not be a cloistered mystic in some sacred shrine in India or Tibet to be able to use these forbidden secrets of the ages. You can begin instantly to avail yourself of the benefits of this cosmic and universal knowledge.

What benefits may you expect?

As a student of Universal Wisdom, you may naturally ask, "What benefits may I expect in my personal life from this book?"

The benefits are many. First, you will grow and expand men­tally, so that your mind will release its own dynamic and mys­terious powers in every department of your life.

You will then learn how to live under the Cosmic and Universal Laws which determine your measure of success, health, and hap­piness in this life. You will also learn how to channel the great power of universal magnetism in every area of your life, so as to attract to yourself the work you should do, the people who will help you, and the destiny which you secretly desire.

This course of study will help you unlock the tremendous re­serves of power that reside within your own soul. Then you may accurately know yourself and your higher intuitive mind will reveal to you the pattern of your future, so you may more intelli­gently shape the events of your present and future life.

You will be shown how to tap the Cosmic Mind and release the creative power that God used to create the universe and all therein, and with this new dimension of mind and spirit, you will be able to achieve fame, fortune, honor, riches, and worldly recog­nition, if that is your wish.

These secrets of Universal Wisdom will also give you peace of mind and peace of soul. You will be able to motivate the forces of life and shape in the invisible interstices of the universe, the world of beauty, peace and joy in which you wish to live.

You'll enter the world of effortless ease

Instead of laboriously wrestling with physical and material problems, as you may have in the past, and being worn out with fears, worries, anxieties and perplexities which kill people off prematurely and make them sick, you will learn how to enter that secret sanctuary of the soul, where the true mystic power resides. There you will find the world of effortless ease, the Path­way to Heaven which Lao-tse tells about in his mystical philoso­phy. There you can command the secret power that liberates man from slavery and drudgery and you will rise on wings of song and hope into the unlimited celestial realm of infinite intelligence, infinite beauty, infinite good, and infinite peace and love.

Life will be yours to command

Life is yours to command when you once have the wisdom and power that sure knowledge gives. People will admire and respect you, because you will possess a serene and poised personality in which they sense some secret inner power. When you speak, others will listen, for your voice will have the unmistakable ring of authority and truth which commands attention in high places and low.

You will become a presence, not just another person, when you release these ancient truths in your mind, and thought-atmosphere. You will possess the mystical power of the ancients, which gives you instantaneous awareness of every situation that may arise in life. You will know that the center of this power resides within your own mind and soul, and your personality will reflect to the outer world a majestic dignity and aristocratic bearing that make you the center of all eyes. You will seem to be literally surrounded by a golden magic circle which protects you from danger and which, at the same time, attracts into your orbit of experience only those persons and situations which benefit you and add to your future enjoyment.

You'll know yourself and what to do with your hidden talents

Know thyself! This is the basis of all philosophy and wisdom. This study will give you an excellent under-standing of the forces that make up your mind, your emotions, your soul, and the un­limited powers of your psyche and your higher mind. Any study of esoteric or occult teachings must begin with a sure knowledge of your own powers, your motivations, your desires, your emo­tions and your surging hopes and expectations. In this course of study we shall analyze all the great truths of the ancient teachers, as well as the modem school of psychology, philosophy and psychosomatic thought that pertains to life and its many prob­lems. You will be given hundreds of illustrations, examples, and exercises, which will sharpen your powers of perception and un­fold your own unlimited powers.

You'll learn how infinite riches can be yours

The universe is filled to overflowing with treasures in the visi­ble and invisible world. Infinite riches can be yours when you once understand the great spiritual laws which show you how to tap these treasure troves of the infinite. Gifts of the mind, the emotions, the soul, are revealed in these mystic studies, that can begin to enrich your mind and life immediately. You will learn how to translate these dynamic spiritual truths into the pure gold of mind and spirit and instantly have peace of mind, inner tranquility, and joy. If you wish to use this knowledge to enrich your­self materially, you will learn of the ancient Alchemists secrets of how they tried to turn base metal into shimmering gold. They did not succeed, but they left behind a priceless formula which can cause man in the twentieth century to turn his creative energies into ideas and inventions for bridges and skyscrapers, paintings and sculpture, novels and plays, industry and science. You will learn how to mint the purest of gold from your mind, and release ideas that will transform your own life and enrich the entire world.

You'll achieve the miracles of creative mind

See the miracles of creative mind all about you which brought fame and fortune to the illumined souls who conceived them. From the wagon wheel to modern jet planes that travel at twenty-five hundred miles an hour; what a span of time! And yet, man's creative spirit can bridge the centuries and devise new miracles in the future that cause our modern world to pale into insignificance. No potentate of the Far East with all his fabled wealth could turn on a magical box and have music and pictures, such as the miracle of modern radio and television give us. And yet this power was in the universe throughout the ages waiting for man's glorious discovery. Think what magic it was considered when Marconi first sent his messages through space without wires; and how startled the world was when Alexander Graham Bell talked into the first telephone and his voice came through the receiver at the other end. Think how man has tapped the invisible reservoir of creative power in his modern electronic microscope, which reveals an invisible world so vast it baffles the imagination. And our two-hundred-inch telescope at Palomar brings the planets in outer space so close to the earth that scien­tists now know many of the secrets which will make space travel easier in a few short years.

The miracles of creative mind are all about you, when you once have the unlimited vision to see and know the world of the in­visible. The mystery of a robin's egg, with its miracle of life, is so great that it baffles the greatest of scientific minds. And yet some­where, somehow, this creative miracle of all life must be known and is explainable in terms that may be understood and a tech­nique which may be harnessed to perform still greater miracles.

25 Reasons Why Buying

This Book Can Give You a

Whole New Outlook on Living

In mastering your own life and conquering the forces of nature, you must understand the universal and mental laws which relate to you and your life. Then you will be better able to over­come the gravity pull of failure, despair, fear, poverty and inertia that immobilizes millions of people. You will rise on wings of hope and vision into the upper stratosphere of consciousness, where you will discover new worlds and have thrilling new experi­ences in the fourth dimension of the mind and soul.

Why this book can help you

You will be shown how to apply these dynamic universal and mental laws to your own life and achieve your every dream.

Here are some of the things this book will do for you:

1. You will be guided scientifically to a discovery of the secret power you possess within your own mind. You will be shown how to tap vast reserves of mental, emotional and spiritual energy with which you may shape any destiny you choose. See Law Twelve.

2. You will discover the subconscious and superconscious minds and learn how to let them guide you to a solution of your problems and the achievement of your every dream. See Law Eight.

3. You will be shown the six hidden urges that lie within you and which can cause you to control yourself and to win con­trol over others. These six hidden urges motivate your every move. When you once know them you will become a mental giant, exercising your influence and control over every department of life. See Law Seventeen.

4. You will experience an amazing release from the emotions of fear and worry, and will learn how to think your way through problems and achieve serenity, poise, and power. See Law Three.

5. You will become a human magnet and be able to attract into your orbit of experience those things that you secretly desire. If you are discouraged about not having all the things you want in life, you can learn how to become a human magnet, attracting money, cars, a home, friends and everything else you desire, as easily as a magnet attracts iron filings. See Law Six.

6. You will learn how to unlock the tremendous power of your higher mind, which makes living effortless. You can develop a higher intellect, unlock secrets for making more money, and achieve the heights of which you dream through the Master Mind which rules the universe. See Law Four.

7. You will discover and learn how to use creative mind principles that can instantly improve your life, increase your income and reveal your true talents that you probably never suspected you possessed. The method for mentally projecting your inner dreams to the outer world of reality are revealed in all their startling clarity. See Law Seven.

8. You will be shown how to emulate the amazing power that the richest men in history have used for building their fortunes. You can energize your drive towards wealth through using these dynamic and creative mental princi-ples. See Law Eleven.

9. You can master the laws of psychic phenomena which show you how to know your future and how to shape that future destiny through a choice of the pattern of events that you desire. See Law Fourteen.

10. You will be given the Ten Golden Keys to the secrets of the universe. With these keys you may unlock the invisible doors that lead you to the finding of illimitable treasures of the mind, motions, and material abundance. Discover the realm of the absolute which was used by such geniuses as Edison, Frank­lin, da Vinci, Burbank, Newton and Pasteur. These Ten Golden Keys will help you wrest from nature her dynamic secrets, and cause you to change the course of your destiny from frustration, hopelessness, failure, and fear, into one of achievement, riches, and abundance. See Law Fifteen.

11. You will be enabled to channel the miracle-working power of your mind and soul into new patterns that actually create for you miracles of health, happiness, love-fulfillment, and unbounded riches. The law of capillary attraction will show you how to attract into your present environment the friends, job, money, and possessions which make you triumphant over life. See Law Sixteen.

12. You will take the sixteen dynamic steps that can lead you to life's highest goals. You will build your life on a sound scien­tific foundation that encompasses man's seven basic requirements and you will learn how to stretch your thinking to encompass new horizons of grandeur and greatness. See Law Five.

13. You will be shown how to receive Divine Guidance in your life so that you will not make as many mistakes as you have in the past. You will discover new richness in life by adding this new dimension of soul and spirit to your present con­scious and subconscious powers. When you once learn how to attune your mind to the greater Cosmic Mind of God, you will be amazed at how quickly you will grow wings of the soul and soar above the limitations of earth into a stratosphere of new power and new experiences. See Law Nine.

14. You will discover the invisible laws of demonstration which can cause you to bring into existence the things of which you dream consciously. You can make your own good luck cycles with this dynamic principle. You will learn how to turn your ideas into big money and you will find out what the secret power back of the throne of life really is. There are seven dynamic laws for demonstrating health, happiness achieve­ment, and riches. With these seven laws you will be equipped to master any situation in life and make it yield its richest rewards for your enjoyment. See Law Ten.

15.  You will find out how you can easily command and control the forces of life. You will be given Ego-power, which will help you exercise your human will in the direction of fame, fortune, and success. You will discover the golden line of power used by some of the greatest minds of history, and you will be able to attune your mind to the highest power in the universe. See Law Thirteen.

16. You will be shown how to work with nature's master motives for greater achievement in your life. You can prolong your life and have more youthful energy and vitality when you once learn of the psychosomatic forces that make man sick or keep man healthy and young. You can implement the will to live, to succeed, to become rich, to be socially popular and well-liked. You will learn how to master the dynamic power of love on all planes of consciousness so that it adds immeas­urably to your enjoyment of life. See Law Seventeen.

17. You will begin to completely reorganize and change your life, your habit patterns, and get started on a new life cycle, no matter what your age may be or how discouraging things may be at present. When you break the failure and fear molds of the past, and use five simple principles for reorganizing a new life, you will experience a sudden upsurge in every department of your life. See Law Two.

18. You will discover one of the greatest secrets of the universe; nature's hidden master plan which is back of your life and back of all creation. When you once understand this mystic pattern that creates every snowflake, every star, every human being, you can apply this secret to your own life and build your own master plan. You can literally conquer the world in which you live with this blueprint to greatness! See Law One.

19. You will be guided into the full use of your own creative powers, and you will learn how to literally think your way to fame and fortune. Think riches! Visualize the things you want in your life, and with this dynamic mental law, watch your dreams come true. Think health! See how you can become the healthy, vital and youthful person that you project in your mental pictures. Think and act out the invisible mental patterns that you will be able to project into the outer, visible world. See Law Three.

20. You will be shown how to use the powerful emotion of Desire to create anything you want in your life. There are eight basic desires common to all humanity. You can harness these eight basic desires and convert them into higher energy potentials for achieving health, life, energy, youth, success and happiness. Even your desire for money can be channeled into constructive and purposeful paths which will make it easier for you to build a great fortune. See Law Four.

21. You will find new power through the use of your imagination. Man imagined himself flying like a bird and it was accomplished. Man imagined himself going to the moon, and his space ships became a reality. Man imagined projecting sound and images through time and space and modern TV was born. Learn how to use your inner mental eye, through visualization, to shape your new world of tomorrow in the bright image of wealth and happiness. See Law Twelve.

22. You will discover the secret for magnetizing money so you can attract all the money and material things you need for you present and future. This one secret alone may make you rich as it has in the past such men as Rockefeller, Schwab, Astor, Vanderbilt, Morgan, and Kaiser. This secret brought a fortune of a quarter of a million dollars to one lady who learned it. There is a secret method of planting seed money which you may learn to use if you wish to reap a harvest of riches and abundance. See Law Ten.

23. You will be instructed in the art of using man's nine primary urges for greater control over life and people. Become a super-salesman by knowing how to use these urges. You can bend people and situations to your will by having an awareness of the right approach to every situation in life. Do you desire power, social position, recognition of your gifts, more money? All these things and many more can come to you when you learn how to use this one dynamic principle in your life. See Law Thirteen.

24. You will be shown how to tap the greatest power in the universe, the love and sex urge, and through this creative force you can dynamically change your life and the lives of others. Raise the level of your mental and physical energy; inspire your mind to new creative effort; increase your abundance; radiate magnetism and charm and win the love of all the world. Discover the five types of love that can enrich your life immeasurably and cause to prosper the lives of those you love. See Law Seventeen.

25. You will be able to change the pattern of your thinking from negative to positive with a sure-fire formula. You can begin to immediately externalize in your daily life all the things that you secretly involve in your consciousness. Learn of the law of involution and evolution, and how it can literally per­form miracles for you in changing your work, your income, and your personal life. Unbelievable powers can be yours when you once learn how to release this force in your own daily life. See Law Ten.

  Book Contents:

Law 1. Visualizing the Master Plan Back of Your Life


Law 2. Using the Scientific Method for Starting a New Life

Law 3. How to Think Your Way to Fame and Fortune


Law 4, Using the Master Mind Power That Can Build Your Future


Law 5. Dynamic Steps to Achieving Your Life’s Goals


Law 6. How to Attract the Things You Want in Life Through Universal Magnetism


Law 7. How to Release Your Creative Power with Mental Projection


Law 8. How to Unveil the Power of Your Subconscious Mind


Law 9. How to Receive Divine Guidance for a Richer, Fuller Life


Law 10. Utilizing the Law of Demonstration


Law 11. How to Energize Your Drive Towards Wealth


Law 12. How to Control Your Destiny Through Mind Power

Law 13.
Mastering the Art of Commanding and Controlling Life’s Forces

Law 14. Using Psychic Phenomena to Discover and Enhance Your Future

Law 15. How to Possess Forever the Ten Golden Keys to the Secrets of the Universe

Law 16. How to Create Your Own Miracles Through the Inner Power

Law 17. Channeling the Master Motives for Greater Achievement

Your Mystic Journey Into Future Glory

You can now begin a journey into the unknown

In this mystical study together, let us take a journey into the unknown. Let us discover the outer dimensions of the mind and soul and learn now to explore the secret, hidden realms of uni­versal power, so we may channel this Cosmic Intelligence for our everyday purposes. You will have signposts to guide you along the way, on this mystic journey into the unknown, for other voyagers have trodden this cosmic path of truth in search of the light of wisdom.

I shall be your Mentor and Guide, pointing out the highlights for you to observe, showing you the pitfalls which can spare you agony of mind and body, and revealing the fundamental princi­ples that can cause you to rise above the limitations of the mate­rial and physical universe into the stratosphere of spirit where you will expand your vision to encompass the grandeur of an unlimited universe replete with all the splendor and beauty of the Infinite.

- Anthony Norvell

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