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  Man, The Master
Eugene Del Mar

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Book Description
The world hungers for a religion free from theology. It demands to know the facts of life free from the travesties with which they have always been associated; and, above all, it insists upon a philoso­phy of life that will enable it to live fully and harmoniously.

All of these things are at hand, awaiting appro­priation. The world now has a science based on solid foundations of demonstrated fact and clear generalizations of fundamental principles; its ideals are in complete accord with those of the highest religious conceptions; and the accepted ideals of both religion and science are sufficiently broad and noble to sustain a philosophy of life that will guide man to a harmonious consciousness on every plane of his existence.

The fundamental principles of religion and science are identical. In this rare book from the early 1920's the author demonstrates that there really aught not to be a divide between the two any longer, and that forward-thinkers can rest in the knowledge that some day in the not too distant future the dogmas that have held man back for so long will at last pass away.



   The New Philosophy of Life                                                                 


   Freedom of Thought                                                                               

   The Creative Power of Thought                                                             

   Conscious and Unconscious                                                                  

   Why the Intellect?                                                                                  

   Keep Your Balance                                                                               


   Taking Control of Life                                                                            

   Each A Law Unto Himself                                                                       

   The Voice of Authority                                                                           

   Getting the Most Out of Life                                                                 

   Look Within!                                                                                           


   Seeking the Kingdom                                                                               

   The Man behind the Mask                                                                        

   The Call of the Soul                                                                                 

   Voluntary Self-Discipline                                                                        

   The Spiritual Life                                                                                            


   The Law of Freedom                                                                            

   Theosophical Conceptions                                                                     

   In the Realm of Mathematics                                                                  

   The Control of Karma                                                                              

   Fate and Destiny                                                                                     


   Involution and Evolution                                                                          

   The Purpose and Process of Life                                                             

   Individual Consciousness                                                                        

   Conscious Evolutions                                                                              

   The Coming Race                                                                                    

   Man the Master                                                                                     


INHERENT in the substance of the universe, and constituting its very essence, are the principles by virtue of which it lives and moves and has its being. From principle or God emanate the principles or immutable laws which constitute or guarantee the freedom of the universe.

The principles by virtue of which the Infinite has brought forth existence and manifestation from seeing void are those which operate now. It is impossible to conceive of any others. They always produce results in exact correspondence with the causes the Infinite provided for them to work upon. Nothing else is imaginable.

These principles are changeless and ceaseless. Always they accept that which is offered, and trans­mute it into an exact equivalent. They convert raw material into finished products, and vice versa. They are impersonal, universal, and inevitable. They are neither deceived, bribed nor coerced. They neither punish nor reward. In their dispensa­tion of infinite love and wisdom, they constitute the “Workshop of the Gods.”

The only creative agencies man can employ are the principles invoked by the Infinite. There can be no others. The only methods whereby man can secure results through the use of these agencies are those adopted by the Infinite. There are no others. The terms upon which results were obtained by the Infinite are those under which man must secure results. God and man are one and inseparable; and, in their very nature, the principles of the universe must respond to man exactly as they do to God.

Man must create as God does. He must make use of the same principles, and feed to them causes correlated to the results into which they are to be converted. Machinery can produce only as it is furnished with material upon which to work; and to feed a machine with material that will produce previously determined results requires intelligence, acting through thought.

Man thinks; and, thinking, he creates! Man thinks; intellectually, his thought is given form and direction; emotionally, power and intensity are conferred upon it. Man thinks in his brain and in his heart, and creation follows the conjunction of masculine and feminine thought. Man thinks spiritually and mentally; spiritually, thought trans­mutes the invisible into visibility; mentally, thought translates one form into another.

It is a contradiction of thought to suggest a limit to the power of the Infinite. It is unthinkable to place a restriction on the universality or inviolability of principle. Impossibility has no application to the Infinite, which is the synonym of Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience. And God and man are in the same image and likeness!

Man the microcosm is but a replica in miniature of God the microcosm. The One Mind—God, the Infinite—is in complete consciousness of its divinity and perfection, with absolute power of selection and initiative. Individual mind—man—possesses all of the qualities or attributes of the one mind, and through the same agencies unfolds gradually from an utter unconsciousness of its divinity and perfection to a more complete realization of it.

This gradual unfoldment of perfection diverts the individual consciousness from the personal to the impersonal, from selfishness to altruism, from egotism to egoism, from diversity to unity, and from the recognition of the smaller self to that of the larger Self ; and it opens up a continually increasing conscious appropriation of the content of the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious realms of the mind.

The freedom of the universe has been conferred upon man in his power of thought and his privileges of initiative and selection. Silently, smoothly, and lovingly, if relentlessly, the universal principle fashions whatever are presented to it, the friction-less spiritual ethers working them out in exact accord with the impulses that man imparts to them.

Upon man has been conferred the powers of God. He can do nothing except as he uses these powers, nor may any limit be ascribed to what it is possible for him to accomplish through their use. He cannot use these consciously and to a definite purpose except as he understands them, and has faith in his ability to use them. As his knowledge of prin­ciple and faith in the self intensify, man increases in power and freedom; and with perfect knowledge of principle, and absolute faith in his divinity, man has at his disposition that degree of power which is the synonym of perfect freedom.

The gifts of divinity are at the command of man. Of himself, physical man is utterly impotent; but man—the image and likeness of God—has poten­tially all the powers that he ascribes to God. Funda­mentally, man’s conception of God is his intuitive glorification of the self or soul; it is the universal ideal of the individual idea he represents. Man’s increasing realization of his own divinity is always attended by his higher idealization of God.

The universe accepts the individual at his own estimation, and responds to him in kind. It grants its powers as the individual becomes qualified to use them. It reveals its secrets as he becomes receptive to them. It unfolds to man as he unfolds to it. Through wisdom and love, the individual may attain to that understanding and harmony that qualify him to exercise powers which appropriately may be designated as god-like.

In the absolute freedom of man, not even the universe may invade the sanctity of his domain, or compel his acceptance of that which he does not desire. Man is so completely free that he may enslave himself to any extent he pleases. He may hold himself in bondage for as long a time as he wishes. Also, he may free himself when he will. No one ever was or ever will be enslaved or bound except by himself, and no one ever can free one except himself. Man’s freedom is absolute, even in his complete slavery!

It is through self-control that man attains control of all else. It is in harmony with principle that he dictates results. “Nature is conquered by obedience,” and man’s freedom is measured funda­mentally by his disposition and ability to manifest his highest ideals of love and wisdom. It is to the extent that he expresses his divinity that divine powers are placed at his disposition. It is in the degree that he manifests his godhood that he is invested with the power of God.

Man has always been the arbiter of his own fate. He has seldom directed it consciously and intelli­gently. He has permitted the deliberate processes of evolution and natural selection to dictate his exceeding slow rate of progress. He has left it to the compulsions of pain and suffering, and the pressure of adverse circumstances and conditions. In his ignorance, credulity, and superstition, he has bound himself with amazing ingenuity, and has hypnotized himself to regard his bonds as an in­separable part of himself.

There is no destiny to which man may not aspire and reach. There is no obstacle that he may not overcome and conquer. There is no fate that he may not change and alter. There is no condition he may not meet and transmute. There is no circumstance he cannot circumvent and transcend. There is no problem he cannot analyze and solve. There is no vibration he cannot harmonize and control.

Man is essentially free. He always has freedom of choice and the power of initiative. He can always neutralize a condition or circumstance. Or he can intensify it. Or he may let it work itself out as it will. He is as free to permit himself to be dictated to as he is free to dictate. He can stand secure and erect on his own feet, or stumble on another’s. He can stand straight and strong, or he can lean crooked and weak. Man is free to be master or slave, and that which he manifests indicates the choice he has made.

Man, claim your divinity. Know thyself; and know that all that is, and ever will be, is dormant within you, ready and willing to be awakened by your magic touch. With thought definite and exalted, emotion controlled and refined, and energy conserved and responsive to command, man is prepared to meet and to overcome, assimilate, or harmonize with whatever may meet him on the path of life. He has been furnished with the equip­ment of a conqueror!

Man is divine! He is living in eternity now. Whatever he shall ever manifest, he now is. Whatever he dares to do, he already is. It is through the alchemy of thought alone that his being may be expressed and manifested; and, in the full realization of his inheritance as a Child of God, he shall rule as master over his illimitable kingdom of thought!

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