"Million Dollar Habits"
by Brian Tracy

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Book Description

Million Dollar Habits is the result of Brian Tracy's work with many thousands of men and women, in every industry, worldwide, who have gone from rags to riches in one generation. In Million Dollar Habits, Tracy identifies the critical habits and behaviors that virtually guarantee greater success and happiness for anyone, anywhere, in any area of endeavor.

Tracy shows the reader how to:

  • Set and achieve goals faster and easier than ever thought possible
  • Organize their life and manage their time effectively for maximum productivity and performance
  • Increase income, reduce expenses and achieve financial independence
  • Tap into and unleash more potential for successful living
  • Eliminate fears, doubts and negative emotions that can hold them back
  • Unlock the powers of their subconscious and super conscious minds for goal attainment
  • Increase self-confidence and become absolutely unstoppable

Million Dollar Habits provides a proven, practical roadmap to follow to achieve every goal that a person can imagine for himself, and while doing so become an extraordinary human being.

Change Your Habits...Change Your Life!

Are you willing to alter the course of your life to accomplish your deepest desires? Brian Tracy and his proven methods will help you achieve the business and personal success you've always dreamed about!

You are where you are today because 95% of what you think, feel and do is determined by your habits. New, positive habits can be learned. By altering your habits and replacing worn-out, ineffective practices with optimal behaviors, you'll notice dramatic, immediate benefits to your business and bottom line. You'll fine your results, your income, yourself changing for the better!

Learn time-tested ways to:

  • Take control of your destiny
  • Make better choices
  • Move beyond your comfort zone
  • Plan for your financial independence
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Achieve your life ambitions
  • Revitalize relationships
  • Live with energy and integrity
About the Author

Brian Tracy has started, built, managed or turned around 22 different businesses, and served as a consultant to more than 500 corporations. He is also one of America's foremost authorities on peak performance and individual achievement. As one of the top professional speakers in the world today, he shares his ideas on managerial effectiveness, sales, success and personal development with more than 250,000 people each year. Brian is the world-wide best-selling author of 36 books, and more than 300 audio and video learning programs, some of which have been translated into as many as 20 languages. Tracy is from Solana Beach, CA.

Order in Adobe PDF eBook form for $5.95


or click here to order in printed form from Amazon.com for $19.95 (or less)