Excerpts from

  In His Presence
by Eva Bell Warber

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Book Description
Eva Bell Werber has an incredible gift in sharing encouraging words from the Lord. She opens up the doors allowing the presence of the Lord to enter and guides the reader to a higher understanding of what it means to truly have a relationship with the loving Father.

"To you who read with the heart, these words shall be as a lighted lantern hung by the roadside on a dark night. They shall make light the way and easy the path for you who journey."


AS THE HEART is emptied of self you shall receive My blessing. It comes not with a loud trumpet call nor with the clang of bells, but with a mere whisper like the flutter of a bird's wing. Like the perfume of a rose wafted toward you, does My blessing fall.

Then shall it be manifested in many ways, in friends and in loved ones, in the guided pathway, as wishes deep from the heart are granted. It is so simple an act, just to be still and hold open the heart, then to go again about your work. So truly shall the blessings come and so full shall the harvest be, that you shall give all the room of your heart to receive its joy. You shall pour out again and yet again this service and blessing. Light shall be around and about you. Wait now, expecting to re-ceive, for you have planted the seed and the harvest of good shall truly follow.


I WILL SPEAK to you through the pages of this book words that shall sing for you down the years, words which shall tell of My great love and abiding pres-ence. They will tell of My great rebuilding power in the human life, and how I so tenderly care for and direct Mine own. I will tell you of a world of beauty which is there for all to find, not a war-torn world, a world blasted apart by hate and sel-fishness, but a world of peace and love. You say, "Where can we now find such a world? Even after the shriek of bomb and shell is hushed, there is still desolation,   misery, fear and despair. Shall there ever be a place where men hate and destroy not?"

Listen, My Beloved, and be at peace. You first must find this place you desire within your own heart. There in the garden of your soul you shall meet Me, your Beloved. My hand is laid in tender-ness on your head. At its mystical touch the outer realm with its destruction, its confusion of purpose falls away. A great stillness shall pervade you and you shall only be conscious of the sweetness of the Holy Presence.

Then shall you be indeed in a world of peace, even as a world set aside, where conflicts cease and burdens fall away. Learn to pause often for My heavenly touch which carries such healing for the soul and from which all bodily healing and peace shall follow. So open your heart as you read these My words and take them unto yourself, for they are meant for you and whosoever will come to the fountain of My love.


YOUR FIRST LESSON is to learn to be still, for I can only speak to a hushed soul. When you can drop from your consciousness all outer clamor, then can My voice speak to you, teaching things of the soul which you needs must know for the soul's develop-ment. PRACTICE SILENCE AT ALL OPPORTU-NITY. I shall then be enabled to come close to you. More and more shall it be made easy for you until in a moment's turning, at any time or in any place you can be alone with Me. You can feel the touch of My hand and know that My guidance and love are surrounding you. So shall you walk in peace. Joy shall crown every moment of your wak-ing day and the night shall be filled with the glory of My Holy Presence.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Make of your own house a house of peace and all the world shall be peace about you.


MY VERY BELOVED, I would write for you a love song of the heart, I who am so close to you and who functions so completely within your physical body. I am as the perfume of all flowers within you. I release My perfume as from an alabaster box that it may delight your days, that it may fill the very air about you with a mystical sweetness, and all you contact shall be calmed and refreshed though they know not why. Yea, I am as a sweet perfume within you.

I am like sweet music. All sound is created by Me, and my creative work is fulfilled through you, My living harp. I play upon you and as with swift fingers I bring forth harmonies, for I am harmony within you.

O My Beloved, lend your ear not to discord, but tune it to Me. Know the Lover of your soul, and all that is complete in that love shall be yours. Give forth my love to all you contact for it is un-diminishable, and as you give forth I shall be able to release more of My great abundance for your blessing.


ONLY FOR TODAY need you try to keep close our contact. Only for the present moment are you held responsible. Tomorrow, yea, even the next hour is yet unborn. So you see, after all, the task is not such a hard one. Hold fast to My hand now, this very moment feel its tender touch and verily you shall not be left alone in the next hour, day or month.

If you could but learn this lesson in its com-pleteness, how full of joy would be your day. You fear that as you brush with the world about you, you will lose the sweetness of My presence. At that very instant the thought of the loss is separating us. Waste not time, thus. When that thought and fear comes gives thanks that at that very moment you can know Me, close and loving within your heart, and I say to you that it shall be a time of strength which shall never leave you.

Put this into practice and see with what sureness you walk your way. The consciousness of My Presence shall come to be ever with you, guiding and protecting you and strengthening you for any tasks that fall to your lot.


AS GENTLE as a spring zephyr is My Presence felt in your heart. Learn to heed its faintest murmur. Feel My great divine inflow filling and flooding you and truly your strength shall never fail. Wherever you are, there am I, alive and vibrant in your con-sciousness.

As sweetheart of your soul do I caress you and flood your being with a glory of perfect love. You feel it a duty to love and worship Me, but I would have you love Me for love's sake alone. See Me in all things lovely. Feel the gentle touch of My hand as the breeze kisses your cheek.

As you meet Me in quiet meditation you shall go forth love filled and light filled. Again I say, not as a duty shall you love Me, but as the Beloved of your soul shall you give Me your love and adora-tion. Then and then only are you fitted to go forth in My service.


BELOVED, that which is beautiful in the outer realm is but an expression of the beauty within. Recog-nize all beauty as of Me when you see the loveli-ness with which I surround you in the realm of the material. May the beauty of tree and forest, frag-rance of flowers and garden, glow of the starry night and shine of sunlit meadows always take you back with a thought of love and reverence to the One from whom all beauty emanates.

I would that you might have an ever growing consciousness of Me, and beauty shall crown your days. Share all that is lovely with others, but never fail to share with them that which is real and eternal.

I shall rise up within the vessel of My expression and glorify Myself with abun-dant life, freedom and vitality, I shall throw off the grave clothes with which man would bind Me and rise triumphant from the couch of pain, for I am Life and abundant fullness of all things beautiful. I am all there is.


SEEK AND YOU shall find. How can you have more of My Presence in your consciousness unless you come seeking it? The sun is warm upon your face, yet if you draw the curtain, there is a chill in place of the warm glow.

So it is. My dear one. I am warm as the warmth of many suns within you, yet do you feel Me not, for so long have you drawn the curtains of sense consciousness between us. Let it not be so. Rend the veils that hide Me from your keen enjoy-ment. Only you can do this. You say that circum-stances keep you in a sense of earth vibration. When you feel it is hard to know the Holy Pres-ence, I say it need not be so. Only as you make the effort to shut out the earth noise and confusion, and acknowledge My Presence and warmth within you, only as you bless and give thanks for that Pres-ence, can a more complete consciousness of it he made manifest to you.

This is your lesson for today. Let us be still, reveling in the truth that I am close within and about you and all that touches your life shall wear the mark of Me and of being My choice for you.


"HE THAT ABIDETH", not he who occasionally comes to the throne room of his heart, but to the one who abides there is the promise given. It is possible to so abide in quietness that even amid the great confusion of the day your whole being shall be permeated with a great calm and peace, and healing shall flow from you.

Only by thus abiding shall you be able to attain this high point of consciousness which I would have for you. Each morning as you feel the touch of My hand, in the silence as it is laid so gently on your head, you are blessed and carry the reflection of the Holy Presence all the busy day. Then do you partake of My virtues and share the attendant bless-ings. Pause now for My blessing on you and those you love and go forth to serve with joy and glad-ness of heart.

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