Excerpts from

  It's All In Your Head:
Thinking Your Way To Happiness

by Stephen Pollan & Mark Levine

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Book Description
Here are the simple truths that motivate people of any age to find and accept lasting happiness, illustrated with the stories of real people, and illuminated with the observations of spiritual leaders and great philosophers.

For more than three decades, attorney, financial consultant, and life coach Stephen M. Pollan has been advising clients and readers on the business of living—everything from home buying and employment contracts to marriage and parenting. He has taught his clients and readers to Die Broke (use assets rather than build up an estate), to stage Second Acts (reinvent their lives), and, most recently, to Fire Your Boss (take charge of their own work lives).

Throughout these books, Pollan stresses that attitudes as well as actions are essential to success. Indeed, over the years he realized that the happiest and most successful people he’d met were also those who were the most energetic and exuberant, regardless of their age. By noting these attributes and incorporating them in his own life, Pollan came to understand that our attitudes are not just one element of succeeding at the business of living, they are in fact the foundation of leading a happy life.

The premise of "It's All in Your Head" is that we already have everything we need to be happy, because the "secrets"/tools are already in our "minds" - But we have to make a choice to shine a light on them again (remember them), and then get them out of our minds and into reality (use & experience them).

Stephen Pollan shares many great insights within the covers of this book - ones that can help us to remember what it takes to be happy - a feeling that many of us strive for day after day. Some of these insights include:

1. We are responsible for our own happiness or unhappiness -
so it makes absolutely no sense to blame our unhappiness on

others, or expect others to make us happy.

2. Happiness is different from pleasure - external things can
bring us pleasure, but never happiness.

3. People who are experiencing great lack & illness can still
be happy

4. Happiness is an attitude that can be cultivated - but like
most things, it takes work.

5. Taking the time to remember what you're grateful for each
day can have an amazing impact on your level of happiness

The author suggests 8 "tools" to remember & use while you're working to create an attitude of happiness, and he also includes many different journal exercises to help you out along the way.

Order in Adobe PDF eBook form for $7.95

or click here to order in printed form from Amazon.com for $23.95 (or less)