Excerpts from

  How to Demonstrate
Health, Money, Friends
by Gertrude A. Bradford

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Book Description

ARE you mentally alert, physically fit and morally firm? Do you know that every time you fail, right there and then, an op­portunity is presented?

Do you know that every thought which you project into the majestic sea of ether about you, adds to your success or failure?

Do you know that every thought is either at­tractive, selective or projective, and that you can determine what shall come into your life by a law as definite as that of mathematics?

Why continue to strive and struggle for the good things of life when you can attract them to you easily?

The law of attraction is the first thing you need to learn and apply in order to gain health, happiness and prosperity easily and quickly; and if you apply this law for the perfecting of every department of your life, you cannot fail.

Chapter 1

The Law of Attraction; or Mental Dominion

The first thing you should know about this Law of Attraction is: you can have whatsoever you want in this life—money, power, love, friend­ship, health, happiness; social, political or finan­cial position.

Take your choice or choose them all; just as you like—and get this thought so firmly fixed in your consciousness that it will become a sub­conscious conviction for…


To prove this statement, start today, and every day for one month rid your mind of some old convic­tion or attitude which you have been holding toward various departments of your life, and watch the good flow to you in rivers of peace and joy.

Especially rid your consciousness of those con­victions which have been stirring up discord in your affairs and the affairs of relatives and friends; those convictions due to childhood train­ing and education.

Analyze the processes of your mental activity in this fashion:

Has this idea I have been hold­ing concerning my neighbor brought me any good? Has it added to my health, happiness or prosperity in any way? Has my prejudice against certain styles added to my good in a material way? Has my fear of public or private opinion enriched myself or family? Has my antagonism to creeds, other than my own favored one, in­creased my circle of friends? Has my continual reproach and unkind criticism of others made me more beautiful or manly?

And after this analy­sis, if your answer is NO; then go and cleanse your mind of these "workers of iniquity," for until you do, you cannot “enter the king­dom."

Every prejudice, every criticism that would make another less than the Son of God is "that old serpent, the devil" that will keep you out of your Garden of Eden.

If you have been unhappy, ill, discouraged or impoverished for even one year, this is proof positive that your thinking has been largely wrong for that period of time, probably longer. Change your mental attitudes, for if they have not added to the good of yourself and family, THEY ARE WRONG, NO MATTER IF THEY ARE THE RESULT OF YOUR PARENTAL TRAINING AND EDUCATION. DON'T BE AFRAID TO GO BACK ON "YER RAISIN'" FOR ONLY SO DOES THE WORLD PRO­GRESS.

When you quit protesting against conditions as they are and begin to proclaim your right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," ac­cording to the dictates of your own conscience, then only will you have "dominion over all the earth," as the creator designed that you should.

This too, I want you to get firmly fixed in your subconsciousness, because you have been reason­ing along just the opposite lines. No human being but yourself is to blame for one bit of your misery or unhappiness and the sooner you quit blaming others for your misfortune, the sooner your good fortune will come to you.

All depends upon your desires, your decisions, the quality of your thought, your concentration and your obedience to psychological law. When your desires and the quality of your thought cor­respond, that is the psychological moment. Then things begin to happen.

Man was created to have dominion over all the earth, except his fellowmen. That means YOU were created to have dominion over every condition and circumstance in your life but NEVER over your fellowmen. Right here is where the majority of people make their great mistake. They put the "cart before the horse" by trying to gain dominion over their fellowmen instead of over circumstances and conditions in their life and then spend the rest of their time wondering why they fail in everything they undertake to accomplish.

You have no right to dictate to another, no matter who that other may be—whether hus­band, wife, child, sister, brother, mother, father, friend or business associate; and the minute you do, you start trouble for yourself which will con­tinue as long as you have the dictatorial atti­tude and until you get rid of it.

When no occasion can provoke you to dicta­tion, then you may know that you have gotten rid of it, and not until then.

Dictation will give you temporary control of a situation but the "cure will prove worse than the disease." The dictatorial quality always at­tracts the opportunity for dictation. It always has and always will produce trouble, and it never produces anything else but trouble, in your life or the life of any other human being. There­fore, the dictatorial attitude is the first mental condition to be eliminated before any great good can be attracted into your life.

This destructive quality is expressed in three ways, mental, verbal and physical, and the men­tal dictation is the worst of the three, because, when verbal or physical dictation is used, the one who is subject to such dictation has the privilege of refusing to be dominated, but when the dictation is mental, he has no chance whatever to combat it.

In his ignorance of the Laws of Mind, he gets antagonistic toward you; he becomes irritated at your mere presence and begins to scheme against you, very often becoming so extreme in his antipathy that he attempts to injure you without any seeming reason. He is unable to explain his attitude toward you but he feels your mental vibrations of dominion and is merely try­ing to preserve his own mental freedom.

God never dictates to anyone but leaves everyone to do as he pleases, no matter what he pleases to do. He gives every man the privilege of learning by experience; in fact. He gave us no other way, for, while He gave us "the Law and the Prophets," yet He left us to apply the Law in our own way, and said distinctly, "every man is unto himself the Way, the Truth and the Life."

Even the smallest child resents being "bossed" for God gave no one the right to coerce another. Within the soul of every man is the desire for self preservation and that desire finds expression in his mental, verbal and physical rebellion against any interference toward his freedom to do absolutely as he pleases. IT IS THIS SPIRIT THAT BREEDS INDIVIDUAL AND NATION­AL STRIFE—ONE FACTION TRYING TO DOMINATE AND THE OTHER FACTION RISING IN REBELLION.

Before I came into the knowledge of this Law and its operation I was unable to manage my two growing boys an there was continual friction and misunderstanding between us, and yet I felt that my love was quite superior. Every attempt to gain control of them was met by stubborn resistance, defiance and cunning on their part until I despaired of ever having any influence with them again. My health also, had been destroyed and I was a physical and nervous wreck. My intense desire to better conditions, as well as my concentration and love, brought me a knowledge of Applied Psychology, and my first week of effort produced marvelous results.

In less than thirty days I had purged my sys­tem of cancer, tuberculosis, nervous prostration and heart trouble, besides regaining, to a great extent, the love and confidence of my dear boys; at the same time ridding myself of a great deal of real tragedy.

My sons are now young men and have had much worldly experience and yet there is a close comradery between us that is very comforting indeed. The following is taken from a letter which I received from one who is a total stranger to me but who was a "buddy" to my son during their service at one of the naval bases:

"Should Harry be restored to duty I'll be glad for his sake for he was a good pal and deserves all the good things he is capable of getting out of this life and eternal happiness in the next."

Another letter from one who met him at the home of a mutual friend: "Harry read me bits of your letter to him. They are adorable. He is so beautifully devoted to you, I think it is won­derful. I am glad I could know him."

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