Excerpts from

  How To Acquire A Million
Perfect Health — Perfect Peace — Prosperity
(Through Power of the Mind)
by N.H. Moos

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Book Description

We find in this ebook an invaluable guide, instructing us in how we can reach the fullest potential of our lives. The writer points out that our only limitation is within ourselves. We must recognize and have faith in the creative power of our mind, in order to enjoy perfect health, peace, and prosperity.

The author's central theme is a powerful one, addressing itself to the basic needs we all have. In his writing, he is able to blend the spiritual and the practical into an effective formula for the achievement of our greatest desires.


Recently one fine morning as I was meditating upon the WONDERFUL POWER, INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM OF GOD, our Almighty Father, a message flashed across my mind which told me something to the following effect: "You have across many years of your life of 85 years, and especially during the last 15 years, acquired (through the Science of Mind which you learnt under Dr. Ernest Holmes the Dean of the Institute of Religious Science and other professors at that Institute) knowledge of the wonderful Creative Power of mind, which I have conferred on men, which knowledge helped you to earn, through right think­ing, health, peace of mind, abundance of supply and riches beyond your dreams. Don't you think that now it is your turn to help your fellow Brethren and Sisters and pass on to them your knowledge, experience and the right method of acquiring Opulence in the world of their affairs and Perfect Health of body and mind, Peace and Prosperity?"

When I arose from that meditation, I expressed my deep gratitude and adoration to the Father for His wonderful advice and prayed to Him for His guidance to help me write this book.

With a sense of perfect humility I therefore offer this little brochure to my readers in the hope and conviction that they would benefit as I have done.

Please remember however that it is not a Magic Wand which would at once get you what you desire. You will have to cultivate Great Patience and Perfect Faith and Belief in God and in Yourself and cultivate Righteousness (Right thinking) and follow the methods which I have suggested to you in this book.

Don't be discouraged or waiver in your endeavours, if in the beginning you fail in your attempts or fall out of the Right Path. Each time you fall, our Beloved Father in His Loving Voice will tell you "Arise my dear child, don't be discouraged, try and try again and again till you succeed." You will be agreeably surprised that every time you persist in your attempt of trying again, your confi­dence in God and in yourself will increase as also your right mental attitude will increase by such repeated at­tempts and you will reach any height you desire and will ultimately bring your success in getting your heart's desires.

The Whole Universe is governed by Law and Order and there is no such thing as Luck or Chance which many persons think govern their affairs in Life.

LUCK should be written as the Chinese write their char­acters thus:

L = Labor

U = Under

C = Correct

K = Knowledge

Labor under Correct Knowledge.

Therefore, when you have a correct knowledge of the Principles which govern Life, and work hard with that correct Knowledge, you have real 'Luck'.

The Laws of Perfect Health, Peace of Mind and Opulence are continually in operation and if you use them construc­tively you cannot help getting Health, Peace and Riches galore.

Before concluding I express my deepest gratitude to our dear Father for His guidance to me in giving ideas when writing this book.

I also beg to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ernest Holmes for his kind suggestions from time to time which helped me to express my ideas in simple language so that the ordinary man in the street without any previous knowl­edge of the Science of Mind may be able to understand, and for his permission to quote from his various publica­tions, and for his foreword.

I have also to thank Dr. William Hornaday, D.R.Sc. for having kindly contributed a wonderful chapter to this book, which will be of great help to my readers.


Chapter 1


The innermost Desires of most human beings on this earth are:

(1) To enjoy Perfect Health,

(2) To have Perfect Peace of Mind,

(3) To secure complete freedom from fears, worries and anxieties, and

(4) To have adequate and ample means to be able to procure for themselves and their family all the neces­sities and comforts of life.

In other words we all want to be healthy, rich and pros­perous and to live in perfect peace, without any fear, worry or anxiety of any kind whatsoever. And yet how many people out of the millions that exist on this plane are in that position? Not many. We see all around us people suffering from disease, ailment or trouble of some kind or another, people struggling hard through the greater part of their life to have a comfortable home and all the neces­sities of life, and people to whom the daily problems they have to meet in life bring on no end of worries and anxieties. There is no blessing in life like perfect health, it is one of the richest possessions of man in this life. We do not value this blessing as we should, till we lose it for a time and then appreciate it as its true worth.

The Creator of the Universe (by whatever name you may call Him) has created abundant and inexhaustible sup­plies of every denomination for His entire creation, without any lack or limitation. His Great Love for every one of us, who are His children tells us through His Prophets "All I Have is Thine." If that is true, (and I firmly believe it to be, and assure you that it is true) then naturally you ask the pertinent question, "Why then doesn't each one of us get his or her full share of this abundant supply? and why do thousands of people have to go through life with a miser­able existence? May I suggest an answer to these queries. It is this—whenever something goes wrong in a man's life, his first impulse is to throw the blame on some other person, or some other circumstance, or to his luck, instead of search­ing his own heart to find out that the real cause of his misery and suffering lies within himself and then to find ways and means to make this search and to eliminate the cause or causes. There is nothing in the Universe that hap­pens without a cause. We make many mistakes in life for which we have to take the consequences which the Uni­versal Laws have laid down. If you pray to the Divine Intelligence (a) for forgiveness for the mistake and (b) for Divine guidance and wisdom not to repeat the mistake— they are always at your disposal because our Heavenly Father out of His Infinite Love for us is always ready to help you.

It is  the  object  of  this  little book to  show you such ways

and means and if you go through it WITH PERFECT FAITH AND BELIEF and follow rigidly and with patience the steps which I suggest, you will have the above ques­tion answered to your satisfaction, and will enjoy your full share of the limitless, inexhaustible Opulence of God in your life, and in your body and mind and in your world of affairs.

In order that you may grasp such steps I shall have to ex­plain to you some of the elementary principles of the Laws of Life by which we are governed. The prophet Buddha came into the world about 500 years before Jesus the Christ. He was born a Prince in a Royal family but he gave up his royal position to help the world, realized the elementary Laws of Life and gave to us what is known as his eight­fold Path, which his followers the Buddhists in all parts of the world follow strictly and without evasion or equivoca­tion.

This path consists of eight precepts, which apply to hu­man life and in some form or other govern human destiny. First Precept: Right Knowledge—Which consists (a) of the Law of Cause and effect and (b) the Law of Opposites. He laid down that the Law of Cause and Effect works with perfect precision. If one acts from an evil thought, then pain follows his action as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the cart. If one acts from a pure thought, happiness follows him as his shadow follows him when he walks in the sunshine. The shadow is united with his body and so is happi­ness united with righteousness. As regards, the law of opposites, it acts in this way. If you feel a certain vibra­tion and meet it with a similar vibration then your vibration grows in strength, but if you meet it with a vibration of the opposite type, then the one neutralizes the other. In other words, one is asked to return good for evil, exactly the same as Jesus taught. Buddha laid down as a definite principle that "Hatred ceases not by hatred, Hatred ceases by Love". One has to over­come the hatred shown to him by showing kindness to the one from whom the hatred emanates. If a man tells you a lie or falsehood, answer him with Truth, and guide him to take the path of truth. If everyone fol­lowed this principle, there will be nothing but truth spoken and heard throughout the Universe.

Second Precept: Right Thought. Your thoughts must be good positive and righteous for when you entertain right thoughts your speech and your action cannot but be right. Buddha said "Earnestness is Life Thought­lessness is death." As we all know right thinking builds up a right character and you command the respect and confidence of your fellow-men.

Third Precept: Right Speech. Always be kind and courteous when you speak to others. Harsh and coarse language, cruel words should be always avoided. A certain man railed at Buddha and Buddha answered him in the following words, "Son, when a man gives a present without regard to the rules of politeness, the fashion is to say: Keep your present. Son, I cannot take your railing, keep it and take it back to yourself. The wicked man who attacks a virtuous one is like a man who looks up to high heaven and spits at it. The heaven is not soiled thereby, but the spittle falls upon his own person and defiles him. The virtuous man cannot be injured by the evil a wicked man does against him. The evil goes back to the wrong doer."

Fourth Precept: Right Activity. When Right Knowledge, Right Thought and Right Speech lead the way, right action is sure to follow without any doubt.

Fifth Precept: Right Means of Livelihood. This precept teaches us that we must earn our livelihood without do­ing any harm or wrong to our fellow-men in the com­munity in which we live. Don't try to become rich by inflicting some misery or wrong to any other per­son, for you are then acting against the Law of com­mon brotherhood of all. After all, honest character and reputation are worth their weight in gold and no one can enjoy wealth earned by dishonest means.

Sixth Precept: Right Effort. YOU MUST DO RIGHT FOR THE SAKE OF RIGHT, by using Right Knowledge and Right Thought.

Seventh Precept. Right Memory. When someone has done you any wrong, forget it immediately. Treasure and store up in your memory every kindness or good act that is done to you and every joy and goodness, and remem­ber it for all time with gratitude. If you do that you have the Right Memory. It is a valuable asset in your life, you will enjoy peace and joy forever. If you store up the injury done to you and do not forget it quickly, you do not possess the Right Memory.

Eighth Precept: Right Concentration. If you want or de­sire to have anything, fix your mind with FEELING AND ATTENTION upon it, and practice such con­centration day by day and DO NOT ALLOW YOUR MIND TO WANDER but keep it under control, and guide it to the object of your quest TILL YOU SUC­CEED IN GETTING WHAT YOU DESIRE. Such concentration will work wonders in your life, once you get into the habit of Right Concentration. I am grate­ful for this Knowledge about Buddha to Mrs. Annie Besant a leading Light of the Theosophical Society. She and Mr. Krishua Murti were fellow passengers with me on the boat from Bombay to Marseilles in 1910, when I went to London for my studies for the English Bar. She gave a brilliant lecture on the boat on Buddha, and subsequently in other cities in Ceylon, and I am indebted to these lectures of hers for the eightfold precepts of Buddha which I have given above.

I have myself tried my best to follow these elementary Laws of Life and daily practice them. It will give you faith and courage to do the same, if I tell you as shortly as I can, a few of the incidents of my own life and how I struggled and rose from downright poverty to Power and to a position in life, where God's abundance and riches flowed and are flowing into my life, and gave me the health and peace of mind which I have been enjoying at my present youth of 85 years. I do not use the word 'OLD' when I speak of my age or the age of any other person.

I shall later on give you instances of a few persons in Bombay whom I knew and who by the practice of righteous­ness (RIGHT THINKING) secured their innermost de­sires and some of them became millionaires and led happy and exemplary lives.

I was born in Bombay, India. My parents and some of my ancestors as far as I can trace them were also born in and lived in Bombay. I belong to a white race; my remote ancestors came from Persia to India about 715 A.D. They used to follow the faith of the Persian prophet Zarathustra who flourished in Persia for well nigh 1400 years till the Arabs conquered Persia and converted the people by the sword into the Mahommedan faith. About 700 of the then residents would not accept the new faith and to escape the tyranny of the conquerors they left Persia, took boats and found themselves on the west coast of India where a Raja gave them protection on certain conditions. From these 700 there are now about 100,000 followers of the old faith in India and about 60,000 in Bombay itself. When my memoirs are published you will find a more detailed description of the exodus from Persia. My parents lived in the house of my paternal grandfather and were supported by him. My father had no occupa­tion. His mother was a very religious lady. She prayed five times every day. As a boy of 6 I used to sit by the side of my grandmother and loved to hear her recite her prayers from the Zend Avesta (the Bible of the Zoroastrians) and learned to recite some of them by heart. Ever since then I myself pray regularly twice a day morning and night, and when I grew up I learnt the meaning of some of these prayers which are written in Zend which is a dead language. I learned to love God whom we call Ahura Mazda (the Lord, the All knowing one). My faith in Him is unbounded and deep-rooted and I know and firmly believe that He loves me and that I enjoy his protection. I often commune with Him and know that He guides me in whatever I do. I do not pretend to be a goody goody fellow, for I have had my weaknesses and failings in my youth, but by sheer persistence I have got over most of them.

Sometime after my grandfather's death my parents went to live separately. I was then about 7 years young. We lived in a small two room cottage paying a monthly rent of 6 Rupees ($2 in those days). I used to attend the Sir Jamsetjre Jeejeboy Parsi Benevolent Institute, a charitable school and had to walk there daily about 3 miles each way from where I lived. We were very poor and had not even the ordinary necessities of life. At 14 I passed the entrance examination which enabled me to join one of the colleges in Bombay called the St. Xavier's College. My parents could not afford to pay my college fees but with the kind help of the then Catholic Lord Bishop of Bombay whom my father's uncle knew, I was admitted as a free student, and a very charitable rich Paris gentleman, whom my father's aunt knew, helped me to buy all my college books every year. I owe everything in life to the early teachings and instruc­tion of my mother and to my firm belief in God and His Loving guidance.

When I was 16 and was in the Inter Arts class at the college, I decided to give up my studies, and get some job to earn some money, to help my parents as I could no longer see them suffer day after day from poverty. I got a job in the North of India at Ferozepore in the Punjab as an assistant in a shop on a 3 years agreement. My pay was 30 Rupees (about $10) per month, and I arranged that the whole of this sum should be paid every month to my dear mother in Bombay, as my food and other things were provided for by the terms of my employment.

Before leaving Bombay I went to say goodbye to the Principal of the college. He expressed his regret that I had to give up my studies. I said to him, "Reverend Father, I shall return soon to Bombay, to appear for my Inter Arts examination. He said that was impossible as I had signed an agreement of service for 3 years. I told him that the word 'Impossible' had been struck off by me from my dictionary and that he would soon see me back in Bombay for my examination before the end of the year. I then firmly be­lieved that Ahura Mazda (God) would bring me back, and so he did. After I had worked at my job for 4 months, during which period, I kept up the study of my college text books, I requested my employer to grant me three months leave of absence, which he did, and with full pay and I returned to Bombay. The principal of the college was indeed surprised but welcomed me back and wished me every success in the examination, which I passed with credit. I was preparing to leave for the Punjab to rejoin my post, but God had other plans for me. Two of my Parsi friends in Bombay, one an attorney and the other an official of the high court of Bombay suggested to me to continue my studies for one year more and get my Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) degree, and promised to help me with 50 Rupees (about $16) per month till I passed the examination. My employer gladly cancelled my 3 years agreement. I gladly accepted their help and continued my studies at the college. After I passed that examination my friend, the attorney suggested that I should become an attorney. A Parsi millionaire who had given millions in charities gave me a loan of a big part of the sum required for payment (which I later on repaid after I became an attorney) to become an articled clerk to a firm of English attorneys. This firm agreed to pay me 50 Rupees ($16) per month during the period of my articles, and I took up some private tuitions during the morning and evening hours.

I was duly qualified as an attorney and later on was admitted as a partner in the same English firm. As a member of that firm I conducted successfully a big litigation in some 5 years for His Highness the Aga Kahn which saved him millions of Rupees. I went to London and studied there for the Bar. I became a Barrister-at-Law (Counsellor-at-Law) and practiced in the High Court of Bombay for some years. I got the lucrative post of the Official Liquidator and Receiver of the said High Court and earned large sums of money for 12 years during which I held that post and I became a rich man beyond my wildest dreams. I have had a most interest­ing life, during which God was my best friend and counsellor and guide. All this I attribute to my great Faith and Belief in Him. What he did for me He will do for you WITHOUT FAIL if you also cultivate righteousness (right thinking) and develope your faith and belief in Him and belief in your­self, and follow the suggestions in the following chapters of this little book.

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