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Ernest Holmes: His Life and Times
by Fenwicke L. Holmes

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Book Description
Ernest Holmes: His Life and Times, written by his brother Fenwicke Holmes, one of our most astute philosophical schol­ars, presents a spiritual insight into the potential and possibilities of man for peace of mind in today's stressful times. This is a book that every student search­ing for reality must read. It is provocative and contains satisfying answers for the seeking mind.
Fenwicke's contribution to Ernest is magnificent.

- (Dr. William H. Hornaday, Minister of the Founder's Church of Religious Science)

This is a true story although it reads like fiction. The records, kept by a devoted family, provide minute details of an extra­ordinary boy, born the last of nine sons, who grew up in a remote environment in the state of Maine and reached his final triumph across the continent in California where he became the founder of the United Church of Religious Science.

As a teenager he longed to know and understand God and the powers of his own mind. It was his destiny to find and syn­thesize the answers in an orderly way from the "kindergarten beginning" to the "grad­uate finish" of his mature years. Within these pages a reader can learn how the Science of Mind which he formulated came into being.

The book is filled with lively and amus­ing anecdotes, with recollections of friend­ships and pastimes, of formative years on the lecture platforms, of struggles against adverse odds, of love and marriage and loss, of spiritual conflict and growth and final triumph. But at heart it is the life story of a great soul who blended the natural and the supernatural into one gi­gantic spiritual science and won recogni­tion and honors around the world.

Comments on:

Ernest Holmes: His Life and Times

"A remarkable and interesting work—a memorial for the unnumbered thousands who knew this great teacher."

   - Dr. Stillson Judah, Professor of History, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California

"An intimate insight and lucid portrait—a scholarly analysis of Ernest Holmes and his mission."
   - Marcus Bach

"Only those who knew me as a boy can fully appreciate what Ernest Holmes did for me. Why, he made me a positive thinker!"
   - Norman Vincent Peale

"I knew Ernest Holmes for twenty-five years. His great talents were devoted to service. We will cherish this biography."
   - Hon. Goodwin J. Knight, Former Governor of California

"Your book about our beloved Ernest Holmes will add greatly to all you and he have done to give many of us a more blessed way of life."
   -Adela Rogers St. Johns

"An absorbing volume of an illustrious life."
   - Ernest Wilson, Unity School of Christianity

"World religious thought has been profoundly affected by this great seer who provided a real meeting-ground for Buddhism and Christianity."
   - Dr. Massahara Taniguchi, Founder of Seicho-No-Ie, Japan

"How fortunate that this biography has been written by one who knew Ernest Holmes so well and shared in formulating his philosophy."
   - Charles Braden, author of "Spirits In Rebellion"

"Announcement of the biography is welcome and exciting news to the meta­physical field."
   - Dr. Ervin Seale, Church of The Truth, Lincoln Center, New York City

"An authentic and skillful portrait of my great personal friend, Ernest Holmes, beloved by so many of us in the theatrical profession."
   - Peggy Lee

"A great man to whom we of the New Thought are indebted!"
   - Raymond N. Holliwell, President of The International New Thought Alliance

"Great story of a great man. I cherish his friendship of twenty creative years.'
   - Dr. Raymond Charles Barker, Religious Science Church New York

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $11.95 (+ printing charge)