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  Daily Power for Joyful Living
Donald Curtis

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Book Description
Your Life is What You Make of It. There is no limit to the power and the joy that can be yours with constructive living. This book is your personal "do it yourself" reconstruction kit to build a richer, fuller life.

Start now to clear away the debris of old ideas and habits and build a solid structure of radiant, joyful living! Here are the tools to change your consciousness, and therefore your life, from negative to positive attitudes. Let your mind absorb the powerful ideas in each chapter. Follow these instructions for one month, and you will become an entirely different person – the person you want to be.

The chapters in Daily Power for Joyful Living cover every important area of your life. Step-by-step, each chapter gives you a clear understanding of the secret of vital physical and spiritual health...how to dissolve fear and guilt...how to have financial security...a new way to solve old problems...seven steps to inner beauty...the importance of love, faith and hope...how to use your subconscious mind for creative action during sleep...and much more.

These techniques will help you discover your purpose in life and how to achieve your uppermost ambitions, desires and goals. As soon as you make up your mind to put the creative power within you to work, you will be on your way to greater health, happiness and success.


This book is your personal "do it yourself" construction kit. You are to use it to build for yourself a richer, fuller life. This is the greatest construction job which you will ever have the opportunity to under­take—building your own life. Your life is what you make it.

<>For most of us, the task of life construction involves considerable reconstruction. Before we can build a solid structure, we must first clear away the debris of old ideas and habits. That is where this book comes in. It contains the tools by which you change your conscious­ness, and therefore your life, from negative to positive. When this is done, there is no limit to the power, and the joy of your constructive living.


This book contains 31 vital chapters—one for each day of the month—each one covering an important area of your life, and con­tains constructive techniques for strengthening each one. Here is the way to use these valuable tools:

1. Read this book completely through to get an over—all grasp of its subject matter. For this first reading, don't study it; just enjoy it.

2. Now you are ready to use the tools in this book for constructive life—building purposes. The first step: Read a chapter a day each day of the month, each month for one year. When you finish the first month, start back at the beginning, and go through it again, studying the references and practicing the techniques given for each day. There is ample material given for an entire year's pro­gram of constructive life—building activity. Have fun doing it. Living is fun! Don't resist it. Enjoy it!

3. This book will be your constant companion for the next year, so make friends with it. Be good to it by using it. It will be good to you by helping you become the person that you want to be. Let your mind absorb the constructive ideas in each chapter. This book is really a collection of affirmative ideas. In your tools for each day you will find quotations from the world's great idealists and optimists, including many affirmative statements from the Bible, as well as excerpts from inspiring poems which will lift your spirit to new heights.

In addition, you will find many references to the author's two previous books, Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life, and Human Problems and How To Solve Them, both indispensable guidebooks to joyful living. They each contain numerous tech­niques for developing the affirmative approach. Refer to these books. Along with this one, they will change your life.

4. At the end of each chapter you will find a GOLDEN BRIDGE to span each day: the first part to project your constructive consciousness ahead each morning, and the second to help you review your day before retiring each night. The use of the GOLDEN BRIDGE FOR EACH DAY is an integral part of the joyful living plan for which this book provides the blueprint. This technique is described fully in Chapter One.

One word of reminder—these techniques will help you to the exact degree that you use them. To make them work you must work them. Just follow these instructions.

5. At the back of the book you will find 366 Constructive Daily Thoughts (one for each day of the year, including Leap Year). Memorize the appropriate thought each morning and repeat it frequently throughout the day. It will keep you on the upward path.

6. Give a copy of this book to at least one person each month. In this way you will be sharing your good with others. It will come back to you many times, because when you give to them and they give to others, the accumulated good is totally active in the life of each individual who is using this approach to the more joyful life.

7. Follow these instructions for one month, and you will be an en­tirely different person. Live by these suggestions faithfully for one year and you will become the person you want to be. You are the builder. Let's go!


PREFACE – How To Use This Book

Chapter 1. LIVING – Your Golden Bridge to Life

Chapter 2. SELF – How to Make the Most of Yourself

<>Chapter 3. PEOPLE – “… all the World Art Queer Save Thee and Me " 

Chapter 4. WORK – Thank God for Work! 

Chapter 5. FAMILY – The Key of Society

Chapter 6. TODAY – The Best Day You Have Ever Had 

Chapter 7. THE WORLD – This Great Big Beautiful World 

Chapter 8. COUNTRY – “My Country’ Tis of Thee!”

Chapter 9. MIND – “As a Man Thinketh…”

Chapter 10. BODY – The Temple of the Spirit

Chapter 11. HEALTH – The Secret of Vital Health

Chapter 12. TIME – All the Time There Is

Chapter 13. POSSESSIONS – “What Doth It Profit a Man?”

Chapter 14. MONEY – How to Have Financial Security

Chapter 15. PLAY – Life Is a Ball

Chapter 16. RESPONSIBILITY – “To Thine Own Self Be True”          

Chapter 17. EDUCATION – Toward Becoming a Whole Person

Chapter 18. PROBLEMS – A New Way to Solve Old Problems

Chapter 19. LOVE – “…Makes the world Go Round”

Chapter 20. FAITH – “The Substance of Things Hoped for…”

Chapter 21. BEAUTY – “…A Joy Forever”

Chapter 22. SLEEP – “To Sleep, Perchance To Dream"

Chapter 23. PERSONALITY AND GOD – “…In Our Image, After Our Likeness"

Chapter 24. PROSPERITY – The Law of Increase

Chapter 25. SELF-DISCOVERY AND SELF EXPRESSION –"The “Father’s Business”

Chapter 26. ATTITUDES AND HABITS – “Every Day in Every Way"

Chapter 27. AIMS AND GOALS – The Art of Standing Tall

Chapter 28. RELIGION – Something to Live By

Chapter 29. PRAYER AND TREATMENT - “Teach Us to Pray”       

Chapter 30. AGE – Breaking the Age Barrier

Chapter 31. ETERNAL LIFE – The Great Adventure


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