Excerpts from

  Conversations with God Trilogy
An Uncommon Dialogue (3 book series)

by Neale Donald Walsch

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Book Description
Conversations with God, Book 1 was the start of Neale Donald Walsch's ongoing dialogue with God. The trilogy contains the most essential truths and lessons for spiritual seekers, and these books are the bestselling of all the author's works.

Conversations with God is a hugely popular series of books written by Neale Donald Walsch. A movie version has also been made. Walsch has written additional books as well, and has set up “The ReCreation Foundation, Inc.” also known as “The Conversations with God Foundation.” The foundation aims to “address the overwhelming response from people around the world who desire to do something tangible to spread the message of Conversations with God.” Walsch says the foundation was inspired by the message that “the purpose of life is to recreate ourselves anew in the highest version of the grandest vision we ever had about ourselves.”

Blasphemy! Heresy! Who does this man think he is, claiming to speak directly to God?! Jesus did it, Muhammad did it, the Jewish prophets did it, but none of their Gods had the sardonic wit or raw verve of Prophet Walsch's God. Neale Donald Walsch isn't claiming to be the Messiah of a new religion, just a frustrated man who sat down one day with pen in his hand and some tough questions in his heart. As he wrote his questions to God, he realized that God was answering them... directly... through Walsch's pen. The result, far from the apocalyptic predictions or cultic eccentricities you might expect, turns out to be matter-fact, in-your-face wisdom on how to get by in life while remaining true to yourself and your spirituality.