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The writers featured on this site range from those influential in the early development of what was originally known as Mental Science and later became known as New Thought such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Warren Felt Evans, and the Dressers, to gifted teachers and healers such as Emma Curtis Hopkins, Henry Drummond, Ursula Gestefeld, Annie Rix Militz, Prentice Mulford, Henry Wood, William Atkinson, H. Emilie Cady, Horatio Dresser, Thomas Troward, F.L. Rawson, Walter Lanyon, and Christian D. Larson; to founders of religious denominations such as Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science), Charles Fillmore (Unity), Malinda Cramer and Nona Brooks (Divine Science), Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind), and Masaharu Taniguchi (Seicho-No-Ie); to prolific, best-selling authors such as Ralph Waldo Trine, Orison Swett Marden, James Allen, Emmet Fox, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy, Joel Goldsmith, Neville Goddard, Uell S. Andersen and Jack Addington; to writers of contemporary best-sellers in the self-help, self-improvement and motivation fields such as Catherine Ponder, Robert Collier, Napoleon Hill, Eric Butterworth, Agnes Sanford, Norman Vincent Peale, Vernon Howard, Louise L. Hay, Shakti Gawain, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Marianne Williamson, John Randolph Price, Alan Cohen, and Gary Zukav.

"To teach man to come into a conscious realization of the divinity within, and the unity of man and God, so that out of the sublimity of his soul he can say with the Gentle Master, "The Father and I are one," is the supreme purpose and meaning of New Thought."

Although the majority of the books featured on this site were written 80-100 years ago, many have remained continually in print throughout this time and can be safely ordered on-line using a Credit Card through our association with . . . Many are now available in handy ebook form also for immediate download.

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Prosperity Classics

All the following books are available to purchase in eBook form for immediate download. They may then be read on your computer and printed out. The eBooks are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format. We have provided descriptions and excerpts from most of the featured books. We have also provided links to if the books are available in printed form.

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No. 1

   The James Allen Trilogy: 3 Complete Books
James Allen
                 Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 2

   In Tune With The Infinite
Ralph Waldo Trine
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No. 3

   The Writings of Florence Scovil Shinn
Florence Scovel Shinn

           Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 4

   The Wallace Wattles Trilogy: 3 Complete Books
Wallace D. Wattles

        Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 5

   The Greatest Thing in the World
Henry Drummond
                 Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 6

   The Master Key System
Charles Haanel
                 Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 7

   The The Ernest Holmes Trilogy: 3 Complete Books
Ernest Holmes
                 Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 8

   The Thomas Troward Trilogy: 3 Complete Books
Judge Thomas Troward
         Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 9

   Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill
                 Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 10

   The Secret of the Ages
Robert Collier
                 Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 11

   The Magic of Believing
Claude M. Bristol
                 Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 12

   Treat Yourself to Life
Raymond Charles Barker
                Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 13

   The Miracle of Right Thought
Orison Swett Marden
                 Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 14

   The World Beautiful
Lillian Whiting
                 Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 15

   How to Attract Success
F.W. Sears
                 Click here to read reviews or order

No. 16

   It Works!
R.H. Jarrett
                 Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 17

   The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Joseph Murphy
                Click here to read excerpts or order

No. 18

   Power Through Constructive Thinking
Emmet Fox
                Click here to read exerpts or order

No. 19

   God Works Through Faith
Robert A. Russell
                 Click here to read reviews or order

No. 20

   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen R. Covey
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James Allen Ralph Waldo Trine Florence Scovel Shinn
Raymond Charles Barker Prentice Mulford Wallace D.Wattles
Henry Drummond H. Emilie Cady Charles Fillmore
Charles F. Haanel Louise L. Hay Mary Baker Eddy
Emmet Fox Ursula Gestefeld Emma Curtis Hopkins
Shakti Gawain George Bendall Henry T. Hamblin
Frederick Bailes Warren Felt Evans Catherine Ponder
Thomson Jay Hudson
Venice Bloodworth
Sidney A. Weltmer
Thomas Troward Ralph Waldo Emerson Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Christian D. Larson Henry Wood Phineas P. Quimby
William W. Atkinson Malinda Cramer Annie Rix Militz
Orison Swett Marden Charles Brodie Patterson Albert C. Grier
Fenwicke L. Holmes
Frank B. Robinson W. John Murray
Helen Wilmans
Lillian DeWaters
Horatio W. Dresser
Nona L. Brooks Brown Landone
Julia Seton Sears
Frank Channing Haddock
Claude M. Bristol
Dale Carnegie
Donald Curtis
Harold Sherman
F.W. Sears M.P.
James Dillet Freeman Norman Vincent Peale Genevieve Behrend
Eric Butterworth Marcus Bach Ernest Holmes
Julius/Annetta Dresser Elizabeth Towne Brother Mandus
Emile Coué
Theron Q. Dumont
Thomas Parker Boyd
Rebecca Beard Masaharu Taniguchi Joseph Murphy
Earl Nightingale
Jack Addington W. Clement Stone
Glenn Clark Joel S. Goldsmith David J. Schwartz
F. L. Rawson Napoleon Hill Ervin Seale
Alfred North Whitehead Walter C. Lanyon Uell S. Andersen
Anthony Norvell
Aaron Martin Crane
Maxwell Maltz
John Randolph Price Alan Cohen Agnes Sanford
Vernon Howard Neville Goddard Gary Zukav
C. Alan Anderson Robert Collier William Samuel
Marianne Williamson Deepak Chopra Wayne W. Dyer
Roy Eugene Davis Stuart Grayson Edwene Gaines


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The Spirit of The New Thought

Part 7



[Miss Ware was a patient and follower of P. P. Quimby.]

To answer this question it is necessary to understand what is the origin of disease. Medical authority asserts that it is of matter, and that the germs of various diseases have been found and analyzed. Popular belief acknowledges its existence independent of man, and certain localities are believed to be infected by it, thereby rendering human life in danger from the poison emanating from it. If the materialistic theory is true, the medical authority is correct, and the popular belief that disease is a creation as much as man is well founded. But the truth we are studying denies this in principle and in fact. Health is like liberty, directly from God, and it can be kept and enjoyed. Man can learn to live in health as truly as he can learn to govern his morals. With a full understanding of the truth man need not be sick and diseased any more than he need be vicious. The universal belief in disease is founded on the universal belief that matter has life, power, and can direct itself. If this is true, it accounts for disease, but it does not destroy it, and so long as this belief in matter lasts just so long will disease be in the world. Therefore, to destroy it we must take away its foundations.

Can all life and intelligence be taken from matter and yet allow man to remain with his senses and faculties? This is what the truth will do if it is allowed to work. The first point to settle in investigating a phenomenon is the relation between the Creator and the thing created. The Creator is omnipresent, and all His works praise Him. In Him is all life and all love. Matter we can assume is without power and without comprehension of any kind.*
*This was a cardinal principle with Mr. Quimby. -Ed.
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Click Here to read the Introduction to this series.
Click Here to read Part 1 of this series.
Click Here to read Part 2 of this series.
Click Here to read Part 3 of this series.
Click Here to read Part 4 of this series.
Click Here to read Part 5 of this series.
Click Here to read Part 6 of this series.

God cannot be found one place, day, one person.

God is truly in all people,

..all places, all creatures --

....all creation.

We feel His presence

..wherever we go, whatever we do . . .


God is everywhere.

Click Here for a some more inspiring
poetry and meditations selected by
Unity librarian, Harold Whaley.


(translated directly from Aramaic to English, rather
than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English)
Our Universal, All-Knowing Presence,
Your nature, which is separated from all
untruths, is sacred.
Your advice and counsel are present.
We allow your wish to be done through us,
As it is done in the cosmos.
We accept your provision of all the necessities
of life day after day.
And as we are freed from our own mistakes,
We now choose to let go of the mistakes
of others.
Because of your Eternal Presence, we are kept
from erroneous, materialistic thinking,
And no longer find fulfillment in useless,
unnecessary suffering.
For this truth we are thankful.


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