Excerpts from
  Christian Mind Healing
A Course of Lessons in the
Fundamentals of New Thought

by Harriet Hale Rix

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Book Description
1914. A course of lessons in the fundamentals of New Thought. Twelve lessons are included entitled: the statement of being; scientific denial; affirmation and faith; the creative word; spiritual understanding; prayer and concentration; origin explained; denial of deception; forgiveness of sin; establishing faith, overcoming fear; ignorance and foolishness denied; spiritual baptism.




The Preparation. Truth the Foundation. Ignorance the cause of suffering. Knowledge of truth sets free. The universal demand for happiness fulfilled by truth. The Great First Cause is affirmed in all creation. Denial of God impossible. The Three-fold Benefits: Therapeutic, ethical, religious. God is. Axioms. The All-Good. The terms relative and absolute good explained. God is Life and Love; God is Truth, Intelligence, Substance; God is Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. Man; His relationship to God, His Work. Practice.


Intelligent Method. Denial of evil sets free. But One Power. Evil Defined. Its nothingness revealed by Jesus. Race-lies conquered through denial. The Old Teaching. Belief in two powers creates confusion. The First Commandment. Good is all. What we serve, serves us. Spirit and Matter Defined, one real the other unreal. Illustration of Healing. Paralysis. The Cleansing Power. Effect of denial. Both denial and affirmation necessary. The Baptism of Water. John the Baptist. Repentance. Denials in Religion. Avoid mere forms. The Cross of Christ. Contradicting the Senses when necessary! Deny false appearances. A Good Guide. Reason valued above senses as guide. Practice.


Spiritual Weeding; its law recognized. Affirmation Constructive. Denial destroys, affirmation builds up Principle, the Basis. Deny unbelief and fear. The Practice of Affirmation. Value of true ideals. Illustration of power of faith in business. Faith Vitalizes. Faith the life principle in affirmation. Drop weak hope. Faith active. The Faith of Jesus Christ. The basis of miracles. Need of abiding and continuing in truth. All Have Faith; not a special gift to a few. Faith in every act. Belief versus Faith. Where belief is blind. Faith a rock. Healing, not from without but from within. Truth, the Healer. Health and regeneration one. God the only health and healer. Deny doubt. Meditation. For Daily Practice.


The Word, Where Found. Look within for truth Unity of God, The Word and Man. Mind Radiates. Man the radiation of God. Form, the expression of man. Words build. Concentrate on Spiritual Things. Practice right thinking. Inspirational music and painting. Intellectual knowledge not complete. Wisdom and Power. The Key to all knowledge. Result of right concentration. Right Speech. Quotations from Joel, Solomon and Jesus Christ on the power of the Word. The Body. A recording machine to mind. Every thought is made visible. From Mortal Dependence to Spiritual Indepen-dence. Mortal man a failure. Divine man self-reliant, self-sustaining. Using the Word of Truth. Success demands its steady, daily application. Different examples given suggesting its use. The Fruits of the Word. Result of knowing God as Health, Defense, Support. Illustration showing Divine Guidance away from danger. Fairy tales containing lessons on the Magical Word. For Daily Practice and Meditation.


Returning to Your Own. Paradise lost and regained. Avoid poverty of thought. Man's Journey Home. Deny separation from God. True Perception Heals the Eyes. Demonstration showing that sight is spiritual, not physical. Cosmic Consciousness. Possible to all. Understanding Jesus Christ. Not personal. Indwelling spirit. As Master and Savior, one with all. The Living Christ Within. All powerful. Blood and flesh of Jesus Christ considered. Soul Communion. Preaching the Kingdom of Heaven. All are to preach and heal. The Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. The gospel of joy. Seeking the Kingdom within. The New Birth. Nicodemus, a type. The Pentecostal-day. True baptism. Repentance and Discernment. Repentance establishes understanding. Difference between intell-ectual and spiritual understanding of truth. Spiritual Illumination. Based upon love and devotion to God. Service to man. The covenant. Wisdom, the Principal Thing. Solomon's wise choice. Result The Heavenly Vision. The Heights. Revelation. For Meditation.


Desire and Wisdom. Three conditions for success. Intelligent prayer. Desire governed by principle. Scientific Believing and Receptivity. True scientific faith. Openness to good. Supplication vs. Acknowledgment. Why prayers are not answered. God, our banker. The Prayer of Thanksgiving. The law of increase. Illustrations. Counting One's Blessings. Illustration showing the power in cheerfulness and thanksgiving to heal. The Importance Jesus Gives to Prayer. Watch, pray always, keep awake, forgive. God not changed by Prayer. Knowing God as changeless and co-operating with this. Prayer is for man's benefit. God Knows Your Need. What constitutes scientific prayer. Seeking the Universal Good. Whole world included. The Soul of the Lord's Prayer. Its power and aim. "Our Father," "Hallowed Be thy Name," "Thy Kingdom Come," "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread," "And Forgive Us Our Debts," "And Lead Us Not Into Temptation," "For Thine Is The Kingdom." The Lord's Prayer explained. Concentration. Meditation and concentration defined. Revelations and Visions. A mistake corrected. A Daily Practice of Prayer. Madam Guyon's "Simple Method of Prayer."


Sensuality and Heredity Denied. The Practice of Healing. Remarks on method. A Personal Experience. Concentrating on "Only the good is true." Our Estimate of Life. Ignorance, the basis of suffering, and must be denied. Belief in Flesh Origin. Accounting for suffering and sensuality. Healing Sensuality. Its cause removed, man becomes free. Intemperance met by understanding love. Man's Pure Conception. God, the only creator. Man birthless and deathless. The Law of Identification. The power of thought. Heredity. Man's escape. Divine Inheritance. Man's Birthright From God. An Instance of Self Healing. Healing the Poverty Thought. Claim unlimited good, absolute prosperity. The Fatherhood of God. The Purpose of Life. To demonstrate perfection. How to Heal. Not suggestion or will power. A Formula of Healing. Absent Treatment. Attitude Towards Personality. Putting Away Medicine, Self-indulgence and Prejudice. Realize the Spirit or Meaning of the Formula. First Treatment.


Second Healing Lesson. Duality denied, unity affirmed. Avenues of False Suggestion. The way to establish self-knowledge. Closing These Avenues. Freedom and independence the result of firmness to truth. The Marriage of Ideas. Unity of God and man, capital and labor, joy and prosperity. Twoness denied. The Delusion of Growth and Development. The Diamond and the Soul. A Comparison to aid denial of growth. Ancient Race Deceptions. Death denied. Disease, not punishment, but result. Fear and Worriment Disastrous Errors. Health Laws Spiritual, Not Material. Study health, not disease. The body. The Power of the Imagination.

An illustration of self-hypnotism. Dominion Over All Things. Denial of physical power. Strength inexhaustible. Spirit all-powerful. Self-Mastery Rules the External World. Overcoming storms within and without, drowning, old age, and loss. The Personal Self Denied. How to let go of sensitive pride, injured feelings, imposition and tendency to catch cold. False Teaching and Teachers. Half truths and side lights. Safety is certain alone inpure Christianity. The Second Treatment.


Preparatory Meditation. Scientific Basis for Forgiveness. No reality in evil. The supremacy of good. Dynamiting Self-righteousness. "Neither do I condemn thee." Disease and Death Caused by Sin. Jesus healing palsy through forgiving sin. Mere Morality Not Good Enough. Whatsoever is Not of Faith is Sin. Negativeness a form of sin. Jesus and the blind man. Reason of disease in good people. The Morally Careless. Why such seem happy, healthful. The Greater Righteousness. Three degrees: morality, spirituality and cosmic consciousness. Deliverance From Death. Death hypnotic. Truth de-hypnotizes. Jesus Christ and Moses. Why Jesus came a Hebrew. Moses a type of morality. The call from bondage. The Sermon on the Mount. Anger Overcome. The higher law. Lust Overcome. Mental adultery. Transmutation. Non-Resistance to Evil. A Christian gauge. Fully possible. Love your Enemies. Love converts enemies into friends, cursings into blessings. Personality and Selfishness Denied. The only sin. Self sacrifice a benefit. Complete forgiveness necessary. Perfect as God. Man absolute. Denial of Sin, The Third Treatment.


Deliverance From the Sense of Sin. Proof of Divinity essential. Memory Trained. Drop the past. Spiritual Treatment in Emergencies. Right mental attitude for weakness, delirium and threatened death. Illustration. Healing Children. Like mirrors. Provide love and knowledge of the Word. Symbolic Aids in Healing. Unity of form and ideas. Correspondences. The Meaning of the Bible. As a guide in character building. The Significance of the History of Israel. An account of "Everyman." Establishment of

Faith. Conflict between truth and error. The Mental Upheaval Produced by Truth. Error uncovered. Loyalty to Truth Wins. A sure foundation necessary. No discouragement. The Mastery Over Fear. Mortality its origin. Truth its master. The Torments of Foolish Fear Illustrated. Love Conquers Fear. Treatment Against Fear.


The Will of God, All in All. No mortal will in truth. Success, God's Decree for Man. The absolute path to success found. The Power of the Name of God. God recognized as joy, Jesus Christ, peace, life and health. Intensified Spiritual Education. From within, out. The Man of God. God's man described. Ignorant Limitations of God. Spiritual healing unlimited. Man innocent, guiltless. Reaction and Contagion Not to Be Expected. No law of sickness. The Thieves, Evil and Matter, Crucified. The "Malefactors" and resurrection. The Impersonality of Man. Not body. Karma denied. Evil is as Nothingness to God. The Folly of Psychical Development. Freedom for the soul. Experience denied first place. No Chance or Happenings in Truth. Law governs all. Half Truths that Deceive. Truth no mixture. The Corruptible Must Put on Interruption. The renewal of the mind and body. The Discrimination of the Christ. Separating reality from unreality. Fifth Treatment, Ignorance and Foolishness Denied.


Imagination, a Power and a Name of God. Active Agent in Creation. The Value of Silence. Several forms of silence. The Formative Power of Silence. God's workshop. Sartor Resartus. Too Much Talk a Waste. Longfellow on silence. Illustration of the Triumph of Silence. The Silent Ones. Quotation from Carlyle. No Act of Devotion to Principle, Wasted or Useless. The Value of practice. Study Jesus Christ. New cloth on old garments. True Service to Humanity. Love's voice and way. Independence of External Influences. Conquer present limitations. Your right place. True Self-Sacrifice is Gain. The dream of mortality finished. The Great Yea and Amen. Quotations from Job. The Final Treatment, a  Spiritual Baptism.


Real life began for me when the message contained in this book was revealed. It was a veritable new birth, and I owe all that I am and have to its light. From a negative condition of self-depreciation and gloom, this message has lifted me into immortal faith in my own possibility and that of all men. In meekness and gratitude to God, and to those blessed souls who became avenues of His revelation to me, I send forth this little book, trusting that others may find through it the joy of life.

For over twenty years these lessons have been given, in individual and class instruction, to thousands of students, and it was largely because of the demand for them that I undertook the work of having them published. For one year past they have been running as a serial in the magazine, "The Master Mind" (Los Angeles, Mrs. Annie Rix Militz).

Through the application of the principles taught herein I have had the satisfaction of seeing the weak in character made strong, dross turned to pure gold, every form of misery and disease healed, and hope, faith and love, take the place of doubt, despair and materialism. In the larger field of its activity, my prayer is that the harvest from this message may be great and that you, dear reader, may find in it a key to the solution of your problems.

Harriet H. Rix.

Alameda, Cal., March, 1914.

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