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Anthony Norvell

Counseler to the Stars,
Author and Lecturer

Anthony Norvell was born in Holley, New York, in 1908. Orphaned at the age of five, he spent several years in an orphanage, and then was adopted by a farm family. Eventually he left the farm for New York, where he worked at night and put himself through school during the day. He studied literature, psychology, and philosophy at Columbia University and later at the University of California. He had been psychic since the age of 10 and predicted hundreds of events which later came true.

In Hollywood at the age of twenty-two, he met Mary Pickford and advised her during her break-up with Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. She intro­duced him to many of the luminaries of the motion-picture world, and he soon earned a high reputation among the stars as an outstanding counselor on personal problems. He was consulted by leading personalities in movies, business, and politics. He also wrote magazine and newspaper articles, giving advice to troubled people.

During his career Norvell was widely-known and respected as one of the world's leading experts on metaphysics and the occult. A devoted seeker after Truth, and a tireless worker, he investigated ESP and psychic phenomena for over 35 years, and travelled to India, Egypt, Tibet, Greece, and all over the world, accumulating knowledge for his various books and lectures.

For more than 30 years in New York Norvell lectured at world-famous Carnegie Hall, where a bronze plaque honored him with the title of "The Twentieth-Century Philosopher." His famous lectures were delivered almost invariably to packed houses.

Anthony Norvell wrote many books, some of which he published simply under the name "Norvell". Reaching millions of people all over America through his radio and television programs, he was recognized as an authority in the field of Para-psychology, with four of his books being used in universities worldwide.
A long-time resident of Hollywood, he helped many top movie and TV personalities rise from obscurity to stardom by showing them the principles, methods and techniques revealed in his books.

For the thousands who find them­selves perplexed and frustrated by the problems and pressures of life to­day, Norvell has words of hope and courage drawn from his long experience as an adviser in human relations. In every human psyche, Norvell has found, there are three fundamental needs: the need for the sense of security (financial, emotional, and spiritual); the need for success in its true meaning of ful­fillment of one's potentialities; and the need for the happiness and peace of mind which flow from adjustment to oneself and to others. In learning how to satisfy these needs we learn how to control our destiny—instead of letting ourselves be controlled by circumstances.

Excerpts from the following books by Anthony Norvell may be read online:

The Magnificent Life

Think Yourself Rich

Metaphysics: New Dimensions of the Mind

Dynamic Mental Laws for Successful Living

The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind

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