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  Ten Steps to

Donald Curtis

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The "Ten Steps To Personal Power" which are explained in this book provide the answers with which you can forge the keys that unlock the doors to health, happiness, prosperity, success and freedom. It works. Here we are providing you the answers, the knowledge which is the key to happiness and fulfillment. You can let that knowledge sit in your mental world and use it to day-dream about all the things you will do—someday, or ....... As with any key, it must be fitted into the lock and turned before the door will open.

Once you have become adept in its use you will find that the TEN STEPS are the Master Keys to Success. Each of the STEPS will fit many locks and open many doors—all leading to results which mean a richer, fuller life for you.


You and Your Life

"Oh, good master, how do I become great?' the student inquired of his teacher.

"By keeping eternally at it," the venerable sage replied, thus putting the responsibility for the student's life exactly where it belonged—with the student himself, the one who asked the ques-tion.

So it is with every one of us. No one can live for us. Whatever happens to us must happen through us. The success, power, happiness, health, riches or fame which we strive for are produced from our inner thoughts, feelings and attitudes. The potential of all things exists within us—the gift of life itself. It is up to each of us to give form and direction to this potential.

Every person has within himself the power to form the design of his own experience. When we realize this we have dominion over our world. Control, power, and dominion are not achieved by our striving. They are the result of inner dis­cipline, honesty, peace and follow-through.

"All things proceed from the quiet mind," says an ancient proverb.

"He who conquers a city is great; he who conquers himself is mighty," is a bit of timeless wisdom from the East.

In "Julius Caesar" Shakespeare admonishes:

"The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars

But in ourselves that we are underlings."

We are not allowed the doubtful privilege of blaming others for our failures and shortcom­ings. Nor can we depend upon others to do for us that which we must do for ourselves. So face life. Live it. Develop the power within you and put it to work projecting the image of who you are and who you want to be. Get quiet inside, conquer the noisesome little self, assume responsi­bility for your own discipline and growth, es­tablish honesty, firmness and integ-rity, and all power will be yours.

    "To thine own self be true

     And it must follow as the night the day

     Thou canst not then be false

     To any man."

                         (Shakespeare, "Hamlet")

The desire to live properly and a determination to follow through are essential prerequisites as you follow the steps to power.

"How do I attain wisdom?" the student in­quired of his teacher.

The sage turned away without answering.

"Please tell me how to be wise," begged the student.

The master silently walked away.

"I must have wisdom.  Show me the way."

Arriving at the bank of the river, the teacher walked out into the water with the student in full pursuit.

"Wisdom, oh great one. Show me how to become wise."

Suddenly the master turned, grabbed the stu­dent's neck and held his head under water, keep­ing it there while the struggles became feebler and feebler. When the student has almost stopped striving, the teacher brought him gasping to the surface.

"When you were struggling beneath the sur­face, what did you want more than anything else in the world?" the master demanded.


"Of course. And so it is with wisdom. When you desire it more than anything else—as much as you wanted air when you were drowning—then you will find it. But don't expect anyone else to tell you how to become wise. No one can do that, any more than they can breathe for you."

And so it is with the development of personal power—the inner power that leads to the rich, full life where there is a balance of happiness, health, prosperity, freedom, and creative ex­pression. We must be willing to perfect the inner causes which will make the outer results possible

These are the tools to start with . . .

1. Faith in a Higher Power

2. Confidence in Yourself

3. Lively Interest in Everything and Everybody

4. Mastery of One Field of Endeavor

5. Dedication to Ideal and Purpose


"You Are the Power"

Do things happen when you get going? Are your plans working out? Are you able to get your work done on schedule? Do you have a feeling of accomplishment? Are you getting some­where in life?

Right now is the time for personal inventory. Do your answers to the above questions show that you are living up to your full potential, or do they indicate a breakdown in the power circuits? The power is within you. In fact, YOU ARE THE POWER, The power doesn't have to be created, generated or injected into you from outside There is no limit to the power available to you, because you are one with all the power there is. This is the secret of the agest—the pearl of great price. Start from here. Condition your mind to accept the conviction of invincible power. Follow this procedure:

1. Know that you are one with all the power there is.

2. Learn how to contact this power within you.

3. Learn how to cooperate with this power.

4. Learn how to use this power wisely.

5. Keep the power flowing.

Nothing is impossible to the person who lives by these principles. Life is energy. Everything is an expression of life-energy. We can either use it constructively or destructively. The power works both ways. It is up to us to decide how we are going to use it. When you use your personal power constructively, you will be in proper re­lationship to God, life, yourself, other people, your work. This relationship will produce an abundance of all good things in your life—happiness, health, prosperity, harmony and free­dom. But when you use your personal power destructively, you are separated from healthy relationships, and are therefore shut off from the natural rewards of constructive living.

Now, no one deliberately sets out to destroy himself. No one knowingly turns his power to destructive uses. No one dissipates his life's energy on purpose. All of these things happen because we don't understand ourselves and the great natural laws under which we live. There­fore, mostly by omission rather than commis­sion, we use our power against ourselves rather than to accomplish what we are here to do.

This book helps to remedy this situation by showing you how to know yourself—on the five major levels of consciousness and experience: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Material, and to put to use the five keys for manifestation in your life: Organize, Visualize, Energize, Real­ize, Actualize—These are Your Ten Steps to Personal Power.

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